Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
Mr. Tito (February 26, 1999)
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Hey yo. Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. It's been an interesting week in the world of wrestling. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Wow, I just heard that DDP resigned with WCW. Reports are it is a 7 figure deal. That's interesting, for a man who takes time off all the time. Is he really worth it? Is any of wrestlers worth it? Hogan makes about 6 million dollars a year, and he takes time off all the time. Piper's salary is good, but he is hardly ever around. Sting takes time off all the time, but I'll give him credit for working hard during the early days of WCW, when it really sucked. WCW needs to wake up, and make those who are getting paid well, to wrestle all the time. No need to waste their money on guys who take too much time off!

-You know, I'm gonna quit watching Nitros, and watch Thunders from now on! Hak(formerly knowns as the Sandman) fought, Raven returned and called on Bam Bam and Hak and he actually fought in a match, Juvi and Blitzcreig had a good match, and Bret Hart fought on Thunder. Why watch Nitro, when Thunder is better. I'll give Thunder a B+. Now let's hope the Raven angle is used on Nitro too.

-Sting, taking way too much time to come back, shall now return in late March, early April. WCW really needs Sting.


-Yeah!! Jim Ross is returning Monday!! Now look for the WWF to crush Nitro, because many watch Raw just to listen to the great Jim Ross commentate. I know I do.

-Holy Smokes! I went to, and I saw that WWF, the Music Volume 3 is #10 on the charts!!!! It deserves it too, cause it's great to listen to, especially loud.

-Road Dog is set to return to Raw. I hope he's back on his feet.

-A possible tag team battle royal could happen again at Wrestlemania, and could we see the return, AGAIN, of LOD 2000? You know what I think? Turn LOD heel. Give them back Paul Ellering, and make them as bad as they used to be. I remember when they were in the NWA as heels, and they didn't care who got in their way. They went after everyone. Oh well, just a thought.

@Well, that's all for today kiddies. I'll be back tomorrow to continue the never ending saga of the Phat Daily Column. This is Mr. Tito, the only Phat Daily Columnist, signing off!. Have a nice day!!

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