Welcome back to the one and ONLY Phat Daily Column. No Monday Night Ratings Analysis today, as the Nielsons were enjoying the holiday weekend. Yesterday, however, was a very slow day in terms of news...especially for a Tuesday!! Usually some story will come out of the Nitro or RAW backstage about someone angry about their federation or wanting to leave..but nothing! Oh well, I'm sure some things will pop up today after the television tapings occurred. Anyway, on to the PDC.


-Slam! Wrestling was reporting yesterday that the WWF has plans to cutback a little bit on WWF tag teams. A good example will be D'Lo Brown and the Godfather, and their careers are going nowhere fast as a team. The WWF feels that they are loaded with too many teams, therefore, it would be very hard to pass the World Tag Titles around. I'm hoping that the WWF doesn't drop Headcheese, because it's been my favorite thing that the WWF has done with both wrestlers for their whole careers. Hey, I know one team you could split up and help get the Lightweight division over...and I'm NOT talking about the Hardys! But of course, we couldn't do that, because who could the Radicals beat on?

-I love all of the rumors about who was backstage at the Georgia Dome RAW. Let's list all of the ones RUMORED to be backstage: DDP, Scott Steiner, Brad Armstrong, Erik Watts, Midnight, Sonny Onoo, and Fyre. Now, WWF.com confirmed Midnight, Onoo, and Fyre, and Armstrong and Watts are believeable. The DDP rumor was struck down as the great RichinKC, who is the webmaster of DDPBang.com and works at Scoopswrestling.com, who talked to DDP several times before RAW went down. Now, reports are shooting out that Scott Steiner was NOT at RAW either. As for Steiner, many readers ask if he'll ever be in the WWF. The answer is no. Sure, he's one badass heel, but the WWF can't contend with his temper. I'm sure many of the WCW jumpers are relieved that they don't have to ever wrestler Steiner or be around him again.


-Scott Hall was released from the hospital yesterday, as this comes after he claims to have numbness in his left leg after Superbrawl. If he was sent home, then it's obvious that no serious injuries have happened, and the MRI didn't show anything wrong. Now I could just rip on Hall to death here, but I'll hold back. I'm tired of Scott Hall, and seeing one of my favorite wrestlers go to waste. I was a huge Razor Ramone fan, and also a big Scott Hall fan when he invaded WCW in 1996. It just pisses me off to see someone so talented as him, waste his life like he does. It's even worse when you have an organization that doesn't do a damn thing about it either!

-Everybody is wondering what the morale of the WCW lockerroom towards Flair is now. It was shown clearly that a few aren't too thrilled with the legend, like Scott Steiner said during that interview. Some say that Ric Flair somewhat takes over a good part of backstage activities when he's back. The reason Steiner bashed him was for the fact that Flair was pushing to be the top heel in the company, and Steiner felt that he was way over his prime for that. Now Flair is rumored to have a World Title match vs. Sid at Uncensored, and that could anger many backstage. Especially since Flair took so much time off for nothing, and many have been busting their asses from day one, and never got a title shot.


-ECW on TNN did a decent rating of a 1.2, which is up from their past few weeks. Is this successful? I think it did well because of the Tanaka-Awesome match. I'm thinking that wrestling fans would have said "screw watching this commercial filled show" if they didn't have that match on that night. So what I'm saying is that this might be a one week rating, and it will go down a little bit next week, unless they decide to show Tanaka and Awesome again.

Now, I'm not a hardcore ECW fan, as you have probably noticed. I watch all that I can, and I try to keep up with all of the news coming out of ECW. With that being said, certain logic will be put into the following comments. Will ECW ever have a shot at being the #2 federation in the nation? I'm convinced, that for the moment, they won't be. Why? Weak shows like Livewire, WCW Saturday Night, and Superstars are constantly defeating ECW on TNN. ECW on TNN has had avertising, so don't give me that excuse anymore. Don't give me the Friday Night one either, as WCW Saturday Night is on Saturday Night, which is about as equivalent of viewers as Friday Night has.

So until they are below WWF's and WCW's lower end shows, I'm not convinced that Rob Van Dam and Joey Style's predictions about passing WCW by in the ratings or at least becoming #2 will happen. Besides, take in effect that ECW on TNN started off at 0.9. Friday's rating was 1.2. That's only 0.3 points away from their start, which could be sampling error! So that proves another point there, so ECW does have the need to improve if they ever want to play hardball with the Big 2 federations.

@That's it for today. I'll be back, hopefully, with the usual Ratings Analysis, to evaluate how well the shows did. So until then, why not chill, till the next episode?

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