Welcome back to the great Phat Daily Column. This edition is dedicated to the Renegade, may he rest in peace.


-Scott Steiner has been yelled at by WCW backstage for his bad language during Nitros. I say let him keep it up! He's the only heel generating heat anymore. Besides, he's only funny when he curses. -Well, look for yet another Flair-Hogan headlined pay per view at Uncensored. If this does happen, and Flair does the J.O.B. again, I doubt I can watch WCW with a smile again. -Macho and Sting are still stuck backstage at Nitros. When will WCW unleash the two? The two they made tribute videos about!! Both are huge fan favorites, and both can help get the ratings a little higher... -Well, Rey Misterio is losing his mask once and for all in Mexico, where he'll fight, and definately lose to Psychosis. I think he looks like a little kid wrestling.


-HAHAHA, the WWF is taking action on the makers of Slammin' Wrestling Hits. I have the cd, unfortunately, and it's a damn joke! All of the WWF themes suck! There are like 4 other WCW themes on it, and 2 aren't bad(NWO and Goldberg). WWF is wants every copy destroyed. If you see it in the store, don't bother to buy it, cause it plain sucks. -The Road Dog is out of re-had, and he could be at Raw this monday night. I hope Road Dog gets his life in order, cause he's a great entertainer. -Expect the Undertaker to heat up his angle with McMahon on Monday. The word is, they will show segments of him holding McMahon's daughter, Stephanie, hostage. Strange angle, I must say. -Finally, Too Cold Scorpio was released from the WWF for his drug problems. He also missed a bunch of house shows, as well television events. Of course, I would do drugs too if I was given a gimmick like Flash Funk.

@Well, that's all for today. Have a nice day, and try to enjoy Thunder tonight! This is Mr. Tito, the only Phat Daily Columnist, signing off.

The Wrestling UNION!!!!!