BLAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! That's the sound Chunder makes! Oh wait, it's Not Chunder that I'm talking about, but it's WCW's very own Thunder. Oh man, since both are nearly the same, I get them confused too often. My bad.

Yesterday, it was brought to my attention that someone did a column like my "Shouts" section, on some rinky dink site. Some of you geeks claimed that I ripped the guy off. How can I rip someone off without ever going to the site he's on or ever reading his column?

Like I said before, I got the idea for "Shouts" from Ohio University's Post, in a section called The Yell. In fact, if you CLICK HERE, you can read one of the past editions of The Yell. It comes out every Thursday on the second page of the Post. I'm pumped today because I get to read the latest edition.

So before you accuse, read the facts. I always credit my sources or ideas. So bite me if you try to accuse me other wise. The "Shouts", which I debuted yesterday, will come back next Wednesday as planned.

Enough of this rant. On to the PDC.


WCW must do something about this dead crowd! It's soo annoying to watch a show with a crowd showing no movement whatsoever. Bischoff should set up "Cheer" or "Boo" signs in the arena, just like he did for the Disney tapings back in the day.

Not a bad opener with Kaz Hayashi and Kwee Wee. With two REVOLVERS wrestling against each other, the fans had no idea on who to cheer. It's just simple logic.

WOW! The wimps of 1996 (Disco and Alex Wright) jobbed tonight to some very young wrestlers signed by WCW. I should have taped this event, because that doesn't happen very often. Paris and Styles looked much better in their second outing than their first.

A new look for Shawn Stasiak. Wow. His hair finally grew in. I don't know if you know it or not, but before he debuted in the WWF, he had hair plugs. His old man and the rest of his family has a long pattern of baldness, and Stasiak has been fighting it for the longest time now. Last night, he was able to slick his hair back, meaning that his newly installed hair is growing well. Yeah, I know, it's an odd success story, but Stasiak has been fighting for that for the longest time now. Stasiak seems to be pushed as a singles wrestler now, beating Big Vito. However, it could just lead to the Mamalukes against Stasiak/Jindrak, but you never know. If Stasiak goes singles, what will be left for Jindrak?

Watch, as Shawn O'Haire/Chuck Palumbo will carry Totally Buff in whatever match they wrestle. If that doesn't tell someone backstage something about the younger wrestlers against the older or big ego wrestlers, then there is no hope for WCW.

I swear, the people LOVE the Cat. It's even better when the Cat has DDP involved in the match, along with Kanyon on the other side. Buff who? Pretty good match here, actually. WOW, A MATCH ON THUNDER WORTH WATCHING?!?!? I can die a happy man now.

Hey, if you put two good competitors with each other, what will happen? A good match! That's what happened with Jeff Jarrett against Crowbar. Too bad Jarrett's career as a heel, lately, has been worthless and that Crowbar revolves from heel to face by the week when he was in the Hardcore division.

Shane Douglas and Ric Flair feuding? Oh my. Anything that gets Flair back in the ring to wrestle, it will make me happy! Plus, a high profile feud for Shane is always good to see.

Nothing like a match of Scott Steiner tossing Hugh Morrus around like a rag doll! However, the painful is up ahead. Rick Steiner will defend his US title at the next WCW PPV against Morrus. WHO THE HELL WOULD PAY FOR THAT CRAP?

An improved Thunder this week. Amazing. I'll give it a B for this week's show. It's much better than the shit I had to witness for the past 3 weeks.

And you know what is even more funnier? Thunder was MORE entertaining to watch than the Grammy Awards this year. I'm serious on that too! The Grammys had weak performances, bad graphics, and just a stupid show overall. Plus, who the hell could vote Steely Dan as album of the year? The majority of music lovers don't even know who the guy is, let alone buy his album. Although Eminem's lyrics are raunchy, at least his album outsold all of the other 4 nominations combined, and then some! But I guess the Grammy voters are only in it for themselves, and to not attract younger viewers. Of course, their only thinking to attract younger viewers was to pair Eminem and Elton John together for a horrible performance.

Oh WAIT!! This is a WRESTLING column. Oh pardon me.


It freakin' pisses me off that WCW is booking a Hugh Morrus against Rick Steiner at the next WCW Pay Per View. Who the hell wants to even see that shit on Thunder? Just from observing each of their matches over about the last 2 years, neither have put on a single good one. Rick Steiner is WAY past his prime, and was only a good singles wrestler in 1988 and 1989. Then, Steiner fit well with Scott as a tag team. Now, obviously, Scott is doing his own singles career, and Rick is trying again. He's trying to be good at something he was over 10 years ago. Hugh Morrus is the most overrated wrestler around, and he can't carry a match if he tried. Case in point, the Wall match at Superbrawl Revenge. Why the hell would someone want to buy a Pay Per View with this kind of match on it?

Nitro continued to sag in the ratings, with a 2.3 in the first hour, and a 1.8 in the first. That's about as worse as the lowest Russo era or the lowest Sullivan era. It shows you that the older guys on top are certainly not gaining ratings. The Magnificent Seven aren't gaining any attention. It's time to shove guys like Lance Storm, Shawn O'Haire, Chuck Palumbo, Mike Awesome, and many other hard workers to the top. The proof is there, so do something new Bischoff!!!

But you know exactly what will happen though. Eric Bischoff will get out the kneepads and beg for Hulk Hogan to come back for the very short-run ratings. That way, Hogan can claim he's worth the ratings, while screwing everyone in sight of pushes or storylines. He'll also make a phone call to Drunken Scott Hall to make, yet another, WCW return, despite never being able to cure himself of his troubles. You'd figure that with all of the resources that Hall has, he'd improve himself. Hall suffers from Robert Downey Jr. syndrome. But the point is that Bischoff will NOT try to rely on his current resources to improve the show, but he'll rely on those who were successful in 1996-1997. This is 2001 by the way...

Man, you don't understand how badly I want to see Booker T again. Besides WCW trying to push him as a bad Rock imitator, Booker T was the only superstar giving it his all in each match he wrestled. He was just pushed wrong as the World Champ. It's rather ridiculous to give someone the "Bookend" as their finisher, which is a direct copy of the Rock Bottom. Come on.. I mean, at least let him use the Scissors Kick as his finisher, despite being totally ridiculous. At least it's a move associated with Booker T, and not anyone from the WWF.

The Cruiserweight Tag Title division, however, was a brilliant idea of WCW's. The thing about the Cruiserweights is that the older guys can't invade it! HAHAHAHAHA! The only thing they can truly do is to hog television time of theirs, and that's it. I especially like the fact that WCW is really focusing on buying more wrestlers for the division. If you recall in 1996, WCW thrived on a GREAT Main Event angle and a strong Cruiserweight division. Signs are showing the the Cruiserweight division will be strong again, so can we do something up top?

The Jackson 5

5. Jeff Jarrett: Midcard hell for him. Great imitation of Dusty on Nitro.

4. Kanyon: After taking lots of time off, he can still wrestle great.

3. Scott Steiner: Defeated Nash, and pounded Hugh Morrus. Good things there.

2. The Cat: Popularity can't be denied!

1. Diamond Dallas Page: Great week of wrestling for this man! Bang!

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Mr. Tito 1998 - 2001 Exclusive to

The OFFICIAL number for the NBC game last Saturday night is 3.1. It's said to be down 33% from the week before, and last week's game was down 52%. Not a good sign for this early league. Vince McMahon better not hope for another drop in the ratings. The first week's rating was 9.5, and the second was 4.6.

The OFFICIAL number for the UPN game is just a 1.5. That's down from last week's 2.1, and the 1st week's 3.1. Again, not good, especially with UPN having weak programming already.

The OFFICIAL number for the TNN game is 0.9, which is down from the 1.9 rating last week. Ouch. ECW on TNN got about the same rating, and TNN didn't quite promote them like they do for the XFL.

With the lower ratings and threat of losing sponsors, the WWF plans to give more advertising spots to the companies just to stay on. Honda left yesterday, and the XFL is probably in panic mode right now.

[ Credit: Yahoo! News ]

Upon looking around the internet, I see a few minor wrestling sites claiming that NBC has officially announced that they won't carry the XFL next year. Well, those weak sites don't talk to NBC, nor to they have any inside sources within the XFL offices. So until NBC officially announces that they won't carry the XFL programming, don't believe in rumors.

Remember, NBC owns 50% of the XFL. If they dump it now without trying to make any profit, then they'll end up losing a lot of money for not trying. NBC will most likely stick it out this season, due to obligations to advertisers.

Again, don't believe in anything that someone speculates in a lame newspost on a lame newsboard.