Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Monday Night wrestling just flew by, with one federation coming off a pay per view, and another trying to hype one. This week, I saw both shows, so the usual treatment and torture for is back in black. Allow me to whip out the gradebook, because it's time to hammer out some honest criticism.

Monday Night Impressions

WCW Monday Nitro

Either I was blind or not paying attention, but I saw no Tank Abbott at Nitro last night. I suppose the management wasn't thrilled with the knife pulling on the injured Big Al. Oh darn, I missed him soo much. Nitro could have had a good first hour, especially starting off with a Lash Leroux vs. Billy Kidman match, but noooo, we had to have the untalented Harris Brothers come in. The H-Bomb, however, is a cool move though. But still, I wanted to see that match! At least Booker T didn't get jumped by Harlem Heat tonight, but of course, he was dismantled by the Harris brothers. Can anybody push Booker? Vampiro got a good win this week over Fit Finley, but I'm sure we'll see a rematch on Chunder or something. The crowd was into Vamp...did you notice that WCW? Oh, but you see WCW uses decent wrestlers like Bam Bam to put over untalented wrestlers like the Wall. You wonder why ratings are low...

Tito's proposition: How about having a new version of the 4 Horsemen? You had Dustin Rhodes turn on Terry Funk, Total Package is already hanging around Ric Flair...so all you need is one more member, right? This could work because Rhodes and Luger are decent workers, and if you add somebody who could fill the role of an enforcer, then you have a decent stable. Just a thought.

Hulk Hogan vs. Total Package in the cage was alright, but it ended terribly. The fans wanted Sting, but for some reason, he didn't make it last night. Didn't Big T look strange in that pink sweatsuit? Tonight, you had a La Parka involved a little bit. Why don't you use him all the time? The man doesn't need to speak, as he has all kinds of charisma. Oh wait, he's a Luchadore, and there is no such thing as success for any current WCW Luchadores anymore. Is it just me, or is every angle that Buff Bagwell participates in is totally ridiculous? Yay, let's have him feud with the flabby Maestro...that'll get him over! Even better, let's have the Cat come out and distract him for his match! Wow, things don't look too bad on WCW Saturday Night. I'm looking foward to the Steven Regal vs. Hacksaw match for the covetted television title. Nah, I couldn't watch Saturday Night...Thunder is tough enough to watch at times.

NITRO Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 1

Last Word: Not a bad show considering that the current storylines are horrible and the wrong wrestlers are still getting pushed. No Norman Smiley really hurt the flow for the show, and the crowd as well. I'm hoping that Sting comes back to television shows REAL soon, and that the storylines start to shape better. They can survive as long as the storylines are good..which they currently aren't. Not a bad show, but of course, they had a lot of loose ends as usual. It gets a


for a decent show. I predict that due to the negative response to Superbrawl, that the show will get a 2.5 in their head to head hour with RAW. Bring Sting back to television shows!


My lord, the WWF is hung on this bus idea for some reason. Somehow this week, DX managed to either buy a red bus, or paint it up. Hmm. It's like a main focus in the storylines now, and it's ludicrous! Hell, the bus got smashed up by Cactus Jack at the end. I was wishing that nobody would be put into the bus at the end of the show, or a low grade would have showed up. Jack said that he got back from wherever the bus dropped him off at by hitchhiking with a trucker named Big Earl. Can these explanations get any worse?

RAW opened up the show with another boring intro interview, which had it's usual run in by every stable involved in the main storyline. Joy. Although the Rock's impersonation of Triple H was good, Triple H dogged the Rock back by talking about his REPEATED catch phrases. My God, that's two that have seen the light(Triple H and Mr. Tito). Anyway, it sets up a wonderful 6 man match, with nothing really new. Triple H pinned Cactus Jack, so that pretty much seals the deal on who wins the Hell in the Cell match.

Finally, the WWF gave DX some newer music! I was getting sick and tired of the older variation. I'm loving the duo of Kurt Angle and British Bulldog. I'm eating my words about Kurt Angle now, since I used to bash him when he first started. He's becoming one of my favorites to watch on WWF television now. He dogged Chyna hard about her surgeries. Again, Kurt Angle sealed his fate for No Way Out by pinning Jericho tonight. So predictable... I'm loving Headcheese. I was becoming bored of both Al Snow and Steve Blackman, but now I loved them. Too bad when Blackman showed a little charisma, it enabled Too Cool to get the win. Joy joy joy! I'd love to see Too Cool face the Acolytes or the Dudleys. We'll see how good they really are, now won't we?

Further proof of how both the Godfather and D'Lo's careers are dying acting as pimps showed tonight, as Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko, just a month into the WWF, beat them cleanly. I loved the ending of the 8 man tag team match with Hardys, Edge/Christian, Dudleys, and New Age Outlaws. It was so botched up! HAHAHA! Nice of you guys to mess up the cover. I loved seeing Buh Buh Dudley nail Mr. Ass at the end though to enable Hardys/Former Brood to win the match. Hopefully, the Viscera splash will end this horrible pregnancy angle. It's sad to see Chris Benoit revert to cheating to defeat Test. So sad. Rikishi shakes off a leg injury that normally would hurt any other human being, and he, along with Too Cool, swing a lot of crutches. Notice how quiet the crowd was when Prince Albert ran down to save Bossman from Tazz choking him out.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 9
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 4
Disqualifications: 1
No Contest: 0

Last Word: Well, this was a decent show, but nothing special. Same old hype for the pay per view, WWF style. Decent matches throughout the night, therefore, a


for this show. I'd expect a good, and solid 6.0 during their head to head battle with Nitro.

Overall, a good night of wrestling. Nothing special though.

Other Wrestling Stuff

-NO ECW ratings today, as the great President's Day has backed everything up. So expect the lovely Monday Night ratings to come out on Wednesday.

-It seems that Scott Hall is really hurt, and not just "faking it" like a few people have mentioned. Some people didn't like my mention of the Fed-Ex firing when Hall is resting his injury, but take it how it is. Ask British Bulldog and X-Pac how they got fired from WCW when resting injuries. Fed-Ex! So there. As for Hall, he's currently in intensive care for his spinal injury which he got from a guitar shot/powerbomb combo during the end of the main event. I could make a good joke about Scott Hall right here about his stay in the hospital, but it's just wrong to say about a badly injured wrestler.

-Some reports are going around about Scott Steiner being "forced" out of WCW. WCW really wants him to sign his release, but yet he hasn't. Hmm, they pressure Scott Steiner, but they won't let Chris Kanyon go. Damn it! Of course, Kanyon is one of the most talented wrestlers you can have, and a very nice one at that. Scott Steiner gets on his rages, and there's no telling what he'll say or do in a WCW ring. He tried to be a bigshot during his interview, which I found the interview very funny, and he's now paying for it with suspension. Now, he's sticking WCW by not leaving. Could he be any more of a problem than he already is?

@That's all I can muster up today. I'll be back tomorrow with another edition, as it will be another day to discuss the world of wrestling. See you tomorrow!

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