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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column(II)

Reported by: Mr. Tito on February 04, 1999

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, Mr. Tito proudly presents Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column!!!! Alright, enough already, on to the PDC.


-Chris Benoit is now set for his HUGE and well deserved push. He paid his final dues jobbing twice on Monday.

-Many say that Rey Misterio might be joining the Wolfpac at SuperBrawl. nWo in the Cruiserweight division would be a great idea!

-Roddy Piper isn't very sure when he'll return to WCW and feud with Raven. I hate Piper, as he can come in whenever he wants to and do whatever he wants.


-Dan Severn is officially out of the WWF. Severn was useless for the WWF, as he didn't job like the willing Ken Shamrock does, and he just wasn't in with the fans. Oh well.

-I hope the rumors about Rock posing in Playgirl are false. Lord knows we don't want Rock turning into a fag like HBK did!

-LOD is in limbo on their wrestling careers. My thoughts, since they are WAY past their prime, and they are also very old now, go join the Senior Tour!

-WWF has expressed interest in Axl Rotten. Don't go after him WWF, he sucks! I wish they would go out and get Rob Van Dam, the most talented wrestler in the land. That is very unlikely, since Van Dam is very loyal to ECW.

Mr. Tito's Music Review!!

It's back. Today, I have a "hot" cd to review. Hot does not mean it's doing good.

-Slamming Wrestling Hits Well I bought this cd cause of it's many different wrestling themes it had from WCW and the WWF, and it was cheap too. Well, it's just some stupid company doing covers of wrestling themes! They all suck except for Bill Goldberg's, which is surprisingly good. The NWO theme isn't bad, and Edge's music is close to the real thing. As for they rest, it sucks! I'm sure WCW or the WWF will sue the pants off of this company for these remade themes! This cd recieves a D+.

Well, that's all for today. E-Mail me with whatever, and I will try to reply!

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