Welcome back to the ONE and only Phat Daily Column. My lord, was that a great Smackdown last night. It kind of makes you proud that the WWF puts effort into it's unopposed show, whereas there was nothing on that Wednesday show. Enough ranting, I'll save it for the rest of this column, so on to the PDC!


-Can a show get anymore stacked? First off, you have the matches between the WCW 4 and Degeneration X, which were all great because the WCW 4 wanted to make an impression. Then, Lawler and Ross get on the commentary and show us that Rikishi Phatu will fight the Big Show, and The Rock will fight Tazz and Kurt Angle in a 3 way dance!! Can a regular show be so stacked as this one was?

-First off, hats off to Chris Benoit. Damn he put on a great show against Triple H. What Benoit lacks in charisma, he gains on his wrestling talent. Same with Malenko, as he fought a tough one against X-Pac. Those two had some battles in WCW, and I'm hoping that Malenko might restart the Lightweight title. I had to look the other way when they showed Eddy Guerrero dislocate his elbow. Ouch!!! That was horrible!

-The 3 way dance was nothing short of spectacular. Tazz, Angle, and the Rock all went at it hard. Lots of in the ring and out of the ring action, with the great moves performed in 3 way dances. I was pissed at the ending how the Rock gave Tazz the first Rock Bottom, and Angle the second. Now, you'd figure that Tazz would recover before Angle would for the pin, right? Wrong, as Tazz put over Kurt Angle. Nice Chokeslam by Big Show on the Rock.

-Big Show couldn't do anything to Rikishi, as Rikishi kicked out of his Chokeslam. Hmmm, I can only recall Hulk Hogan doing that feat, unless my memory isn't working right now. Anyway, Big Show had to resort to using a chair on Rikishi, thus disqualifying himself. Then, Rikiski's poser buddies came down, and let me do the commentary: "Chokeslam on Scotty! Chokeslam on Scotty!! Chokeslam on Grandmaster Sexy!! Chokeslam on Grandmaster Sexy!" Ahh, that felt good. Then the Rock came down afterwards and beat on his opponent for No Way Out....

-Which reminds me, because Big Show showed that the Rock's feet landed first!!! So that made the No Way out match to see who gets to fight the World Champion at Wrestlemania official. However, does anybody remember that Kane got screwed out of the Rumble? He was thrown out by X-Pac, who was eliminated earlier. Oh no, lord knows that the WWF needs to give Kane a reason for a push. No, they just can't do that.

-Oh yeah, the WWF announced yesterday that they will start a new football league, which would start in the month of January, and it is NOT something competing with the NFL. In fact, it will serve to be a minor league for the NFL. So what do I think you ask? Well, I'll agree with the stockholders. The WWFE jumped way up when the announcement was made, and dropped to its all time low afterwards. The general consensus is that it will fail, and I couldn't agree more with that. I don't know how good the WWF would be at running a football league, and I'm sure many stockholders or buyers thought the same. I guess we will see in 2001 when the XFL starts off. Oh yeah, by the way, there is a nifty poll at LoP Polls for you to vote on if the new football league will be a success, or a failure.


-Thunder, which I thought was a weak show this past Wednesday, only got a 2.3, which is down from last week's number. So already, Hogan's reappearance isn't an instant ratings winner. Oh wait, I better stop ripping on Hogan already. It wasn't Hogan's fault anyway for this show, it's just that the whole WCW is crumbling. So many injuries and so many disputes over who has power in WCW is really starting to catch up with them. That's a damn shame because WCW can be a mighty fine organization when they want to. I just hope that with the return of Sting and Goldberg on the 14th, possibly, can bring some much needed help to this organization. Oh well, at least WCW doesn't have a former olympic hero knocking up a 79 year old woman!!!!!

-My God, Al Isaacs, of ScoopsWrestling.com, said that he got a phonecall that Sid's softball season is coming up!! Oh no!!! That spells the end of Sid for WCW. Really folks, if you aren't aware of his past, he literally refuses to wrestle during this time of year. Wrestling takes a backburner to softball for him, and that's why you saw less and less of him while he was in the WWF during this time of year. Being world champ doesn't matter when you, I guess, are addicted to softball like he is.

-Uh oh, rumors of Diamond Dallas Page trying to get out of his WCW contract to maybe sign with the WWF keep popping up. Ok, now we'll see Jim Ross, once again, strike down all rumors about DDP coming to the WWF or having talks, and then we'll see DDP's commentary on how much he loves it in WCW. It's a never ending saga, and that's a good reason why I don't discuss this subject very much.

-Wade Keller of PWtorch.com, (Notice the proper crediting there), mentioned that Konnan might accept the release from WCW, and maybe sign with the WWF. For one thing, if I was a vice president of WCW, I would release him instantly for all of the whining and crying that he's done, on how he hasn't been properly pushed or that WCW won't release him. He's a decent talent, but he isn't spectacular. He truly isn't worth the time and effort. So if he's released, I hope that the WWF has heard about his backstage problems, and doesn't sign him. He's trouble, and like I said before, his talent isn't spectacular.

@That's it for today, I'll be back tomorrow with more of the same, as I might have some quality ECW on TNN impressions for ya. Once again, thanks for reading, as it's appreciated everyday. So be here tomorrow, same Tito place, same Tito time, same Tito channel!!!

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