Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well, Superbrawl went by, joy. Also tonight is the greatest night of the week. We'll just see how WCW Nitro does after a pay per view against a taped RAW. Anyways, on to the news...


-Well, last night WCW recieved a black eye. A black eye of the form of Hulk Hogan retaining the title. For one, I don't like how it ended with Flair's own flesh and blood messing it up, but Hogan doesn't deserve the world title now. Somebody popular or somebody younger and hungrier deserves it, not Hogan. WCW really wonders why they lose ratings. -Scott Hall is the new U.S. champ. This proves he is really cleaning up his life. I am very proud of him for this. Keep up the good work Chico! -Windham and Hennig..not a bad combination. As long as they defend the belts when they are supposed to, it will be all good. -Nitro will hopefully be better than last week's, and besides the shows after the Pay Per Views are supposed to be good, right??


-Stone Cold addressed Goldberg on the Howard Stern show this morning. He said that even talking about fighting Goldberg was a waste of time. He stated if Goldberg wanted to fight him, he has to get out of the Bushleagues first. -I just want to say that WCW has really gone out on a limb on starting this crap with Goldberg challenging Stone Cold. For one, it will never happen, as they both are under contract with their current federations for a while. One jumping to another federation for one night to fight the other, or going on a separate show like the Tonight Show or something and fighting would cause the both to be in breach of contract. If they did actually get in the ring, with the consent of both federations, just think what will happen. Do either one want to lose? I don't think so. They will be swinging for real, and therefore it's not a wrestling match. This whole stupid situation is about as cool as when Bischoff challenged McMahon. It's very hard for those matches to happen. WCW needs to worry about themselves, and in turn that will equal better ratings. WWF is on top cause they worry about themselves, and not what the senior tour is doing!!

That's all for today, make sure you watch Monday Night wrestling tonight, as I will have grades for both shows tomorrow. Have a nice day!

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