Welcome to the very latest edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we're going to discuss the latest in pro wrestling, and then review WWF RAW for the X-Box. I would normally review the NES game, Steel Cage Challenge, but I'm sort of burned out today from a long night of homework.

A lot of Tecmo fans e-mailed me about the review on Tecmo World Wrestling I did Monday. It's a great game, indeed, for the NES. Unlike many of the other games at the time, the control for Tecmo is SO easy! Funny, that's why many gamers love WCW Revenge, WWF Wrestlemania 2000, and WWF No Mercy. The control for the N64 games is so easy, whereas the Acclaim games takes weeks to get used to.

For anyone who is asking, I'm already in a Fantasy Baseball league. One is enough for me to worry about, as I'd like to put my full focus on one league, as opposed to many. Besides, why would you want your ASS KICKED by Mr. Tito in a fantasy baseball league? Hehe, I kid, I kid.

Anyway, on to the PDC.

~Daily Apples~

-It looks like the WWF is set on pushing Mark Henry as the "World's Strongest Man" since he won Arnold's famous contest recently. Oh big deal. The WWF tried to push Henry as the World's Strongest Man before, and look where it led? First, his face career was pathetic. He was a face in an era when the badass heel was becoming popular. Then, he joins the Nation of Domination, and although he's decent in the role, it didn't make any true strides in his career. He would then fall in love with Chyna, who would eventually set him up with a transvestite! Henry would take a trip to OVW to lose some weight, and return only to "fall in love" with Mae Young, knock her up, and then become a proud father of a "hand". And you say he'll be pushed as the "World's Strongest Man"? Please. The current and sick WWF writing staff will get bored with that quickly, and they'll probably turn him bi-sexual by having him hang out with Chuck & Suck for a while, or something stupid.

-It's typical of Randy Savage to have such egotistical demands anymore. His thirst for money ruined the advertised main event of the WWA Pay Per View this past Sunday. Ever Since Macho returned from knee surgery, it appears that he turned into a complete egomaniac. When his WCW contract was running out in 1999, he demanded MILLIONS from WCW, asking for a contract worth around 2 or 3 Million, at a time when WCW began cutting costs. Then, when the WWF showed interest in Savage, he asked for millions out fo them, too. Now, it's apparent that he's trying to suck the life out of the WWA, where money can't be wasted, unlike the WWF or Time Warner, which are worth billions. And to think that Hulk Hogan is reportedly lobbying for Savage to enter the WWF again? Good lord. How much money will he demand from the WWF this time? Probably less, just so he can be Hogan's BITCH again.

-The Observer said that Triple H, and probably his girlfriend Stephanie, have been pushing for X-Pac to be involved in the NWO. Sure, it would probably be the best career move for X-Pac, a man who has been struggling with storylines for the past few years, but to give into the demands of others (Hall, Nash, and Triple H) ?? If you think just the appearance of Hogan, Hall, and Nash are enough to drive down morale, imagine what giving into their demands will do. Plus, X-Pac is said to be extremely arrogant in the presence of friends, a lot of which is what angered Eric Bischoff in WCW, which led to the famous Fed-Ex release of Sean Waltman from WCW who was hurt at the time.

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Game Review

I don't have an X-Box, but thanks to my good friend Rustoleum, this review is made possible.

-WWF RAW for the X-Box-

First thing you'll notice about this game is the graphics. The intros and the menus are just beautiful, and well designed by the game makers at THQ. When you play the game, you'll see lots of details, including those on wrestlers and the arena. Most of the wrestlers look as good as you'll ever see them on any video game, with the exception of Triple H, who looks kind of strange. I believe the game makers didn't know how to draw Triple H's wet hair, as it makes him look rather strange. Looks weird in the face, too.

The entrances for the wrestlers are so damn good in this one. It looks extremely real, as all of the pyros, lighting, and gestures made by the wrestlers are in near exact detail. It makes me wonder if all of these long entraces ate into any of the space needed for extra features on the game, which I'll get to in a little bit.

Sound is excellent in this game, as all of the CD games appear to be very good with sound anymore. What else can I say?

I like the gameplay. Controls are very easy, even on the ackward X-Box controller. The game has a simple grapple system, and when you just move towards the ropes, you'll bounce off them, instead of just rubbing against them like the other wrestling games. I just want to know the driving force behind making the X-Box controller? It's so strange in shape, and for other games, very weird to use. Anyway, controls are simple and easy to catch onto to become good at this game quickly.

In RAW, though, there's a neat feature in the game to determine if you win a match or not. There's a new crowd measurement system, which provides that the crowd must react when you perform a move on an opponent. Like say you slam a wrestler, you better perform a taunt to "get over with the crowd". At least that's what I got from playing the game. I believe you can't pin your opponent until you're over with the crowd? That's the impression I had when I played.

The WWF roster is pretty big for this game, although not updated. A few wrestlers released for drug of alcohol problems are still on the roster, as is K-Kwik. My assumption is that Microsoft agreed to do this video game sometime last year, and once the wrestlers of that time sign up to be on the game for royalties purposes, it's set in stone. Just consider them jobbers to beat on, I guess. Don't expect to see Hogan, Hall, or Nash in this game, which is something Wrestlemania 18 MAY have for the Game Cube.

This game would get a solid review, but the gaming options appear to be limited on the game. There are no specialty matches in this game, such as a ladder match, guest referee, and/or Hell in the Cell or cage match. To me, that doesn't make this game standout in the video game industry. If you're going to make people buy an X-Box for this game, at least include something extra within the game. RAW also has a create-a-wrestler option, which I didn't really get into. Looks like it has some good features to make a wrestler. You can also look up biographies of the wrestlers in this game, which is somewhat meaningless for a wrestling game.

LAST WORD: Good game overall, but the overall lack of features drags the game down and it sort of embarrasses Microsoft, who claim that their system can give more to gamers than the other systems. For graphics lovers, this is your game. For gameplay gamers, think about it, as the control on this game is good. But for someone looking for something extra, look elsewhere. I'll give the game a


(B Plus), meaning that although the game is decent, I've played better from THQ. If you've wasted $300 already with an X-Box, you might as well get it anyway.

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