Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. The ratings are in, so let's go to the news, shall we?


Nitro(live) 1st Hour: 5.1 2nd Hour: 4.4 3rd Hour: 4.7 Total Composite: 4.73

Raw(taped) 1st hour: 5.6 2nd hour: 5.5 Total Composite: 5.55

-Both federations did well this week in terms of ratings. One thing to notice, is that Nitro went up in the second hour, and Raw went down(one point though) in the second hour. You gotta figure, though, WCW is coming off their Pay Per View, Raw is taped, so you expect Nitro to at least come close. Head to Head, Raw won 5.55 to Nitro's 4.55. That's a big point ahead of someone who is live and just came off a pay per view. Kinda interesting.


-Well, there is talk of a lot of real backstage heat with Scott Steiner and DDP. The word is that Scott Steiner is actually serious in some aspects about wanting Kimberly. Steiner's attitude has drastically changed lately in real life, so it is probably true. -Could we see more WCW shows?? Well it's rumored that Ted Turner is creating yet another channel, and it's sort of a different version of TBS. Maybe WCW will jump on that station as well. -The Hotline reports that Scott Hall did not wrestle on Nitro against Bret Hart, because he had his foot ran over by a car after SuperBrawl. Something always has to plague his life. -Apparently, David Flair was the real reason that the angle was created to turn on his father. David Flair wanted it because he felt it would draw heat to himself, and give himself a boost in his new wrestling career. I still hate the angle! -Lex Lugar had surgery done on his arm to repair his torn tendons. What is he good for these days anyways?


-I just want to thank all those kind people for trying to send me the real reasons about the teddy bear on Raw, yet without any real proof. We'll see how it pans out, if it's McMahon's daughter Stephanie's, if it's a teddy bear from Vince's childhood, or whatever it is. -Well, here is the current, and very rumored card for Wrestlemania: =Rock vs. Stone Cold for the World Title =A possible winner refs the world title match between Mankind and Paul Wight. =Shane McMahon vs. Xpac =Bossman vs. The Undertaker =Either HHH vs. Kane or what I want, HHH vs. Chyna =D-Lo and ??? vs. Jarrett and Owen =Sable vs. Tori =Bart Gunn vs. Butterbean in the Ultimate Brawl for All match =Maybe Droz vs. Blackman =Triple Threat Match for the IC, Val Venis, Shamrock and Mr. Ass(if not, just Mr. Ass vs. Venis) =Other rumored matches that could go down is something with Goldust and Blue Meanie to fight someone, maybe Hardcore Holly vs. Al Snow for the Hardcore title. Nothing is official yet. -Look for the WWF to somehow get Public Enemy over with the fans. The generated no fan interest on Raw, and the fans appreciated the Brood more than them. -The man who threw Bart Gunn down into the table was the man he uppercutted in the Brawl for All match, Dr. Death Steve Williams. Look for Dr. Death to cost Gunn his Brawl for All match at Wrestlemania. Good angle there.


-It is rumored that Sid will be the third man in the new triple threat along with Shane Douglass and Tommy Dreamer. I thought he was out of ECW, and I thought he was only pay by appearance too. -Shane Douglass, for now is going to stay in ECW, and see how things go for a while. I guarantee, if he didn't hate some of the wrestlers with a passion in each federation, he would have already jumped.

@Well, that's all I could muster up today. I hope you have enjoyed this edition of the Phat Daily Column, because I enjoy writing them. This is Mr. Tito, the only PHAT daily columnist, signing off. Have a nice day!

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