Welcome to the one and only Phat Daily Column. I am your host, with the most, Mr. Tito. Today, we'll be discussing random topics, including hyping RAW, along with part 7 of the NES Wrestling History. Tecmo World Wrestling is up next, as we'll be finishing 1990 and going on to the final 2 NES wrestling games, both made by the WWF.

HOWEVER, we will not discuss the WWA Pay Per View. Why? Shit, why would I waste my money on wrestlers I don't care to see? The sad thing about this show is a lot of wrestlers actually tried to get out of it, including main eventers. The WWA doesn't strike interest with me, and it's only a matter of time before the WWF cleans them of their best talent.

When I wrote the Stephanie McMahon column this past weekend, I expected to get DRILLED with negative feedback through my e-mail. That was not the case! I only had a few negative e-mails out of the hundreds of e-mails sent concerning the Stephanie column. What?!? I'm shocked. It appears as though many internet fans are just fed up with Stephanie, and my column, as a few people suggested, was the battlecry of all of the problems she's caused for the WWF. I was truly shocked to see an extremely large proportion of the feedback to come in positive. Hmm... this gives me some ideas for future columns.

Just reading through video game message boards, I'm truly amazed at how everyone is still hellbent on loving the gameplay style seen in the N64 THQ wrestling video games. Like I'll hear "the Smackdowns from Playstation are good, but nowhere close to the N64 games". The same is being said in comparison to the X-Box game. It's just something about WCW Revenge, Wrestlemania 2000, and No Mercy that provided such an easy and fun system to play a wrestling game. Personally, I'd say that WCW Revenge and Wrestlemania 2000 are the best wrestling games ever, with No Mercy right behind them. If you remember my No Mercy review, I wasn't a big fan of the slowdown that occurs during tag team matches within the game. But some gamers can obviously live with it.

On to the PDC.


-Oh no, Jerry Lynn was released from the WWF. Once he was injured, I figured it would only be a matter of time before he was officially released. Throughout Lynn's short WWF career, it was apparent that his style of wrestling was never liked by WWF management, including Vince McMahon. Hell, he was so unliked that many of HIS spots in the Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn match were edited off Mtv Heat. I'm sure many ECW fans or marks are going to cry foul at this matter, citing that he should be in the main event since he used to be an ECW champion. Whatever. Lynn was just another case of a smaller wrestler looking great in a federation with a smaller ring and smaller opponents, and then joining the WWF, the land of the giants and a bigger ring. The WWF must not see any stock in keeping Lynn, even for the return of the Cruiserweight division. Jerry Lynn has already found work, apparently showing up at last night's WWA Pay Per View.

-Speaking of the WWA Pay Per View, the main event was Jeff Jarrett vs. Brian Christopher... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What kind of Main Event is that?!? That's what you're trying to sell Pay Per Views on? That's what you're trying to get new wrestling fans hooked on? Apparently, a problem came up with management and Macho Man Randy Savage, who was supposed to fight Jarrett. I bet you that it was a money issue, as Savage probably asked for millions just to wrestle the show. Scott Steiner did show up, by the way. I figure it's only a matter of moments before he's in the WWF.

The feedback from readers is that it didn't look like a wrestling event, thanks to the shitty Aladdin hotel, and that the crowd didn't give any attention to it. I've heard lots of people raving about the Cruiserweight match, while the other matches appeared watchable.

-So what will happen on Monday Night RAW tonight? Maybe Steve Austin will kick the living shit out of the NWO again, embarrassing them, again, after trying to look like a bad-ass stable from their actions on the Rock. You know, I'm guessing that the current WWF writing staff likes to get cheap laughs out of what they write for television. Especially when it concerns Austin in an angle. If you're his heel opposition, look out, because you'll be put into a position to be laughed at. Like for example, the feud with Booker T. They fought in Supermarkets and Churches, for Christ's sake.

Also tonight, we should see more with Ric Flair and the Undertaker. Remember from on Smackdown, the Undertaker said he WILL get an answer out of Flair on RAW whether they'll wrestle a one on one match at Wrestlemania 18. Secondly, this feud will be fueled by the fact that the Undertaker drove away from fighting Triple H on Smackdown, a match with Ric Flair made.

Plus, we'll see MORE of Stephanie. Let's forget that Chris Jericho will be defending his unified championship against Triple H. The feud will ALWAYS involve Stephanie, and the match will come down to her interference at Wrestlemania. Who knows? Maybe Stephanie will make herself referee of that match, too. I'd say that it's a 50/50 chance of that.

NES Wrestling History

Tecmo World Wrestling (1990)

If there was ever a champion of Sports games for the NES, it was definitely Tecmo. Especially in the football games, where Tecmo Bowl and Tecmo Super Bowl had fans hooked to their Nintendos for a good while. Tecmo would venture into other sports, like baseball and basketball, doing a respectable job, and then they tried Pro Wrestling. Could they strike gold again??!?

Why of course they did. Tecmo bases their games on making it easy for users to play them, and setting up their games, such as the side scrolling Tecmo Bowls, to get the maximum fun. With Tecmo World Wrestling, Tecmo has made the controls extremely easy to learn, unlike the other games, and they have added a few other touches to the game to make it a standout game out of all of the wrestling video games.

The game is very Tecmo-esque, with the same basic music and graphics that you see in other Tecmo games. That's no biggie, though, as their graphics are WAY better than most of the 8-bit games of that time. As for the sounds... not much to hear, other than the usual crunch, meaning that you were just slammed. Kind of music intense.

A very cool and amusing feature of this game is the announcer. Sure, he takes up a third of the screen, but he's very accurate on his calls. Those messages change just as a move occurs, and at times, you find yourself reading what he says instead of paying attention to your opponent. His calls are an extra fun feature to this game that only Tecmo would even dare to try.

As for the game, the mode is that you go through all of the wrestlers, one on one, until winning it all. On your way there, you MUST train to get stronger. Looking at the screen, you can see the push-up part of it, where you rapidly push a button to do push-ups to increase your power. It's kind of hard doing push-ups with a fat-ass sumo wrestler on your back, eh? You can also do sit-ups and squats to become stronger, too.

Then, you're off to wrestle many wrestlers. Now, Tecmo has no federation license here, so they made up their own wrestlers. It looks as though Tecmo researched ALL of pro wrestling when making their game. Several of their wrestlers look like they are from Mexico, some from Japan (Tecmo is a Japanese company), and some look oddly close to American wrestlers, such as Hulk Hogan, as a character named Julio Falcon looks just like him. Another wrestler looks like Road Warrior Animal. There are many masked wrestlers in the game, which I thought was interesting.

The gameplay is incredible, and easily the most easiest game to play out of everything I'll review for the NES. The control is SO easy. Grappling is a touch of a button, and the slams are extremely smooth to execute. You can do it all in this game. Go off the top rope, fight on the outside, it's all here!!

I'd say that the computer AI isn't too difficult, though, as compared to the intense one you'd find on the WCW game. It appeared, though, that the wrestlers got harder as I went through the ranks, which is a trademark of Tecmo games. In Tecmo Super Bowl, if you never noticed, the computer got better as you went through the season. No different here. I find this system better than one that's hard up front.

LAST WORD: Truly excellent NES wrestling game right here! As far as the gameplay goes, I'd probably recommend this one over all of the NES games you'll see in my columns. But what will make this game in 2nd place is the fact that WCW had more original features, actual real life wrestlers, and since you can play tag team wrestling if you choose. But it's close, and Tecmo gets a grade of an


which is a hair away from an A+, which is what WCW gained. If you're simply looking for something fun and easy to play, I'd recommend Tecmo over them all, though.

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