Ah yes, it's finally Friday. Very long week for me, with 3 freakin' exams to fight through. Nothing like ending the regular week with some discussion about the WWF! Yipee! We've got Smackdown... we've got opinions on random topics.. we've got the Jackson 5... well, not the actual Jackson 5, who are reuniting by the way, but just the top 5 WWF wrestlers list.

But before we get on to the WWF day thing, let's sort of address something. Everyone e-mails me stuff like "why can't you enjoy the shows" or "why can't you just sit back, fire up a joint, drink a cold one, and have fun watching wrestling." Well, my point here is that I don't do drugs, and I don't consume alcohol. Not that I'm ripping on anybody for doing either one, but I'm just saying that it's not for me. In that retrospect, I'm fully aware when I'm watching the shows. You know?

I'm alert to every minute I watch of it, and I probably notice some stuff that another "relaxing" fan wouldn't really see or think about. The only time when I'm not alert, is when I'm really tired... like if I catch a Thunder or Nitro replay around 12 or 1 am in the morning. Good reviews usually come for that show. So if you enjoyed a show or whatever, and you see that I ripped it apart, then maybe this is why? I don't know? I should have some psychologist check me out sometime, to see how I tick.

I probably don't know what I'm talking about here. On to the PDC.

Today's PDC
*Smackdown Thoughts
*WWF Opinions
*WWF Jackson 5
*Joan Lunden's "Behind Closed Doors" documentary review



Now, my brother (we'll call him Jermaine) was actually at this very show. He told me that it was better live than on television, when watching the show afterward. He also held up a "Mr. Tito is my brother" sign up during the Undertaker/Kane vs. Rikishi/Haku match, if you can see it.

Good opener between the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz. Now was this the Hardy's revenge for what the Dudleys did to them a few months ago, screwing the Hardys out of their title shots against the RTC? Hmmmm....

Ivory will NEVER lose that title! ARGH!!!!! But wait... as long as SHE has that title, then it means that the RTC has their one share of WWF gold. That means, they won't get any title soon unless she drops that strap. Hey wait, I like Ivory as champ now!

Pretty good match between the Acolytes and Edge/Christian. Although I would have liked to see the Acolytes still going after the Hardys, it was still a very watchable match. I'm just glad the Acolytes are moved off Heat now to the regular shows, because they are a very good team. Beating up Kaientai on Heat, EVERY week, got old after a while.

Amazing.... Tazz actually wrestled on Smackdown. Well, Tazz was mainly a whipping boy for Chris Jericho, as I'm hoping that was a "tryout" for Tazz to get a push somewhere. I doubt it though, since he has a lot of Mtv bullshit to do. Damn shame, but remember that the WWF promotes height, which hurts Tazz.

So Smackdown XTREME was a possible nude shot of the Kat? Wow, I know the losers over at the PTC are probably typing up columns on that one. No, actually, this show was one big ad for the XFL, which debuts Saturday on NBC. I just love having it shoved down my throat!

I'm glad to see Billy Gunn jobbing away to the Big Show. Gunn should go where Show just came from, and that's not to lose weight. IT'S TO IMPROVE HIS WRESTLING ABILITY. When you about break Benoit's neck two nights in a row, and then proceed to have every wrestler not willing to wrestle you, then there's a problem.

I'm done commenting on this tag match with extent, but let's hope that this Undertaker/Kane vs. Rikishi/Haku feud is over. Just horrible!

Nice of Triple H to book himself into the main event, which he didn't earn a shot for. You see, this is the exact problem I'm always complaining about. Triple H has too much power for being a wrestler. Anyway, Kurt Angle escapes with a victory, despite looking bad by the other wrestlers. Many thought that the Rock would actually win the title tonight, since they are up against Survivor/Friends.

MUCH BETTER show than RAW. Pretty good matches for the most part, and not as much interviewing as normal. B+ for this show, and I'm glad to see that there was at least one good wrestling show for this week. Nitro, RAW, and especially Thunder were just trash this week.


It's apparent that the Big Show's return was from Shane McMahon, a good friend of the Show's. So really, in the WWF, it's now what you can do (Benoit, Jericho), it's who you know to get an instant push on television, or favors. Big Show doesn't really look like he learned much, or lost much, from Ohio Valley Wrestling.

By the way, I don't really see any of the fab 5 WCW Women, who just got released, getting any work in the WWF. The WWF wants women who can wrestle, and just because those ladies attempted to in the Power Plant, doesn't mean the WWF will pick them up. Now watch, one of them will get rebooked to be the "mystery driver" for Raven. I'll really laugh then.

WWF Jackson 5

5. Undertaker: By default.

4. Chris Benoit: Respect anyone?

3. Chris Jericho: As long as he gets appreciated as one of the best midcarders, then fine, I'll be happy.

2. Kurt Angle: Too bad nobody will lay down for him. Angle needs to get himself some booking power, just for respect in the WWF.

1. Rock: Should've won the title, just to end the misery of Angle jobbing to death as champion.

Behind Closed Doors with Joan Lunden

This was a corny documentary. For one, it covered all of the basis that even the casual fans know about wrestling. Same inside stuff, blah blah blah blah! Joan interviewed a few people, like Kevin Nash, Vince Russo, and others.

The Russo stuff was garbage. He was acting like the usual God, that he claims he is, saying how he was so creative. He was bragging about the Ms. Hancock-David Flair angle, and how exciting it was. Well, it's dropped now, so we couldn't live that excitement.

The best part, however, was the Power Plant. Joan Lunden was actually trying to learn how to wrestle there, and it cracked me up. The whole time, she had that funny smile on her face while doing it, too. It nearly had me in tears when she was wrestling with Madusa, and working on that vicious snap mare. They then had a match, and lord, it cracked me up! Lunden tried to kick Madusa, and totally missed from about 3 feet! She then hit the SNAP MARE FROM HELL on Madusa, to cover her for the win. What a sport Madusa is... jobbing away to Joan Lunden. And Madusa claims to be the best lady's wrestler out there now..... HA! Give that new title to Lunden, because she beat you! They then showed the Thunder segment, where Lunden gave Madusa the SNAP MARE FROM HELL again.

Ehh, it was decent, but a lot of the stuff I've seen here, well, I've seen before! The Power Plant stuff was funny though, and that jumped up the grade.


for this A&E show. It might have been better, had it gone more in depth or was an hour instead of just 30 minutes.

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