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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column(II)

Reported by: Mr. Tito on February 05, 1999

Welcome back...I hope you enjoy the PDC, cause I enjoy writing them. Keep in mind that I am a columnist, so I sometimes express my opinion that you might not agree with. Anyways, on to the Phat Daily Column!


-As many pages have reported already, the WWF is being heavily questioned about their morality of their programs and their Super Bowl commercial. Lately, all of the WWF shows have been in trouble with moral groups bitching about how raunchy the shows are. But what I think is that after 9, it's fair game on television. Just look at network television, when 9 o'clock comes around, the adult shows come on. Those adult shows deal with heavy content on their shows, and everyone can get network television. WWF programs are on Cable anyways. If parents bitch about it, all they have to do is actually act like parents, and not let their children watch it. I wish everyone would get off the WWF's ass for this.

-Reports are that Ken Shamrock might lose his IC belt at Valentine's Day Massacre, so that he can return to fighting in the UFC. I think he'd get his ass kicked now, but you never know.


-Alright, last night I watched Thunder, and I was pissed about an outcome of a match. The match was Norman Smiley vs. the Disciple. That's right, the Disciple returned last night, but not in a good way. He fought a long hard match with Norman Smiley, until Norman Smiley slapped his submission hold on the Disciple, and the Disciple tapped out! Holy shit! I didn't just see the former great of the WWF lose to Norman Smiley. Yes I did. That's like saying if Norman Smiley found a tag partner, they could match up with the Dream Team(Beefcake and Greg the Hammer Valentine) and probably win. But one thing I must say, the Disciple actually did the job, unlike other wrestlers in WCW.

-Curt Creighton reports that WCW wants the Sandman to become something like Mick Foley where he will take an ass kicking, yet still get up and fight. The Sandman is perfect for this role, but I have a feeling that WCW will misuse the Sandman, like they do all their talent.

-Since the Disciple came back last night, the question is: What about the other half of the OWN, the Warrior? Well, the Disciple jobbed last night, so if WCW brings back the Warrior, he'll probably be brought in to job too....most likely to Randy Savage.

That's all for today, I'll be back Monday! Have a nice weekend, and you can e-mail me with whatever, and I will try to reply!

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