Welcome to the Monday Edition of the Phat Daily Column. Wow, what a card last night by the WWF! More on that in a moment. :)

Interesting feedback about the first ever Can of Worms segment in yesterday's PDC. For the most part, just about everyone agreed that poor Chastity was badly treated by WCW. But the thing that intrigued me the most was the stuff about Ryan Shamrock or Symphony. I'll tell you what, I got a good many e-mails with fans expressing their love for Ms. Shamrock or Symphony. Damn, she must have really fired up the hormones when she was on TV.

But how?!? I guess that many liked the fact that she was all natual, in a federation with surgically enhanced ladies. It's strange, but I see that same attraction with Stephanie McMahon on fans. Maybe that's something the feds should take note of? Beats me...

Anyway, we've got Monday Night Hype and No Way Out stuff to cover, so on to the PDC.


-Nitro Hype-

Yes, I'll torture you with some WCW before we get to the "Meat and Potatoes" of the column, the WWF stuff.

According to the wonderful folks at WCW.com, the Cat will make a decision that will "affect the very structure of WCW from top-to-bottom". Maybe he'll decide that Ms. Jones was a bad valet anyway, and that he doesn't need her anymore? NO, I'm just kidding. I'd like to see him book himself against Ric Flair. Now that's a good decision.

The Cruiserweight Tag Team Title tournament brackets will be announced. I'm sure the bookers had to reshape it without York and Matthews on the roster. D'oh! But I'll be very intrigued on the brackets. I'm thinking that the newly reformed 3 Count will possibly gain the titles.

Diamond Dallas Page, tonight, will do a special interview about his relations with Scott Steiner. Is Vince Russo still booking, because this could be a "shoot" folks. I'm kind of against this, especially since these two have so much legit heat between each other that one little word could set off a real life fight in the ring. That wouldn't be good for WCW.

Hey, we've got some matches...........

Jeff Jarrett vs. Dustin Rhodes, with Ric Flair as special Guest Referee: This match so soon? I thought it would be saved for the next WCW PPV? Ah well, this match will let Jeff Jarrett win, just so that Dustin Rhodes can build up momentum for the HUGE rematch as a face. Scary thing is that nobody cheers for Dustin Rhodes, if none of the bookers got the memo yet.

Shane Helms vs. Shannon Moore: Remember their good encounter a couple months ago that had no crowd heat? Well, I guess since Moore rejoined Karagias, it's supposed to have heat this time around... Sure. I bet you that it has a run in finish by Karagias, and then Noble will save Helms to form their team in the tournament. Hey, you gotta do something to replace York and Matthews.


No Way Out

Let's go match by match on this puppy.....

The Hardcore Match to open up No Way Out was a bad opener if you ask me, for it was nothing more than what Raven has done in the past few weeks with the division. Trash cans, fire extinguishers, run ins, and attempts to take Big Show down. Lame Billy Gunn actually won the Hardcore Title during this match. Ugh. The Big Show won the title, oddly enough, and I guess that would give him enough reason to run down later. Oops, I should hold back on that for now!

Next, we had the 4 Way match between Xpac, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and Eddie Guerrero. Each, equally, worked this match to wonders! I loved all of the near falls this match had, as it really had you at the edge of your seat. I thought for sure that Xpac would walk out champion as Justin Credible ran down, but I was wrong. Eddie Guerrero and Benoit brutalized each other, and I swear, Jericho took so many chops tonight. Just a tough match between all 4 competitors, and hell, I wouldn't mind seeing a rematch at Wrestlemania!

Next, we had Trish Stratus vs. Stephanie McMahon... I expected something like a 5 minute match for this one, but instead, I was treated to a very good match! Shockingly, both Trish and Stephanie carried each other to a well fought match. Am I dreaming or what? Now, I'm not an advocate of Sports Entertainment, but I did enjoy the corny ending with William Regal. It sets up a very interesting bout on RAW tomorrow, which I'm excited to see actually.

But then, we had truly, an awesome match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H. Now I might bitch and hollar too much about their so-called Backstage Politics, but when Austin and Triple H need to deliver a great match, they fucking deliver a great match!!! What an intense brawl, and Jim Ross was damn right when he said that this match would be one of the greatest ever! It was just a vicious fight to the finish. Now since it was so good anyway, I wouldn't mind to have seen Austin go over Triple H... BUT IN A SHOCKER, Triple H defeated Austin cleanly!!! WOW, WOW, and WOW!!! Totally unexpected there, and I'd like to see another match try to top this one for being Match of the Year.

Jerry Lawler vs. Steven Richards was what I expected. There was a lot of bad timing in the match, but I don't blame the wrestlers since they learned they would be fighting Monday before the event.

The 3 Way Tag Team Tables match was next, and it was sort of better than what I expected. The ending was a bit off, with Rikishi/Haku running down. At least it took Undertaker/Kane out of the match, and let the YOUNGER Dudley Boys retain so that they could have a hot match at Wrestlemania. Oh lord, yet another Kane/Undertaker vs. Rikishi/Haku feud. Nooooooooooo.....

Finally, the main event. What a flop this match was, booking wise and from the performance of the Rock. Yes, that man who has the biggest star power, best mic skills, best charisma, and probably the best overall athlete the WWF has right now. HOWEVER, he had a few problems tonight in the match against Kurt Angle. For one, he threw WAY over 20 right hands during this match. Now, I don't might a good punch here and then, but this was the majority of the Rock's offense. That's all he was doing throughout the match, along with an occasional other move like a debuting Russian Leg Sweep, Sharpshooter, Samoan Drop, and his rough DDT. But he kept throwing right hands, and non stop at that. If you say the Rock put on a good show last night, then that means he was a great puncher?

Secondly, the Rock couldn't sell the injured leg if he tried. Kurt Angle was working on his LEFT leg, which the Rock initially held outside the ring. So while Angle is working on the leg, the Rock will get up and start limping on the RIGHT leg. Then when the Rock does a move, the leg instantly heals so that he could run. Then, while the Rock is down, he'll start holding the RIGHT leg in pain. After that, he'll get up and limp on his LEFT leg. Rock was just totally confused on which leg was he was supposed to sell as injured. To make matters worse, after Angle slapped him in the Ankle Lock for a good 3 minutes or so, and then the Rock gets up and does a FULL SPRINT to do his People's Elbow. I mean seriously, if you are the Top Star of a company, you can't be that inconsistant. Rock was, and if you're a wrestling purist like myself, then you just shudder at the errors. I'm backing my case here, so don't say I have something against the Rock.

But the biggest clusterfuck booking of a match was when they had the Big Show come down and take out Kurt Angle, the Rock, and the referee. Why on Earth did the newly Hardcore Champion do that? What was the bookers thinking backstage? It meant absolutely nothing since the Big Show attacked both competitors. This is quite possibly the dumbest idea for a match ever. I know that the Rock was feuding with Big Show, and then Angle and Big Show had a few problems, but is that enough to put the Big Show in the main event to attack the competitors? I just don't get that.

Besides that odd main event, I liked No Way Out very much overall. The Triple H vs. Austin match was just spectacular, the Intercontinental Title match was great, and the Trish vs. Stephanie was surprisingly good. I'll give this show an A, but it was going to be an A+ if the Rock vs. Kurt Angle match would have been at least decent. However, bad booking and Rock's inability for wrestling basics knocks it down a little bit. But the REAL story was the Austin vs. Triple H match, and what a dandy that was.

-RAW is WAR Hype-

Probably the main event for RAW will indeed be the William Regal/Stephanie McMahon vs. Trish Stratus/Vince McMahon match. I was discussing with the Skull Captain (Calvin) about the possibility of Stephanie and Vince in the ring together! That's going to be an interesting match up, and even if I don't like Sports Entertainment, this is one I want to watch. I'm sure we'll see an opening interview about it, but hey, that's what flipping to watch Nitro is for!

Other than this match, I don't know what to expect as we head into Wrestlemania 17 (Note: I refuse to say XSeven or X7). I just hope that the WWF gives a little extra time to build some feuds up. Sure, No Way Out was a thriller of a Pay Per View, but in each match, the competitors worked hard. That doesn't happen all of the time. I mean, at least finish up the card a full 2 weeks before Wrestlemania to really hype up interest in each of the matches. Last year's Wrestlemania was slapped together in the last week, and because of that, we saw many 6 man or regular tag matches.

I'm also hoping for a One on One match for Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania 15 was perfect with just the Rock vs. Steve Austin in the main event. Last year, the main event was botched because the WWF threw 4 wrestlers into the main event. One on one matches create the most interest, especially at the top. Just look at tonight's show. Triple H vs. Austin was a hot feud, and it made a hot match at No Way Out. It's just simple logic, and you can't survive forever on booking 3 ways or 4 ways.

But that's just what I think, and I'm sure a lot of you reading this will think otherwise.

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Yesterday's Games

Las Vegas Outlaws: 16
San Francisco Demons: 9
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Memphis Maniax: 18
Los Angeles Xtreme: 12
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XFL Standings

Orlando Rage: 4-0
Birmingham Thunderbolts: 2-2
NY/NJ Hitmen: 1-3
Chicago Enforcers: 0-4

Las Vegas Outlaws: 3-1
Memphis Maniax: 2-2
San Francisco Demons: 2-2
Los Angeles Xtreme: 2-2


According to Yahoo!, the Overnights for the NBC Saturday Night game was a very low 2.8, which is a good 24% below last week's viewership. The real national rating should translate around the 2.0 area, if not slightly lower.

Yes, that's the nail in the coffin. The NBC head honchos will probably make some sort of announcement soon about their part ownership of the XFL and television time.

With weaker players and an image that the XFL is trying to sell, it just simply isn't working.