Welcome back to another fabulous edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. I hope you enjoy the PDC, cause I enjoy taking time everyday to make them...on to the news.

Just a side note: I just want to comment on shows and articles which bash violence or content on wrestling. They weren't around a few years back when wrestling was not Huge like it is now. Oh no, they are just out to milk Wrestling's popularity by producing shows that create shock value against the wrestling world. When Wrestling's Popularity dies down, so will all the lame articles and shows. With that being said, on to the Phat Daily Column.


-Sources say that Bret Hart is contemplating retirement. He obviously has been stuck in terrible angles at WCW. The J.O.B. he did to Booker T was to see if he could get a final push in his career for doing such a good deed. This is Bret Hart's last run, if that didn't work, his career will be in limbo with himself. Bret Hart's career, I feel, was over the minute he sided with Hogan. He wants to become a face, but his stupid heel turns have killed his WCW career.-Piper's status is unknown in WCW. Will he return for more boring matches, or will he go back to his great movie career. Piper needs to retire from wrestling, for one he's older than Hogan, two, those hips are really bothering him, and three, he just can't come close to wrestling like he used to.-WCW is gearing up to offer Chris Jericho a huge contract. If you have noticed lately, he's been on television more. The relationship between WCW and Jericho must be getting better. I still say they are paying way too much for someone who is a midcarder....although, paying him more could jump him up to main eventer!! Wait a sec, Jericho is in WCW, where you have to be old to be a main eventer.


-Giant has had problems with the recent liposuction on which he recieved when he entered the WWF. He had problems running and jumping. Other than that, the big man is very happy in the WWF. The WWF will use him well, and fix what the WCW tried to break.-The WWF tried to get DDP before he decided to re-up with WCW. WWF does not need DDP. DDP is one who takes long amounts of time off in WCW. He's not worth it.-Many odd situations with he women in the WWF. For one, Debra is gonna become the top woman in the WWF. Sable's backstage heat and never ending bitching about her career have made the WWF think about it's future with Sable. So they decided to start making Debra the top lady now. Also Chyna and Luna really hate Sable. If either gets in the ring with her, they would probably attack her for real. Oh well.

@Well, that's all for today. This is Mr. Tito, the internet's only Phat Daily Columnist, signing off.

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