Welcome everyone, to the column that never sleeps....it's Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column!!! Yesterday, I "honestly criticized" Thunder, so it's Smackdown's turn. Just remember, I'm an ECW mark this week, since I haven't been considered one yet, so take that in mind when I rip apart Smackdown. Can I say...on to the PDC?


-WHY IS A BUS A BIG, CONSTANT THREAT? I seriously hate this bus crap, as last night, they all arrived on it, and I just shook my head. I knew that some crap was going to happen. In fact, I was mad when they had Mick Foley arrested. Lord only knows that no other wrestlers have been arrested during a wrestling show(sarcasm). And then they revealed that they have it tied up to the bus. I was jumping for joy then. Here's what I'm thinking. When you are the top rated show, and you have so much talent at your disposal, can't you think of any better storylines than this? Think about it...you are hurting wrestlers with a bus. Can it get any worse? Next thing you know, they will have a wrestler get ran over by a bus.

-Oh my God, Crash Holly is the new Hardcore Champ. What has this world come to? It's giving me the shakes as we speak. Oh well, at least it's off Test, who needs to go back to school and learn how to get some charisma!

-Let's shoot fire at Kane!! Yeah, that's NEVER been done before. To prove that, remember Triple H just before Wrestlemania 15. Thank you. Again, too much talent, but storylines are weakened.

-Good 8 man tag team, as two participants of one of my "Winner gets Charisma" matches teamed up(Blackman, Malenko). Lots of good moves in this one, as I'm determined that the Hardys can't go wrong in any match. They are ALWAYS watchable. Give credit to Saturn and Malenko, they really know how to sell moves though. Malenko was always famous for always making Rey Misterio look real good, as you can recall those two never having a bad match. Now if Malenko could do the same for Essa Rios(sp?).....

-One thing that is funny about Too Cool, and probably the only thing, is when Grandmaster Sex-ay climbs the top ropes, and puts on his goggles. His Father, Jerry the King Lawler always says "He's gonna fly!!". That always cracks me up. My God, DX really pounded Too Cool and Rikishi this week, and get this: DX won the match fairly. Now don't get me wrong, as many might consider this a bashing on Too Cool. DX always cheats in their matches, and especially considering that Too Cool/Rikishi are, I guess, "big faces" now.

-Hey, Tazz was the latest to support the "pirate" gimmick. I like how the crowd was silent for the whole Pimps vs. Bossman/Albert match. It shows you who truly needs to wrestle the Heat/Jakked circuit. Even though I hate Too Cool, at least they get crowd reactions...unlike these jabronies!

-All I can say is What a Fame-asser!!! -On Shawn Michaels's website, hbk-twa.com, he said that he is not going to wrestle ever again. Hmmm, as many have reported that he's working towards getting back into the ring. Gee, that's a mystery. Well, anyway, I'm only hoping that HBK makes an appearance at Wrestlemania. Why? A Wrestlemania isn't a Wrestlemania without the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. All they need to do is to have him as a commissioner's role, just like last years, to add a little more entertainment value to it. A faithful reader dropped a scenario that I would truly mark-out for. If you have ever played Wrestlemania 2000 for THQ, you will know that if you win the World Title at Wrestlemania, HBK comes out to challenge you. Think about this one. What if it's just a plan to actually do it in real life? What if he's going to give us one final match, and challenge the winner of the World Title match? Just a thought, as the reader will get mentioned if it actually happens. Speaking of HBK on Wrestlemania 2000, I unlocked him last night, and I've noticed that he's not as fast as he used to be. He's kinda slow on the game. Oh well, it could be just me.


-Your favorite show and mine, Thunder, got a 2.05 the other night. Blame that one on the Grammys. I felt that this week's Chunder was very watchable, as I didn't care much for the Grammys this year. It had some fairly decent matches, but there was something that I forgot yesterday in my Thunder section. Kevin Nash. That's probably the reason for the low rating, as he had a bunch of amnesia skits with nurses, which I found rather ignorant. Everyone suggests to release Scott Hall, but I say release Kevin Nash. He's so worthless anymore. He can't book, he can't wrestle, and his personality is a joke anymore.

-Alright, to continue Tito's dream of the new 4 Horsemen, a few readers have popped this scenario into my head, and it just might work! You have Luger and Flair. You add Dustin Rhodes. Then, when Tammy Sytch and Chris Candido arrive, add Candido to be the 4th member, and have Tammy manage them! Now wouldn't that be a peach?

-A lot of fans are still concerned, as I am, onto why Hulk Hogan is still getting the spotlight after all of these years of wrestling. Why? Who else is there to cheer for in WCW? Nobody. The failure to push any young talent is the result of that, and there are many die-hard Hogan fans still out there, enjoying everything that he still does. Hell, I know that for a fact, because everytime I rip on Hogan, my e-mail gets significantly higher. I like how he's rarely used now, and they might just use him for Pay Per View events. Yeah, that will jack up the buyrates. It sure didn't do much for Superbrawl, as early reports suggest that it was the worst buyrate in WCW's history! So the truth is that Hogan is drawing some attention, but nothing huge for everyone else to watch. That's why you start elevating the talented wrestlers, WCW. Then the seats will get filled, and maybe the ratings will come back. Hogan can't get the cheers alone.

@That's all for today. Not much wrestling news floating around like the other weeks, but oh well. Since I'm an ECW mark this week (right?), I'll remind you to watch ECW on TNN at 8pm Eastern Time Tonight! If you can't watch it...tape it! You never know, ECW on TNN might start catching up to the quality shows of Livewire, Superstars, and Saturday Night. See you tomorrow!

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