Welcome back to the wonderful world of Phat Daily Column. No Way Out came and went last night with a few surprises and a few disappointments. It was also the night of Mick Foley's last match, as Triple H defeated him in a spectacular Hell in the Cell match. For today's column, I have No Way Out thoughts, Monday Night Previews, and ANOTHER Phat Video Review. So enjoy..on to the PDC.


-The WWF dropped the ball on putting Tazz over last night, as he fought Bossman in a 1 or 2 minute match with Prince Albert running in. It was supposed to be a handicap match, but I guess the WWF had other plans, like having Tazz get beat down for a disqualification. Horrible. Simply horrible. What, you don't want to job Prince Albert and Bossman? Did you hear the crowd when Albert ran in? Total Silence. They would have errupted if you had Tazz win..but noooo

WHO BOOKED THIS CRAP? is what I thought when they had X-Pac, once again, defeat Kane. Now, I'm not saying that X-Pac isn't a talent. He is one of the most skilled wrestlers around, but tell me...what on earth can you do with him? You can't do anything with him that already has been done. World Champion? I think not, as it's doubtful that he could become world champ EVER! Kane, on the other hand, has the size and shape to be a world champion, and a main eventer in the WWF. Why WWF why? Now we get to see these two wrestle each other again! I'm sick of it!!

-New Champions were crowned, as I wasn't expecting Kurt Angel, I mean Angle to win the Intercontinental Title. It was a good win, as Jericho got nailed in the face with the title when he attempted his asai moonsault. Dudley Boys, my favorite tag team in the WWF, finally won WWF gold. So let's see here. The Dudleys are the most successful ECW jumpers past the WCW raid era? I think so.(Note: WCW raid was when Benoit, Malenko, Guerrero, Konnan, Misterio Jr., other Luchadores, and more. I was referring to the time around ECW's first pay per view, Barely Legal.) So you see Tazz is weak in his early WWF career, Sandman was a bust in WCW, Raven was never properly used and he was US champ for a day, Saturn has been TV champ and World tag champs in WCW but he never fought any good teams or opponents, and Sabu busted in WCW in 1995. Congrats Dudleys! As for their match, they made up a good reason for Mr. Ass to take some time off for his real life busted shoulder.

-Great screwjob with the Big Show and Rock match!!! I didn't expect it, as I was jumping for joy when it went down. I was thinking that it would be an easy win for the Rock, but Shane McMahon has other thoughts. I wonder what the story will be with him. It should make for a VERY interesting RAW tonight.

-Anybody care about the Viscera vs. Mark Henry match? I sure didn't.

-Speaking of screwjobs, Terri Runnels turned to Edge and Christian's side tonight. Why? Got me. The match with the Hardy Boyz and Edge/Christian was another great one, as the teams can truly put on a show. I was hoping for some ladders to get involved, but oh well. However, I'd much rather see the Hardys fight against the Dudley Boyz instead of Edge/Christian.

-The Too Cool/Rikishi vs. Radicals match wasn't spectacular like it should have been. The guys who were thrown over the top rope took a good 2 minutes on the outside for Rikishi to set Malenko up for the win. That's horrible. Lots of missed spots in this match, as your favorite team, Too Cool, were such a bore to watch tonight. Besides the worm, it didn't seem like they were "over" as much as they are on RAW/Smackdown. Maybe it was the fact that they did the same thing that they always do in a match. Let me see here...first they get pounded on, and then Sex-ay gets the upperhand and dances. Then, he tags in Scottie, and he does the worm. They get pounded on for the rest of the match, and then Grandmaster Sex-ay puts on his goggles, and does a top rope legdrop. Same things every match! Oh yeah, they are sooo great.

-Damn, what a Hell in the Cell match! Mick Foley took some very safe bumps this time around though, as I'm very thankful for that. I can remember that everybody in the room at my house, watching the PPV, were on the edges of their seats when he went through the cage. Vince took his precautions, and Mick Foley walked away bruised, but in better shape than his last Hell in the Cell match. It's a damn shame that this was Mick's final match, as he truly was the best performer ever in the squared circle.

-As for Hell in the Cell matches, I'd rank that one #3. #4, without a shadow of a doubt, was that garbage of a match at Wrestlemania 15 with Bossman and Undertaker. God that was horrible. #2, IN MY OPINION, was the Undertaker vs. Mick Foley Match. #1, again IN MY OPINION, was the Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker match. So why didn't I rank the Foley-Undertaker match #1? Ok, the bumps that Mick Foley took were spectacular in that match. But what about the Undertaker? He gave all of the bumps. It was more of a travesty to see Mick get really hurt than it was to see a spectacular match. On the other hand, HBK and Undertaker were going at it back and forth, and HBK took some nasty bumps in the end. Plus, Kane's intro was spectacular. This is JUST MY OPINION. I've always found it funny that a Hell in a Cell match means that you are trapped on the inside for a match, but they always seem to get out. Gotta love how the WWF put holes in the fence for the wrestlers to climp up easily this time around.

-As for RAW, you should expect nothing less than spectacular. However, HBK didn't show up as Vince said he would for No Way Out. Should we expect him for RAW? Not sure. As for Vince himself, what can he do about Mick Foley? Triple H beat him fair and square, what can Vince reverse? Shane McMahon already came back last night, but what his purpose is will hopefully be revealed tonight. Expect some HUGE ratings for the WWF tonight.

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Review

That's right, it's back once again! I recieved the WWF's "Come Get Some", a feature on the WWF's women, as a gift (thanks Mac!), so I figured I could review it for you all. Keep in mind that I'll try to hold myself back in case any lady readers are out there, and plus, I don't want to make myself look like a hornball, now do I? The video has some very interesting history though that you probably didn't know. The video was just about completed when the trouble with Sable started. She "quit" the WWF, and during the time of this video, she was the WWF's top diva. She was supposed to be on the cover of the video, but due to her troubles, she was taken off of it, and Chyna, Tori, and Debra replace her. However, she is still a part of the video....

WWF Come Get Some

The video is hosted by the man who never gets respect, Michael Cole. The first lady featured was Sable, who you should know as Rena Mero, a horrible actor now. Anyway, this video and feature really shows that Sable played a HUGE part in the WWF's television shows. She set the standard in terms of how ladies act on television. I agree in a way that it would be strange to see what would happen without Sable's influence on wrestling today. They showed lots of eye candy(holding back comments), and they talked about her career from start to finish, along with her decision to shoot for Playboy.

Next up was Jacky. I didn't know what to expect on this segment, but it turned out to be a very good one. She did a lot of talking in this one, as she explained her whole career. She said that she started out in some organizations at Tennessee, and she moved her way up the ladder to WCW. Jacky said that Eric Bischoff never seemed to like her, and when she got her chance, she joined the WWF. She said nothing but good things about the WWF. Jacky discussed her "wrestling" career in the WWF, and how she was the very first WWF champ. She lost to Sable, and she said she hopes to get the Women's title again(she has it now!). Good segment.

Chyna was the next one, as it was mostly focused on her weightlifting. The setting was the World's Gym, where she was with her personal trainer working out. The trainer said he has boxers, football players, you name it working for him, but nobody has the heart to work out like Chyna does. They showed lots of clips of her career, as they had to show clips of her old self before the surgeries. Some very odd things during this segment about Chyna, I thought. First off, she gave some excuses for her newer look. One, she said that she broke her jaw, and that's how she trimmed the bulk down a little bit. Hmm, I thought she had surgery on her jaw, you know, to reshape it to make her look more like a woman? Very odd. They showed the Mark Henry situation after that, and Mark Henry "acted" in an interview saying how she somewhat turned him on. Chyna then was with other various lifters at the World's Gym, and she was even comparing her muscles with them.

Debra was the next lady, as they showed some clips of her career in the WWF. She was only really starting her career when this video started, so they didn't have that much to work with. Debra was narrating this one from a hot tub, which could be worth the price of this video. Anyway, they showed so many clips of her distracting opponents during Jarrett's matches. The best was the flashback of the Goldust-Jarrett feud. The stipulation was that if Jarrett won, Goldust would strip to his "birthday suit". But if Goldust won, little Debra would have to show us her cakes or something like that(I forget the exact quote of Goldust). Jarrett got the win in the match, but HBK came out and reversed it because Debra hit Goldust during the match with the guitar. Debra was stripping, and then Jarrett and Blue Blazer(rest in peace Owen) came out and covered her up. She talked a little more, and the that segment was over.

Terri Runnels was the next one, as they showed her early career as Marlena, the manager of Goldust. They said that it was later revealed that she was the real life wife of Goldust, and her mysterious ways ended after that. They showed various clips of her career after that, and they then went into PMS. Terri said that she was the mouth of PMS, and Jacky was the muscle. Funny stuff. Terri took a lot of time of during the years, so the clips seemed limited here. Terri was in some kind of restaurant during this piece, and she told everyone that she has another side to her, and that is that she has a lot of heart. Hmm.

They showed some very quick highlight reels of the then NEW ladies, Ivory and Tori. They showed how Tori came in, and that was as obsession to Sable. I guess she moved on with that, and she showed us her interests as well. Ivory debuted as someone for Mark Henry to "get off" on instead of constantly bugging Debra. Ivory too, has moved on, and she said she likes to work out. Ivory made no sense when she talked about nervousness in front of a crowd and camera. Someone get her an education.

Alright, I've babbled on enough. For those looking for something revealing in this video, this is the one! There is some partial nudity in this video, along with lots of see-through clothing! Especially on Tori. When she was doing her Yoga and just her regular interview, she always had a white see-through shirt. Sable had some see-through spots as well, and they showed Jackie flashing the crowd during the bikini contest way back. I'm sure the sales of this video will go up by me just mentioning all of this.

So overall, it was a good video. Good profile on the 7 women of the WWF, and the WWF had some good camera work on this one. So if you like the WWF women, or if you want a good profile on all of the WWF women, then this is your video! I'll give the video a


for good entertainment value, but it was only 45 minutes. Plus, there were a lot of important events they left out for each of the women that they could have covered, but I guess it got cut out for time limitations.


-Tonight on Nitro, we could see some interesting title changes. First up, Jeff Jarrett vs. Vampiro. I hope that WCW sees some opportunity in Vampiro after Thunder, and gives Vampiro the title that Jarrett NEVER defends. Give Vampiro the title, and watch him blossom. He damn well deserves the title. Make the US title a title for deserving wrestlers like Booker T and Kanyon to fight over, along with Vampiro. If you won't push them to the top, then let them have the US title to fight over.

-Another title change could occur with Sid tongith, as he faces Tank Abbott. I guess Vince Russo's words of wisdom is still around, as I don't see anything gained by giving the World Title to Tank. Of course, with RUMORS of Sid now wanting out of WCW, it could make sense to eliminate him as quickly as possible. I still don't see Tank as World Champ, you know, with his missing charisma and weak KO punch and all. You might as well give the title to Jarrett..

-Oh joy, we get to hear Kevin Nash speak on Nitro! Didn't we hear him speak on Thunder. Oh, that wasn't speaking, that was just so stupid! They are saying how Big Sexy's fans want to hear about his current condition. I'll tell you his current condition: HE SUCKS. Nash is worthless anymore, and he's nothing but a foul booker for WCW. Releasing him creates two scenarios. One, no more stupid interviews to listen to, and two, the WCW booking just got better! How about that?

WCW.com has the following in their Nitro preview: "Team Package (Ric Flair, The Total Package, and Elizabeth), Buff Bagwell, Dustin Rhodes and a bevy of ring-shaking surprises!" Now that's interesting, as it could work as new horsemen! No, I guess it could be read the wrong way, as Team Package will be at Nitro doing whatever, along with Buff doing his own thing, and Dustin will be in his own program as well. I just can't wait for the "ring-shaking surprises"!!!! I know a ring-shaking surprise: having somebody put over Booker T for once.

@That's all for this edition of the Phat Daily Column. I hope to be back tomorrow with more PDC, with those darned Monday Night Impressions. Until the next column, just chill...till the next episode! Oh yeah, sorry for the slight delay today, but Tito needs some sleep sometimes.

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