Welcome back to Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Well, another Monday Night went right by, and I have my gradebook ready! On to the Phat Daily Column.

Monday Night Impressions


-Wow, Ricky Rackman(however it's spelled) working for WCW?? I haven't seen him since his days in Headbanger's Ball. Enough with those stupid Nitro Parties already. -Jerry Flynn actually winning matches?? Well it's about time that third degree blackbelt started winning matches. -Scott Steiner and Goldberg have the makings of a decent feud. It seems that Big Poppa Pump is now the biggest heel in WCW. He generates heat with whoever he fights against. Nice to see Rick Steiner back too. -I must say that Nash does a great parody of Arn Anderson. Hogan got a little stupid, and Hall was retarded at Piper. I guess I don't like the angle with David Flair. -Well, I guess Nitro figured out how to get ratings. If they can't do it with wrestling, they'll do it with T & A. -How many more times will the Cat get crushed by Scott Norton? -If I see another Konnan video, I'm gonna puke! -Rey Misterio gets a huge victory over Kevin Nash. I wonder what convinced Big Sexy to do the J.O.B. Maybe that was in return for Rey Misterio losing his mask. -Bret Hart's career is going down...a loss to Booker T? Sure Booker T is a good wrestler, but not good enough to beat the Hitman. ===Well, this Nitro was an huge improvement from that crap I witnessed last week. I think Nitro still needs Sting and Macho. But anyways, this week's Nitro recieves a grade of B-.


-I was actually hoping Rock and Paul Wight would have got it on. As for Paul Wight, he needs a better name for himself. -What the hell is up with the Teddy Bear? The inferno match was kinda weak, considering the Undertaker and Kane have been there and done that. -Wow, the Public Enemy came out, and they had no crowd reaction at all. Shows where their careers are going. The Brood seems to have a good fan base, so a face turn could be in their futures. -I have a feeling that it will be a triple threat match for the IC title at Wrestlemania. -Well, Sable has became a bitch on TV now. From what I hear, she's becoming a bit bitchy back stage too. Not good publicity for her issue of Playboy coming out March 8th. -D-Lo needs a partner...I think the Pimp, or Godfather would be great! -Droz is stupid. -Goldust and Bluedust forming an alliance? Wow. The match vs. Val Venis was non-title, right? -I must say that the Hardcore match between Hardcore Holly and Bart Gunn was a good one. Those two went at each other hard. Give the two credit. -Xpac vs. Chyna....that sets up one match, and another possible match. How about Chyna vs. HHH at Wrestlemania..could be. ===Well, another taped Raw. I feel Raw needs to be live every week, but it was still a decent show. I think Nitro will challenge Raw's second hour this week. I liked the Hardcore match, but I didn't like the main event though. This week's edition of Monday Night Raw recieves a B for it's efforts.

Other News...

-Great news for Jericho fans. WCW is prepared to offer Jericho $750,000 a year!! Good lord, that's a lot of money! He better start winning more than the TV belt with that salary. -DDP is going on another vacation. This is pathetic, as he has too much time off as it is. WCW needs to get their wrestlers in order, as they come and go when they please. -Well, good old Konnan is in the WCW doghouse. Apparently, his relationship with Kevin Nash has gone bad, and he expressed his feelings with Eric Bischoff about Rey Misterio Jr. losing his mask. Yet, they still play his stupid music videos.... -Well, there's talk of a possible Mankind-Paul Wight match at Wrestlemania to see who will be the ref in the Rock vs. Stone Cold match. If not, they will both end up reffing the match. -The angle that Jim Fullington will play is very unknown, as WCW really doesn't know what to do with him. I have heard many say his name will be Hardcore Hak, but that's just plain stupid. They will probably try to make him fit in with Raven somehow, like originally planned. It's funny how they brought him in, making him shoot how "hardcore" is, and making him job to a jabronie like Bam Bam. -WWF is tearing up on their videos and especially their CD which is #18 on the Billboard charts. That's huge for a wrestling CD. Their videos are taking 13 spots of the top 20 right now!!! That's very good.

@Well, that's all I have for you today. I'll be back tomorrow with more of the Phat Daily Column. Have a good one!

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