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You know, there is one thing that still bothers me about the ECW free agent signings. But before we go there, let's look at who is going where or have already showed up.

WWF: Rhino, Justin Credible, Jerry Lynn, and eventually Tajiri

WCW: York and Mathews, Kid Kash, and reports of Steve Corino eventually joining

Sure, there's lot of wrestlers to snatch up right now, like the team of Doring/Road Kill, Simon/Swinger, Nova, Da Blue Guy, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, and many more. I think Sandman would be a good "cheap" pick up for the WWF hardcore division. Rent Spring Stampede 1999 if you don't believe that he'd be a good pick up, knowing he carried Bam Bam to a spectacular hardcore match. Doring/Road Kill wouldn't be bad as a WCW pick up, but I think Road Kill would be a better pick up on his own.

But in all of the remaining ECW talent, two HUGE free agents keep getting overlooked!!!!! Who? I'm talking about Joey Styles and Joel Gertner!!! Especially for WCW, who has Tony Shiavone totally sucking up the place, lately, with either Scott Hudson or Mike Tenay. If Bischoff wants to make a REAL improvement to his show, he'll get new announcers, and what better announcers are out on the market today than Styles and Gertner? NOBODY.

I mean, just listen to Shiavone and Hudson *attempting* to put over the Cruiserweight division. Could you just imagine Joey Styles calling the action for their matches? They would be 10 times more enjoyable because of the solid commentating. It's so damn true! Gertner is the kind of guy that WCW also needs, and that's a funny heel commentator to rival Jerry Lawler. Gertner made great strides last year, and he should be looked at as a hot property.

I'm serious. It's ridiculous that Styles and Gertner are overlooked. End of ECW rant, on to the PDC!


Nothing like a long interview with Kurt Angle. You know, I remember a time when he used to be very funny on the mic. So funny that he won the Tito Award for best mic performance. But, that was last year, and since the WWF doesn't seem to be doing much with his career besides jobbing him to the Rock, Austin, or Triple H, not to mention the Undertaker, I'd sound weak on the mic too.

It's funny... now that I have WWF 5, I like hearing Rikishi's theme better now. I'm wondering that if the team of Haku/Rikishi beat the Hardys, and if Undertaker/Kane win the World Titles, what will that lead to? I'm sooooo scared on that one.

Oh lord, the Big Show is now the #1 Contender of the so called Hardcore Division. I'll actually cheer for the Big Show to win just to make a joke out of the division. It certainly needs it, since Hardcore wrestling is soooo late 1990s.

I'm curious..... why does Steve Austin have such a storyline connection with Jim Ross when Austin used to dog him in interviews, and he once gave JR the stunner. I don't quite get that. But hey, that was a few years ago, you know, before everyone hopped on the WWF bandwagon in 1998. Get this folks: I've been watching the whole time!! That's the damn truth too.

Yay, a Eddie Guerrero/Chris Benoit vs. X-Pac/Chris Jericho match to hype the clusterfuck 4 Corners match. Booking on the fly is such a fun thing. Ask WCW how fun it was for them to eventually help wreck their federation in 1998.

Jerry Lawler was "taken" out by Richards, which left for Tazz to fill in. I was actually very pleased with Tazz calling the show from there on in. Maybe Tazz will eventually give Jerry Lawler a day off he deserves, thanks to the latest XFL responsibilities.

Test who? I'm surprised they let him keep the title last night. Is there an injury that I've been missing about Test, because he hasn't quite been on the Big 2 shows lately. Oh wait, I'm sorry, we must pay more attention to the RTC feud and the stupid Hardcore battles. My bad, I'm soooo sorry.

Uh oh, Edge/Christian/Angle got the win over the Kane/Undertaker/Rock.... could that mean that Team Angle will each job this Sunday? Actually, look at the teams for a second. The small trio of Angle, Edge, and Christian just beat guys who have been in the WWF longer than all of them and guys who are WAY larger in size. Amazing!

Hey, did you notice how the Rock was tapping like a baby in the Ankle Lock? It's fucking hilarious how he will tap like mad for that, but when the Crippler Crossface is lock in.... Or I could just say that the pain is carrying over from the famous Shamrock feud with the Rock, where he was put in that Ankle hold quite a few times.

To finalize this review, I just want to say that the PTC is going to write up the WWF pretty good this week for their content. On Smackdown, you had the window steaming and the stripping during the Ivory vs. Kat match, but the RAW stuff is enough for the Parents Television Council talk another sponsor into dropping their ads. The WWF needs to realize that it's no longer 1998 or 1999 anymore, where they could get away with murder on the USA Networks.

This show gets a C for its effort. Too much boring PPV hype, with slopped together matches. I sooo hate booking on the fly. If I were Vince McMahon, I'd offer Paul Heyman a LOT of money.


I agreed with Slam! Wrestling about all of the Video Game or Tech news that the WWF released on Wednesday. They saw the WWF stock dropping, so NEW and EXCITING news was released to milk the market. Well, Vince McMahon better make strong announcements each week, because it's very evident that the XFL isn't exactly going to last. Vince McMahon should know better than to challenge a strong Monopoly (the NFL).

I'm surprised the WWF didn't send some Superstars to the Grammys this year. I don't know why they backed off from that one, especially since it was on CBS.

I don't know about you, but I find the latest idea for the Gameboy Color WWF Video Game to be totally ridiculous. Stephanie is kidnapped in the game, and you must fight through levels to rescue her. For one, that's ridiculous because Stephanie is a heel, so why would any willing wrestler want to save her? Two, it's an RPG with wrestlers?!? Of course, the WWF Gameboy games have been pretty weak because you can't quite do much with the 2 Button control. This game is probably aimed for little children, though, so I guess it's ok.

Speaking of the Gameboy, is there anybody else out there amazed at how long it's lasted? It's STILL going strong in the video game market, while competitors like the Game Gear and Lynx have long since tapped out. Yeah, the spinach color Gameboy wouldn't survive, eh Sega? If you want a GOOD wrestling game for the Gameboy, I suggest the original WWF Superstars game. I used to have that game, and I totally ruled the ring with it.

Rhino made his WWF debut on a Dark Match during the Smackdown tapings. That's good to hear, and it was most likely a decision making tool to either put Rhino on TV soon, or to send him to Memphis or Ohio Valley Wrestling. I've always thought he was too unpolished in ECW, getting pushed too much too soon. Especially since he's still pretty young (23, 24 or so?). He needs to work on his mic work, because screaming into the camera won't quite work in the WWF. I'm sure the WWF will do whatever it takes to mold this guy, because he has lots of potential. In ECW, he was just pushed so fast!

Jackson 5

5. Big Show: Umm, I guess he's the #1 Hardcore Title contender?

4. Rock: People say the Rock is a good competitor, but why does he always fight guys who can carry a good match? I'd like to see him wrestle Billy Gunn sometime soon.

3. Chris Jericho: Poor guy is confused on who he's feuding with.

2. Kurt Angle: Escaped jobbing on RAW, and won with Edge/Christian on Smackdown. I want him to lose the World Title already. He doesn't deserve this bad treatment as champ.

1. Chris Benoit: The main force carrying the Main Event, and he won a tag match on Smackdown. No respect whatsoever.

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