Welcome to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Ratings are in, and boy are they a shocker for one end of the stick. Also, lots of news is floating around about Smackdown and Thunder, with special appearances and special matches. Good stuff is going to happen in the wrestling world. Anyway, on to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis

WCW Nitro

First Hour: 3.3
Second Hour: 2.3
Composite: 2.8


First Hour: 6.1
Second Hour: 7.0
Composite: 6.6


RAW: 6.1
Nitro: 2.3

-Ouch is a good word to say for Nitro, as they had Ric Flair of all people showcased in the second hour, but yet it only draws a 2.3 rating. That's simply terrible, and it paves the way for one man's mentality that he'll be the savior. Hogan is coming back on Thunder, and you just wait if his first Nitro appearance draws ratings. He'll completely take over WCW again, and we are back in middle 1999 for WCW. This is going to hurt more than any walked out wrestlers or fired bookers. It's not going to be pretty, and it's a damn shame because WCW has the potential to be a great company.


-Rumors are flying everywhere about a certain announcement from the WWF concerning professional football. Some have told me that it could be that the WWF is purchasing a part of the Baltimore Ravens, which would be rather interesting to say the least. It would be funny considering that the WWF is in competition with the NFL on Monday Nights. If they do purchase the Ravens, it comes at a time when Art Modell, the asshole who screwed Cleveland fans, is losing more money than he's taking in. There is NO official word on this folks, just rumor, so we'll see what the official word is on Thursday.

-Newsweek has a great feature mainly on WWF wrestling in their newest magazine. On the cover, they have Chyna and the Rock, and they have a great article entitled "Why America's Hooked on Wrestling". They also have a small feature called the "Anatomy of the Family Business" where they discuss the money made off of television, books, video games, merchandise, cds, and their website. They also showed a graph of the WWF stock, which goes straight down. They say "Despite a recent stone-cold price, the WWF is still valued at over $1 Billion". Also in that section, they show the Rock and his wife! They also have a feature on the McMahon storyline which is rather funny to read. Then, of course, the magazine questions "Is this Too RAW for Kids" in one of those concerned parents sections. It's a good read, even if you hate Newsweek, so check it out!

-Injuries are starting to catch up with the WWF now, and it just happens on when they have padded their roster well lately. Rikishi sprained his ankle good against the Rock, as I have the feeling that his knee was hyperextended before that ankle injury. X-Pac hurt his neck on Monday Night, as you must worry because a neck injury put him on the shelf for quite some time in WCW. The Undertaker tore his pectoral muscle, as we might not see him again for a while. According to pwtorch.com, Eddie Guerrero injured his arm in a tag match on Smackdown. Triple H continues to work hurt, as his knee is still bothering him from being hyperextended. This can't be good for the WWF, as they can see how badly injuries are killing WCW.

-Wow, this year's lackluster Halftime Heat did a 5.0!! That's remarkable considering that all it did was feature the Dudley-Hardy match and have a weak interview with Stone Cold.


-Why WCW why? I question WCW because whenever they are in ratings trouble, who do they call to help? Hogan! Now this isn't a part where I'm going to bash Hogan, so no need to look away right now. Each time Hogan has returned either from an injury or retirement, he's come back on top, as in getting the world title! Well, most of the time. Anyway, his comebacks make a very slight bump in the ratings, and then the ratings will sink lower after his few weeks of fame. Also, his return makes for a horrible WCW lockerroom. Nobody is friends with Hogan in the back, well maybe a slight few, and with the tension in WCW, Hogan's return will only make it worse. Hogan likes to control everything too, as he doesn't take the backseat to nobody. Now that he's back, the trouble is going to happen all over again, but this time, I doubt, that WCW can stop it.

-Some people are suggesting that Nash's ankle injury is fake because he's doing it just so he doesn't have to work the houseshows anymore. All he does is piss and moan about doing houseshows, and how he shouldn't have to do them because he's such a precious booker. Whatever. He does nothing but whine in WCW, and I'm sick and tired of hearing the way he wants to control WCW. It seems as though from the moment he became booker in late 1998, he's lost his touch. I actually used to be a fan of his until he allowed Hogan to control him and defeat him for the World title to reform the NWO. It showed Nash's weakness then, as he's still weak today. He's one of WCW's main problems today. If you aren't friends with Nash backstage, you might as well forget about a good wrestling career. When Bill Busch and company were looking to fire somebody when they fired Russo, maybe they should have dropped Nash as well.

@That's it for today. Sorry about the delay today, as I needed some sleep this morning. I'll be back tomorrow with some possible Thunder thoughts and some other stuff. So just chill...till the next episode!

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