It's SUNDAY! Well duh, but what will I do on Sundays? Let's see here..... I took last week's Sunday off, mainly because the NWO column burnt me out and for the fact that I had 3 Exams to study for. The Sunday before that had a Pay Per View hype on it... Well, there is the WOW Pay Per View to hype, but since I have yet to see that show, I'll lay off.

So what will I do? Well, I get pounded with e-mail everyday, so there's lots of material there!

Oh, by the way.. sorry for the misspelling of the Iron Shiek or whatever. I was watching "The Unreal Story of Professional Wrestling" a few days ago, and they were calling him the IRAN Shiek, in reference to the hostage crisis back then. I don't know why they called him the Iron Shiek, for that doesn't make sense.

Feedback that Ass Off!

Yes, this wonderful section is back. Did you miss it?

Stan writes....

I saw that someone has registered Could that mean anything?

No it doesn't. Now I haven't checked who actually owns that, but I'm sure some little punk bought it for cheap hits on his site. They probably thought that by having the domain name, they could pass it around to other news sites to get lots of cheap hits. It's highly doubtful that Bill Goldberg will go to the WWF soon. I believe he's tied up in his contract for about 2 years, and I'm sure WCW would offer Goldberg more money to stay once that contract comes up.

My theory about Goldberg is that all of the WWF talk or clause talk in his contract are ways to get more money out of WCW. It's worked TWICE before, so why not try it again?


Lisa Peters writes...

In reference to yesterday's Hogan column: For Survivor Series 1991, Was the Undertaker not suppose to win the title or was there some other mess-up? Or was this just weird marketing on the WWF's part?

No, it was intended, but for a few reasons. One, it was an easy cheap buck to hype the "Tuesday In Texas" Pay Per View after the Undertaker won the title at Survivor Series so that the fans would watch Hogan fight him again, only as the challenger. Two, I heard it was a way to having Hogan avoid a title match with Ric Flair, but like I said yesterday, I'm not officially sure on that one. Just remember that the WWF never had Flair vs. Hogan on television, besides certain tag matches to hype other matches. That's pretty good proof there.

I thought the "Tuesday in Texas" thing was rather cheap by the WWF back then. Just a few days after Survivor Series, they are trying to encourage you to shell out more money, just to see the rematch. I didn't think that was fair back then, making wrestling fans buying two Pay Per Views in a row, just a few days a part.


blousant78 writes...

Why do you keep talking about backstage politics?

The answer to that is simple: it affects ALL of wrestling. It seems that whoever gets the push these days, in both federations, is either good with the owner/president of the company, or certain wrestlers were oddly given booking power, and they only push their friends.

Just look in the WWF. Upon Steve Austin's return, he was given FULL creative power on every angle, segment, or match he was involved with. Whatever is done with his character, it's his decision. Recently, he used it to get his buddy a push in the company, by allowing William Regal to get a cheap win over himself. He didn't allow the WWF WORLD CHAMPION Kurt Angle to pin him, but for Regal, the European champion, he did?

Triple H has a lot of power backstage, as many members of the Clique have. Triple H, a heel for most of his career, hasn't been pinned CLEANLY since 1996( Hmmm... when you're a heel, aren't you supposed to get pinned cleanly on Pay Per Views every once in a while?

In WCW, it's already showing in the new Bischoff Era. Buddies like The Cat and Rick Steiner are getting wins, and the guys who have controlled Bischoff before, like Kevin Nash, are in the spotlight. Hell, Rick Steiner didn't even come back until Bischoff was officially in charge again.

If Hulk Hogan comes back to WCW, Lord help us.

But the fact remains that the ones in control are holding back any other wrestlers who should get some good television time too. I'm not saying they should be pushed to the moon, but the guys with the power tend to hog a lot of television time to themselves.


Hardyfan writes....

Who is this "monkey" you keep referring to in your columns?

Oh God. Well, I refuse to even mention who he is in this column, but if you search through the Diamond Dallas Page Commentary Archives on, I'm sure you'd know what I mean.

Basically, the kid made up news on DDP and his wife Kimberly, and in DDP's Commentary, he was called a "monkey" for reporting false news. I don't think I laughed any harder about something online.

That "monkey" is notorious for stealing results or copying and pasting news from LoP. He's a 15 year old immature loser, who attempts to get hits on his fake pornography and Trish Stratus pictures, not to mention false headlines like the "RAW Spoilers". I feel bad for any site that lets him post and get cheap hits from their readers.

Many of you are getting on me for my "Britney Spears in Playboy???" plug. If you would have went to News Orgy and clicked the link there, you would have seen a good prank on my part. That's all it was intended to be, and it's nothing like the Monkey tries. Monkey promises Trish Stratus being nude, and you can't find a single link on his page. For mine, it's seen as a prank and a good one on my part. Monkey does that so his impressions go up on his banners, so that he can make a cheap buck off readers.


Here's a question I get a lot:

What's the next book that you will review?

Well, as of right now, I'm up to my head in reading. I made the mistake of taking two History courses this quarter in college, which gave me lots to read. BUT, I'm supposed to get a copy of The Buzz on Professional Wrestling by Scott Keith, but for someone reason, they are avoiding to send me one. If I were to get that book, I'd weasel some time out of my readings on past American history to read that book and review it. But if they won't send one, then I won't be able to review it now.

In about a month, however, I will be reviewing Chyna's book. I will be getting it soon, and I plan to use some time in March to read it. I changed my mind on that book, out of my wanting to find the truth behind Triple H and Chyna! Plus, to see if Ivory is really right on how evil it is.

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@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with MORE PDC!!! Monday Night Hype! See you tomorrow!


Take Care, and Thanks for reading.

Mr. Tito 1998 - 2001 Exclusive to


At LoP, there is a rule against displaying any XFL news as wrestling news. So instead, I asked Calvin if I could just put a small section BELOW the PDC for XFL scores and news. Therefore, this is why you see it here. It's posted below the PDC so that you DO NOT have to read it, if you don't want to. That simple.

-Now I watched a part of the NY vs. Las Vegas game, and I wasn't too impressed with the game at all. None of the receivers could catch, and it was one sided the whole game. Las Vegas just pounded the Hitmen into a slow death. I did like that Las Vegas, the home team, brought in a strong crowd for the game. I've always wondered why that city never has any teams. Jesse Ventura and the other guy overhyped a lot of calls... just like Lawler and Jim Ross sort of do. I don't know, it just seemed to me that the XFL went off to a bad start last night, and their rules don't give it much flare like they hyped it would. Read my XFL column by CLICKING HERE about the history of rival leagues and how they always fail.


Las Vegas Outlaws: 19(home)
NY/NJ Hitmen: 0
(Note: this was the NBC game)

Orlando Rage: 33(home)
Chicago Enforcers: 29

Today's Games:: Los Angeles vs. San Francisco (4:00) and Memphis vs. Birmingham (7:00)

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