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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column(II)

Reported by: Mr. Tito on February 02, 1999

Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Another lovely Monday Night of wrestling came and went, and I have my gradebook out and I'm ready to review!

Monday Night Impressions


-The DDP/Scott Steiner angle is a good one, and it's generating a lot of heat. Good work WCW.

-Lugar and Nash should crush Rey Jr. and Konnan. Those Luchadores should present no challenge for the nWo. Stupid booking.

-WCW debuted the Sandman last night, but they also killed him off too! The made him come out and do a shoot interview, and make him job in his first match to Bam Bam! Way to go WCW, you just ruined the Sandman's career!

-Chris Jericho better re-sign or else he will keep on jobbing until his contract comes up in July.

-The Kidman match was great. Whoever that was that fought him, put up a hell of a fight. WCW cruiserweight division is fantastic!

-I gotta say that Hennig and Windham make a good team. Too bad we have no idea of the tag team tournament brackets!

-The Hall-Benoit match was a good one, but too bad Benoit was in his second match of the night!

===Well, this week's Nitro was alright, not great though, as it had it's boring points like it always does in it's long 3 hours. WCW has too much talent, yet they don't book the best talent on Nitros. This week's Nitro recieves a B- for it's efforts.


-DX and corperation feud is really getting good now that Chyna has joined the corperation, even though I was pissed when she joined it last week. The Cage match was good, but could have been better.

-Oh my, the Ministry actually wrestled!!! They put the hurtings on the Brood(more on that in a moment) and Road Dog and Al Snow. Too bad Undertaker didn't wrestle.

-The Brood finally joined the Ministry, like many reporters have been praying to happen. I say get rid of the Ministry Undertaker, and go with the Brood.

-Sexual Chocolate is too much!

-I am pissed that D-Lo was screwed out of his match with Bossman. D-Lo had him beat!!!

-The bar scenes in Texas with Vince were funny, but not necessary for the show.

-Meanie and Goldust, a making of a great feud.

===Well, even though taped, and no real big matches, all of the midcarders put up a great show. And that makes the WWF recieve a B+ for it's efforts.


-Well Mabel, now Vicera had signed a 2 year deal with the WWF. I would just hate to wrestle him in a match.

-Buff is very close to his ring return! Can't wait!

-Dan Severn might be let go from the WWF. That's good news.

-Rumor has it that WCW is about to offer Jericho a contract which he would be stupid to refuse. We'll just have to see on that one.

That's all for today, e-mail me with whatever, and I will try to reply!

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