Welcome to the Phat Daily Column, just another edition! My God, the rumor line is buzzing bigtime! The shit has hit the fans, folks, as Jerry Lawler and the Kat are GONE from the WWF! Apparently, there was some dispute over the storylines with the Kat, so other than resolving the disagreement, the WWF outright released her(according to the Torch) or whatever else may have happened. I'll just wait until more news about this situation comes up before really getting into it.

A bunch of readers are asking "why such the good mood, Tito?" Well, sorry, I'll get nasty real quick then. No, I'm kidding. I feel that the WWF has put on two top notch shows in No Way Out and RAW this week, and I really liked Nitro this week. It's a good week for wrestling, with both federations putting on their best in a while.

Each of the shows had sparks in them that weren't there in previous weeks. It's nice to see that every once in a while. Lots to cover today, so on to the PDC!

Today's PDC
*Ratings Analysis

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 2.3
Second Hour: 1.8
Composite: 2.05
Composite Last Week: 2.05
Composite Last Year: 2.1


First Hour: 4.9
Second Hour: 5.3
Composite: 5.1
Composite Last Week: 4.8
Composite Last Year: 6.5


RAW: 4.9
Nitro: 1.8
Margin: 3.1

WWF Weekend Shows

Livewire: 1.2
Superstars: 1.2
Mtv Heat: 1.8

RAW shot up this week, and Nitro stayed the same.

RAW, riding off a HOT pay per view, did exceptionally well in the first hour... besides the opening interview. D'oh. The more amazing thing is what went on for Nitro during that interview. The Booker T return match, which was a good one, only scored a 2.2 in the ratings. That, my friends, isn't quite the number that a big return would expect. I think the real problem there is that only us NET fans knew about the return. WCW should have advertised or built up Booker's return. I do expect the numbers to rise next week. His return did spark the end of the last quarter of the 8 O'clock hour, but it didn't do much for the match.

RAW did well in most areas, but especially in the Vince McMahon/Trish Stratus vs. William Regal/Stephanie match. A big 5.6 during that time, and it was a good one two because they did a good heel turn on Miss Stratus. The Hardcore match was a mild hit, but I've received quite a bit of complaints about how the Rock instantly became Superman and just destroyed Saturn and Albert. Since when were Albert and Saturn good anyway in the WWF? I didn't rip it because once Angle got a hold of him, it was over until Austin ran down.

I expected RAW's numbers to jump, but I didn't think Nitro would stay the same as last week in the ratings. I figured the opening of the Cruiserweight tournament would at least produce something, or that the Booker T return would keep Nitro highly rated in the 2nd Hour. Weird.

Superstars, Livewire, and Mtv Heat are all about the same level as they usually are. Livewire and Superstars has a consistant audience now, which I'm sure the WWF executives are quite happy about.

Remember, I got this idea from the Ohio University Post, from a column called The Yell. So for this week, please don't send in faulty claims that I'm stealing this idea from another wrestling columnist. Mmmmk?

If we are lucky the WWF fans may be treated to a huge Wrestlemania match between Raven's Ninja and Kwang.

If they want The Big Show to lose weight, then why are they always calling him a 500 pound monster??

Justin Credible in the WWF means one thing: Steve Austin has a stunt double.

Doesn't anyone find it ironic that HHH calls himself "The Game", yet he wears a shirt that says "Game Over"? Talk about low self esteem.

If I ever wrestle for WCW, I want my gimmick to be that I trained at the Power Plant.

Arn Anderson was sent home by WCW, so how was that a punishment?

If the XFL is pushing for SMASHMOUTH FOOTBALL, then why are they promoting the angle between Ventura and the NY/NJ coach instead of the actual game?

Separated at birth? The Kat in RTC, and Tammy Faye Baker!

The Cat vs. Rick Steiner match should have been a Eric Bischoff on a forklift match, since both wrestlers are close friends with the boss.

Its a shame that the Rock's solo singing career isn't "so low" that we can't hear it.

It's funny that Chyna is touring around the country for her book, yet the only time an audience will want to see her is on a WWF show. (That's when we're forced!)

How come in tag team table matches, where there is no DQ, do wrestlers stand on the apron and wait for a tag?

After getting brown gunk poured all over her.....Trish looks pretty good as a brunette!

Isn't it odd that two former WWF mid carders (Jarrett and Rhodes) were main eventing Nitro on Monday? And isn't it odd that without their former WWF careers, neither one would have jobs right now?

Someone needs to tell Dean Malenko that you are not a ladies' man if you have to pay for them.

Chyna is very proud of her body; I would be too if I paid that much to look like a woman.

Credit for helping with this Madness: Scott Simms, Bill Wedgie, Evil Noodlez, Alex Mathews, Matt Watt, Dr. Krueges, Mark Brennan, Shazbot, Betsy Sherley, Stanley Thomas, Cactus Joe, and of course, me, myself, and I.

#Phew! Not a bad first week! If one offends you, don't blame Tito, because I might not have wrote it. A lot of you sent in some OK one or two liners, but after this week, I hope the idea gets around. Thanks for sending in Shouts! Remember, NO SENDING SHOUTS until NEXT TUESDAY. I won't accept them until then, just to limit e-mail flow.

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On a final note.... I just wanted to say how nice it was for the MONKEY to steal Calvin's Smackdown Live Coverage last night. I just wonder, MONKEY, how you can look in a mirror in the morning and see yourself? I wonder how your parents or friends see you, since you only get by in life by cheating and stealing. I wonder how can you sleep at night, knowing that you, yourself, can't produce anything for your website without stealing from others.

@That's it for today's PDC. I'll be back tomorrow with WCW Thoughts, and of course, the fun Thunder review. 3 Great shows out of 3 so far.... I hope Thunder can keep that streak alive, but that's asking for a lot.

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The OFFICIAL XFL rating for this past Saturday's NBC game is 2.6. Ouch. It didn't drop much from the Overnight rating, so I guess that's a positive.

NBC Executives are still insisting that they will stick by the XFL for the 2 years that they've signed on to cover. They feel that it's bottomed out, and can only go up from now.

TNN is reporting that this week's XFL game scored a higher rating this week than it did last week. No numbers are given by them though. (Actually, according to WrestlingObserver.com, TNN scored a 1.1, which is DOWN 0.1 from last week. TNN is so corrupt.)

I can't seem to find the UPN final rating just yet.

CBS is apparently impressed with some of the XFL's camera work, which they might incorporate into their AFC coverage of the NFL.

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