Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Lots of business news is floating around about the WWF, as there are some television deals and the rumors of the professional football deal coming about. Oh yeah, Hulk Hogan came back last night. You all know how thrilled I am to see him back(sarcasm). Since I'm running out of things to say in this intro, on to the PDC.


-Oh joy! Hulk Hogan is officially back. Yes, now we get to see him ruin WCW once again, but then blame the younger guys. But wait, there are no younger guys to blame anymore!!!! Anyway, you might expect a future heel turn by Hogan which will let Hollywood Hogan come back. He'll probably head up the NWO again, and we will be exactly where we were in 1998 with Hogan on top again. Ugh! But hey, this time around, there are no younger guys, except for Kidman and Vampiro, to hold down anymore. Maybe this time it could work?

-Thunder was mighty hard to watch this week, as it really shows, more than Nitro, how much talent they've lost due to injury or walk-out. Yeah, I know that Shannon Moore and Shane Helms wrestled the Hardy Boys, but from tonight, I've determined the better team out of those two. It just seems like Moore and Helms can do the Hardy's moves, but in slow motion. Hmmm, I don't know, maybe it's just the crowd's reaction in WCW that makes it look bad. They do have lots of potential, as long as they overshadow Evan Karagias.

-Oh joy, there were some Superbrawl matches announced! First off, we have Sid vs. Jarrett. This match came from clumsly Kevin Nash slipping on ice. Jarrett still isn't at 100% by the way. On Thunder, it was announced that Luger will get his shot against Hulk Hogan. Gee, I really wonder who will win that one. It's kind of a fitting ending to how Luger has revamped his character, while others use the same gimmick. Those who have newly found themselves, end up doing the job. Also, Flair and Terry Funk will get it on, in an oldschool rematch of their classic 1989 bout that followed Wrestlewar 89 when Funk gave a tough piledriver to Flair on a table. I hope those two can still perform together!


-With both Viacom and FOX fighting over a deal, the WWF should come to realization. They've been in a deal with USA network for 17 years now, and USA has been nothing but excellent to them. Anytime that they've needed some extra television time, USA gave it to them. Anytime the WWF wanted an extra show, USA gave it to them. Whenever the WWF has had problems with parental groups, USA backed them. Do you see where I'm getting at? USA has been nothing short of gracious to them, and I hope the WWF realizes that. Besides, who the hell would watch WWF programming on TNN or FX?

-Since this is 8:00 this morning, I can still evaluate the professional football decision by the WWF. I think they would be crazy to try to start their own league. I highly doubt that it would catch on, as many could care less about the World League or the Arena Leagues. Some say they might purchase the CFL, but then again, they say that the WWF tried to buy it last year. Of course, some of my readers have told me that the WWF would purchase a chunk of the Baltimore Ravens, but then again, a few readers told me that Art Modell found a buyer already. So basically, it seems that the WWF will start it's own football league, which I think will catch on as good as Sand Soccer did!

-Smackdown, believe it or not, is LOADED tonight. If you haven't heard already, Chris Benoit and Triple H are wrestling! That's like the WCW champ vs. the WWF champ, already!!! I'm wondering, tonight, if they will show Eddie Guerrero's injury, more like if they will show the complete match. I can't wait for the Dean Malenko vs. X-Pac match, because those two put on some good matches in WCW. Hell, even if you hate the WWF, this is one Smackdown that you don't want to miss. I expect this show to get it's highest ratings ever. It nailed a 5.4 last week, so let's see if they can up that this week!

-Speaking of Guerrero, it's a damn shame that he injured himself that way. He's been injury ridden throughout his wrestling career, but they've all been horrible injuries that always kept him out of action. This dislocated elbow injury will keep him on the shelf for a while, like around 4-6 months. Damn shame! Just when he makes it to a place where he can be happy, injury strikes. I hope he comes back like a ball of fire. To show how much Eddie's appreciated, you notice how the WWF has been nothing but concerned about his health? Very classy of them, especially since he just started with the WWF.

@That's it for this edition of the Phat Daily Column. You might as well be back here again, tomorrow, as I'll tell it how it is about Smackdown. Same Tito time, same Tito place, same Tito channel!!!!!

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