Welcome one and all to the column that never takes a day off...Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. LOTS of stuff to cover today, as I get to botch up No Way Out predictions, review a wrestling CD in the Phat Music Review, and I get to cover whatever else is currently going on in the PDC. Now won't that be such fun?


-Dave Scherer reported yesterday that WCW had a closed doors meeting with executives and bookers about setting out to fix their current problems. Maybe this could be the REAL turn around for WCW. Actually noticing that there are so many problems in WCW right now, that it's ridiculous. Wrestlers are unhappy, ratings are down, and the storylines get ripped apart by critics...like myself! So maybe this meeting could present the opportunity to maybe end all of the problems. Maybe WCW will now actually use the older guys to put over the younger guys. Maybe they will force Hogan to actually work with some of the younger guys. Maybe storylines will actually have some thought into them. Whatever the case may be, do something for the love of God!!! Of course, WCW has held many meetings to "get their shit together", and everything only got worse.

-Boyd's post had that Curt Hennig will return to fight Ric Flair on Nitro. Can you smell Horsemen reformation? I'm thinking, and HOPING, that the faction would consist of Luger, Flair, Rhodes, and Hennig(if Candido wouldn't be chosen). Now there is no news or rumors about a Horsemen reformation, but with WCW's current resources, why not? Those 4 could all work well as Horsemen, as two of them are past Horsemen. This faction could be used greatly to put over the young and up and coming talent. Oh, if only I was a booker for WCW...hehe.

Mr. Tito's Phat Music Review

If anyone really knows me, I'm a HUGE mark for wrestling multimedia. I have a huge selection of wrestling videos, documentaries, and CDs. A few fans have suggested for me to get the soundtrack for Bret Hart's "Wrestling With Shadowns". I was bored with the current selection of CDs that I currently have, and since I found out that his new WCW theme was on the CD, I said "what the heck". Plus, it could make for a decent review for this very column. Here goes:

Bret Hart: Wrestling With Shadows SOUNDTRACK

Of course, you know by the title, it's the "music inspired by the motion picture Wrestling With Shadows". The first track is Bret's newest WCW theme, which in my opinion, is one of the greatest themes EVER for a wrestler. That says a lot, considering that WCW themes these days SUCK, and that there have been so many great themes out there. I remember thinking that WCW couldn't top Bret's WWF music, and I really thought that with his original WCW theme, which was horrible in my opinion. I guess Bret found someone with connections in the theme department, and discovered Keith Scott, who made his current WCW theme. Damn that is a good theme, especially full blast on your CD player.

Now as for the rest of the soundtrack. There are many songs that I just can't recall being in the Documentary at all. I guess my memory is bad, since I can't recall Rob Zombie's "Superbeast" at anytime in the Documentary, and I don't think that it was imspired for the movie, nor does it resemble anything in the movie. Hmm. I think that was just a big name to attract a few Rob Zombie addicts like myself, even though I have about 3 or 4 CDs already with "Superbeast" on it. There were only a few of the songs actually used in the Documentary, as the rest of them were compiled to sell a soundtrack..you know, to make the extra bucks off the already excellent documentary. I can't remember if I gave the Documentary an A or an A+ back in the day..

As for the other tunes. There are a bunch of bands which I've never heard of on this CD, but I did enjoy it very much. Some good songs on this CD, which I was somehow shocked by. Throughout the CD, it has clips of Hitman speaking from Wrestling With Shadows. It flowed very nicely with the tracks selected in my opinion. The CD also has two original scores in it, which are also very pleasant to listen to.

Last Word: So should you buy this CD? If you are a HARDCORE Bret Hart fan, I highly recommend it. As for general wrestling fan, well, I don't know. It's worth taking a chance if you are looking for something different to listen to and/or if you really enjoyed the documentary "Wrestling With Shadows". I'll give it a good, solid


for a good overall CD. I just want to thank those who suggested this CD to me, as I'm satisfied with what I bought. So if you are looking for something new and wrestling associated, why not give this CD a chance? It just might surprise you!

NOTE FROM TITO: ECW's Hardcore Revolution for the N64 will be reviewed on Wednesday!


-Alright, here's the deal. HBK said on his site, HBK-twa.com, that he hasn't been contacted about showing up at No Way Out or at the RAW the night after. Hmm, that's strange. Could he be pulling our chain, or could Vince be messing with our heads? Somebody is lying their ass off, so we will either be really happy at No Way Out, or be EXTREMELY disappointed in the WWF about not having HBK there when Vince personally hyped his appearance at No Way Out. It's expected to be a HUGE pay per view anyway.. Speaking about the pay per view....

NO WAY OUT Predictions

Just remember, I'm only human, therefore, I can make wrong predictions.

Rumored Match up: Tazz vs. Prince Albert and Big Bossman in a handicap match
Oh my...will Tazz pay his dues here? I'd be pissed if the WWF thought this way, as NOBODY cheers for Bossman and Albert. Tazz is getting good pops in his early going, plus Bossman and Albert have had their best days already. You can't do much else with those two, except for letting us enjoy them on the Heat/Jakked tour. Put over Tazz, please
Tito's Pick: Tazz

No Holds Barred Match with Kane and X-Pac
Due to some recent dissention with X-Pac and Triple H about this match, it's obvious that the WWF wants to mess with our heads some more. Plus, Kane needs to move on, and he can accomplish a little more as a main eventer than X-Pac can. Please, put X-Pac in the lightweight division. I'd love to see him show who Essa Rios's daddy really is.
Tito's Pick: Kane

Edge and Christian vs. the Hardy Boyz for the #1 contender's spot
Expect a great match here. Let me see here...I'm guessing, in my later prediction, that the Dudley Boyz will defeat the New Age Outlaws. I think that the feud with the Dudleys and Hardys didn't finish, and that unfinished business could be resolved at Wrestlemania, where they can impress us again like they did at Royal Rumble. I want it, you want, we all want it!!
Tito's Pick: Hardy Boys

Too Cool and Rikishi vs. Benoit/Malenko/Saturn
This match should be a very entertaining "wrestling" match. With the Radicals in their early stages in their careers, it's time to put over Rikishi and his two kiddie followers. The WWF, I'd imagine, has BIG plans for Rikishi leading up to Wrestlemania, so expect a HUGE performance by Phatu. Plus, Saturn and Malenko defeated Too Cool on RAW, and DX defeated the Too Cool Threesome on Smackdown. Therefore, they paid their dues to win this match!

Tito's Pick: Rikishi Phatu and the guys who helped put him over, Too Cool

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho
I think that the WWF knows how boring title tournaments are these days, so it's obvious that Jericho will win this one...for now. I think that it could very well set up a rematch at Wrestlemania for everyone to enjoy.
Tito's Pick: Chris Jericho

Big Show vs. the Rock for the #1 contender's spot
Geee, this one is soo hard to pick! Rock is very overdue for the World Title, so it's obvious that he'll go on to face whoever at Wrestlemania, and he'll win the title. I'm just glad that this feud showed that Big Show was the true winner of the Royal Rumble. Many in the room that I was watching that in told me that I was an idiot for making such a claim when it happened. I say, how about them apples!
Tito's Pick: The Rock and his many repetitive catch phrases

Hell in the Cell Match between Cactus Jack and Triple H
Without a doubt, this will be the match of the night. I just hope that Mick doesn't literally kill himself in this match. Anyway, does anyone else seem skeptical about all of this hype that Shane and Vince will return in order to reverse the decision about Triple H's screwjob win tonight? I certainly do, and since I was thinking that Cactus Jack would win it coming in, my money is on Foley. Why not take a chance...it'll be such wonderful fun.
Tito's Pick: Cactus Jack

If I forgot a match, blame the WWFnowayout.com!!! Speaking of No Way Out sites, the man of the wrestling miscellaneous information, John Franey, has some good information about No Way Out on the Volt. Check it out by going to http://nowayout.b3.nu/. Enjoy.

@That's it for this wonderful editon of the Phat Daily Column. It's a nice and long edition, especially for a Sunday. Hmm. Oh well, Tito is ahead of his studies, so it's cool. I'll be back tomorrow with some No Way Out tidbits, along with the usual Monday Night Hype. So until then, how about chilling until the next episode?

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