Welcome to one of the lovely weekend editons of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Yes, I do continue this column throughout the weekend, while others take a break. Besides, how could I miss reviewing ECW on TNN? Well, anyway, there is a lot of anticipation now for No Way Out tomorrow, with many storylines getting ready for Wrestlemania, along with a few possible returns to the WWF. Let's not waste anytime, on to the PDC.

But first....A very special thanks to Doug Bratcher for the LoP/Mr. Tito Sign. It's greatly appreciated, and I'm very thankful for each and everytime a sign like that pops up in the crowds. Once again, thank you very much Doug! This makes #7, I do believe, for me.


-Uzzo sent word that Vince McMahon was on a local radio station to promote No Way Out yesterday. Vince was saying that Shawn Michaels should be at No Way Out tomorrow, with a "new female". Now this could mean a lot of things. He could just be at the backstage area, and the female could be the former Nitro Girl that he's currently married to. That's all that is guaranteed. I'm hoping that they save HBK for Wrestlemania, because it was great when he came out last year. Vince also said that he will return to television, along with Shane, if Triple H wins Sunday. I think that the comment was sort of a way to get more buyers, and put more anticipation on the match. I'm backing my prediction, as you will see them all tomorrow, that Cactus Jack will win this match. But then again, you really hope not, because WWF television could really use Shane and Vince.

-Smackdown did a 4.9 on Thursday, which is a pretty good score I guess. I felt that Smackdown had it's ups and downs Thursday, as while throwing Rock through the glass window was great, but dragging Mick Foley in a cage with a stupid bus was terrible. The matches, overall, were pretty decent. I'd say that the match of the Night was the DX vs. Too Cool/Rikishi match. Like a few readers have told me, DX was selling everything that little Too Cool was giving to them, which says a lot. The members of DX aren't like the main eventers in WCW, as they don't mind helping younger talent get over!

Arena Football League Cancels 2000 Season

You are probably asking, why on earth is this news hear? It's football damn it, and now wrestling! Well, it has some interesting effects on two organizations, and it could help the both of them. The WWF, or should I say XFL will definately try to get some Arena Football talent, which will give the football league a boost. That is if Vince McMahon is willing to wage war with Arena Football, which I bet he's willing since he's a great business man. The other organization will be ECW. For whatever reasons, TNN was going to air Arena football, and they were really counting on this season to happen. Now, they are left with nothing, and where do they turn? ECW of course! They want specials now, as they didn't approach ECW about any specials when the season could have happened. Good network to carry your show, eh?


-Alright, with all of the talk about Vampiro on Thunder going around, how about Tito's two cents? I felt that it was a great platform for Vampiro. He literally had Ric Flair defeated at the end, which I'd say is more than enough to show that he can perform. He wrestled well with Flair, although he seemed careful at times, and those two put on a good show. The announcers are what I was surprised at from Thunder. They did a great job of elevating Vampiro during the match. They were talking on how he is proving himself in that match to be with the main eventers. I just hope that they keep this momentum up, and how about doing the same with Booker T and Kanyon? Especially Booker T. He's put up with WCW's crap for years now with a smile, so give him the chance!!

My God, there isn't much news around WCW these days...

Alright, many readers, after I asked for it, sent in e-mails, and they proclaimed that I'm a ECW mark this week. Oh joy, you can't understand this tingly feeling that I'm getting! Well anyway, since my gimmick this week is to be an ECW mark, why not become a shill for them as well. That's right, now I could praise ever show that they do, even if it totally sucks. I could strike down any ECW news or rumors that float around, and I could also praise workers who nobody has heard of before. Now wouldn't that be fun? Oh yeah, I could also think that ECW on TNN is the greatest thing since sliced bread since they are getting around 1.2 ratings, which is only 0.3 higher than when they started about 6 Months Ago!!! Didn't Russo claim that he could turn around WCW in 6 months? Anyway.....


Show starts out with Cyrus, who obviously doesn't equal ratings, calling out Paul Heyman for the television title. I think this whole Cyrus crap has gone on long enough. I was glad to see Paul E. hit him with the title, which is probably what ECW was aiming for, and that was for everyone to be happy that Paul E. decked him. The weakest spear in history was given to Paul E. from Rhino, but I'd take it easy on my boss too. Rhino gets to be ECW television champ. Good. Now RVD can come back and take what is rightfully his, and that's the World Title!

Sandman comes out, and it's go time!!! Is it just me, or does Sandman not work well with Rhino? The match seemed kind of clustered to me, but that's my opinion. Good spots here and there, but the overall match seemed to not have a flow. Anyway, everyone and their mother comes running down, and Rhino gets Disqualified for having Tajiri spitting, like the Great Muta and Kabuki before him, in Sandman's face. DQs in ECW? Oh, TNN's boy, Super Crazy, then made the save. Joy.

Doring and Roadkill. These guys are two good performers, but they are guys that casual ECW fans could care less about. They fought the Dupps, who probably have parents that are brother and sister. I wonder when Roadkill and Doring will get a tag title shot, because whenever that happens, maybe on a pay per view, you can smell the buyrate!

Raven/Dreamer vs. Impact Players was a good match, but it was a repeat of last week, but only this time, Dreamer was blinded and he was the one who gave a DDT to Francine. Of course, Raven, the big baby that he is for Francine anymore, took Francine to the back, and he let Tommy Dreamer get his ass kicked. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this. During the match, Dreamer nailed Storm with DVD off the top through a table! OH MY GOD!! Ahem. Impact Players destroy Dreamer, and do their own stupid poses in the end. At the end of the show, James Vandenberg is in the back laughing his ass off at what happened tonight, as he brought down the powder that blinded Dreamer. This whole angle is really bizarre.

ECW on TNN Phat Stats

Matches: 3
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Well, this show was pretty good overall, with good matches and some good spots. However, I think that ECW might stand for Extreme Commercial Wrestling, because once again, it was constantly interrupted by commercials throughout the night. Argh, that gets so annoying! The rest of the show was pretty good though, therefore, a


for their efforts. I predict, that ECW on TNN will once again be under Superstars/Livewire/WCW Saturday Night once again, with a 1.2 rating this week. Can't you at least defeat Livewire?

@That's all for this dreaded edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow to botch up some No Way Out predictions, so until then, just chill till the next episode. This was Mr. Tito, I shill for nobody, signing off!

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