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Big news for a future PDC!! Thanks to my good friend Rustoleum, I was able to play WWF RAW on the X-Box the other night. I feel confident enough to give the game a review, which should come sometime during this week. Maybe I could actually produce a Thursday column for it? I might hotshot Wednesday or Monday's column to do it, too, further delaying the NES reviews. The review is certainly coming.

I really have nothing else to say in this intro, so on to the PDC!

Let's Bash Stephanie!!!!!

Allow me to make an opening statement. Every successful federation run has the one point where you can officially say it began to downfall. For WCW, their Empire of the late 1990's officially went down at Starrcade 1997, where Hulk Hogan wouldn't lay down for Sting cleanly. WWF's big business boom of the late 1980's and early 1990's officially ended at Wrestlemania 7, where Hogan became champion after fighting team Iraq during the summer, and continuing to feud with the group until such stars Sid Justice and Ric Flair arrived, and until the Undertaker improved for the fall of 1991.

The current WWF product is in a downfall period. It's true, as I've continually pointed out, ratings are lower, buyrates aren't too strong, show attendance is weaker, etc, etc, etc. (HOWEVER, that doesn't mean it can't be turned around soon). But what brought about the decline from the WWF's peak? Many suggest it was during the summer of 1999, when WCW became totally ridiculous with their redneck feuds and older style of wrestling. It's suggested that WCW's inability to put up decent competition hurt the wrestling industry overall, and affected the WWF.

I disagree. In my humble opinion, the WWF's downfall is CLEARLY shown by the instant Stephanie McMahon became more of an on camera role within the WWF and more involved with the creative process of the WWF. This all occurred in late 1999. If you recall, Stephanie would get kidnapped by Triple H, get drugged, and actually get forced to marry Triple H through a drive-thru wedding in Las Vegas. At the following Pay Per View, Triple H would take on Vince McMahon, where Stephanie would turn on her father and continue to be a heel from this day. The passion she had for being a heel, and a leech on a top superstar in the WWF would actually ruin the WWF's success at that point.

And the writing... clearly, when Vince Russo and a few associates jumped to WCW in the fall of 1999, Vince McMahon had to take it upon himself to move up individuals in the hierarchy of creative minds. Russo, although not individually the reason for the WWF's success, at least played a big role on the writing team and had a decent influence on Vince for the "smut" on RAW. Russo's absense opened the door for Stephanie to finally take a major role within the WWF, and her pathetic creative mind has hurt the WWF ever since.

Throughout the years with Triple H, Stephanie has grown to hog up a lot of mic time as the Game's wife, and at many times, she'll just do a promo for no reason or to just get a rush from the SLUT chants by the crowd. Then, she'll make herself the focus of major angles, such as the Alliance faction. Instead of focusing on the ECW/WCW talent, she'd go out and make a 20 minute interview about how great she was and how she'd run the WWF out of business.

Hmmm... maybe I'm not getting my point across clear enough. How about I clearly spell out each problem with Stephanie?

  • Head Writer of the WWF - She is clearly full of herself since she is the head writer of the WWF creative team. Why would she write herself in for a 20 minute promo, when there is a large WWF roster to fill the time? Many WWF wrestlers lose their jobs because non-wrestlers, who have creative power, hog up television time due from their promos. Stephanie's writing is extremely sloppy, too, as her booking-on-the-fly style and the ability to create new angles the week before the Pay Per View just kill all hype towards a Pay Per View. Take the recent pregnancy angle. That wasn't planned long term, and she decided to push that angle, instead of Triple H's feud with Kurt Angle, weeks before the Pay Per View. No Way Out was featuring the return of Hogan, Hall, and Nash, but yet the main focus on the WWF was the divorce of Triple H and Stephanie. Makes no sense.
  • Leeching onto the top heels - Stephanie is so in love with the power of being hated, that she'll latch on to the top drawing heel to keep herself on television. For instance, she's been hooked on Triple H for years now (but not getting divorced), and because of him, she'd find a "reason" to cut a 20 minute promo. Another example was how she'd run angles around Steve Austin when they were with the Alliance. She made sure to share camera time with him. And what do you know? Jericho is basically the top heel now, and who is she alligned with? The irony is amazing.
  • Boob job - What part owner of a company would get a breast enhancement just for her character on television? Stephanie, of course. Her hooters were already big, but to get even more attention, she made them much larger. Even now, she'll show much more cleavage than before (although NEVER showing her belly), as in the case of her extremely trashy wedding dress. Case and point, she just gets a boob job to "enhance" her looks for television.
  • KILLS Pay Per Views - The pregnancy angle is a spectacular example of this. Instead of hyping a Pay Per View, Stephanie tried to renew her vows with Triple H on the WEEK BEFORE the Pay Per View on RAW. That's just stupid and utterly ridiculous to do this, especially when you're bringing back 3 of the top WWF stars, ever. Who knows what RAW's rating would have been from the Rock/Hogan confrontation, had the NWO been hyped more instead of the extensive time needed for Stephanie's angle. Stephanie would also cut promos before any of the Alliance vs. the WWF Pay Per Views, for no reason or another. She just loves the power!
  • As a wrestler - When the WWF seriously tries to push the Women's division, you can just shudder to think when Stephanie tries to wrestle matches. Why? Because none of the WWF women's wrestlers could do anything against her. She'd actually dominate the match against a trained wrestler. Take Lita, when she dropped her Women's title to her. Steph gave Lita nothing to work with until finally losing the match. Watching No Way Out 2001, you can see Stephanie having her ways with Trish Stratus, a person who the WWF clearly tries to push as a legit women's wrestler. Oh yeah, she jokingly pinned the Rock during a mixed tag match, too.
  • Always must be in any hot angle - Whenever a good storyline or feud occurs, Stephanie always finds a way to get involved. Take the Jericho-Rock feud of late 2001. She had NOTHING to do with either wrestler at the time, aside from both guys not liking her. And what happened? She got herself involved with the feud, and the focus was made on who she wanted to win. Secondly, take the Invasion angle. When ECW was introduced into the whole Invasion angle, who became the owner? Stephanie. She was off television because Triple H was injured, so a way to get back on was to hitch onto Heyman and Vince's great idea.
  • Can't stay off television - Exactly the case of becoming the ECW owner of the Alliance. Triple H's injury kept her off television, and instead of staying put, she had to make herself the focus. She couldn't bear sitting out for 6 months or so. The same could be said about her promise to stay off television after Survivor Series 2001, but she returned just about a month later to threaten everyone about Triple H's return. Stephanie NEVER takes breaks from television, too. Shane and Vince usually take a nice and long hiatus from television before returning, but Stephanie is ALWAYS there.
  • Always turning on her Father - How many times have we seen swerves within the McMahon family? Many, but with Stephanie, it's utterly ridiculous. I've lost count on how many times she's turned on her father, only to rejoin him in some capacity. Just look at the situation now... the renewing of the vows brought Stephanie and Vince back together, despite Stephanie trying to run her father out of business and despite Vince not letting Stephanie back into the WWF after Survivor Series 2001. Everytime she's against her father, everyone just instantly assumes they'll be back together soon.
  • Her own magazine - Steph loves herself SO MUCH that she had her own magazine made about herself, which actually had some posters in it. That's truly sad. Only a select few wrestlers have had magazines about them, such as Triple H, who only recently had one for him.
  • Let the Bodies Hit the Floor - When the song from Drowning Pool was used for Summerslam 2001, who quickly grabbed it up to become her new theme music? Oh yeah, that's Stephanie. To gain more attention for herself, "Bodies" was the answer as it was the hot song for the moment.
  • It's clear and simple to see why Stephanie McMahon is the TRUE cancer for the WWF. Hogan, Hall, and Nash have nothing on Stephanie compared to the devastation of a federation, as Steph's actions will never be questioned by her father. Never.

    And her part in the destruction of the WWF was made clearly by the example I made from her original heel turn in December of 1999. Once Stephanie turned heel and took up lots of television time, it inspired the other McMahons, namely Shane and Vince, to get more heavily involved, and even Linda McMahon to make some more appearances than usual. Let's see here... Oh, Wrestlemania 2000 had the "McMahon in every corner" main event. Wow. The WWF suddenly became the soap opera on the McMahon family, and NOT the wrestlers signed under contract.

    So there you have it. Steph is the true problem of the WWF, and it's a shame she has McMahon blood running through her veins, or someone would get smart to push her out the door. The only positive about Stephanie's increased role within the WWF is that she drove Chyna crazy over the jealousy about the Stephanie-Triple H relationship, to the point where Chyna would eventually get ousted from the WWF. Other than that, Steph's fake chest, annoying voice, retardation over writing storylines, and ego need to get out of the WWF, too.

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