Welcome back to Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Superbrawl is tonight, joy, and I know I'll be hoping Flair wins! Anyways, on to the PDC!!!


-Well, tonight's main event will be huge and could determine the attitude of WCW for the future. If Hogan wins, it shows that whatever Hogan says, goes, and everyone else comes in second. Flair has said if he wins, he'll gladly job the title to someone if he beats Hogan. Every wrestler in the back feels that Flair winning the title would generate fan interest in WCW again, and if Hogan wins, more fans will go away. Go Flair!-There has been rumors that WCW is gonna restart their toughguy division. WCW must be noticing how the WWF's Hardcore Division is really taken off lately. I just want to see Raven and Sandman(James, Hak, or whatever he will be called) kill each other like the did in the great days of ECW.-Speaking of Raven, many house shows have stated that he and Roddy Piper are wrestling each other. That would be a great feud, even though Piper is in terrible wrestling condition(his pain). Raven is supposed to have a US title push too, and if Scott Hall walks away with the belt tonight, expect maybe a Raven interference that caused it.


-Apparently, WWF wants Debra to become the top broad in the WWF, not Sable. Sable along with her husband Marc Mero want out of the WWF, and badly. WWF will not release them, and they will probably have Sable drop her Women's title, and use her to show off her body like they have been. As for Marc Mero, nothing is known of his career, like if he does return, what will his gimmick be. The WWF kinda wants a Johnny B. Badd character, but Marc Mero doesn't want to go there.-WWF has lots of young and good talent brewing in their training camps. Kurt Angle is set to debut sometime, as he has done wonders in the camps. WWF has a very bright future, as well as the young stars doing so well in the WWF now.

Well, that's all for today. Sorry for the lack of WWF news, as everything depends on the Raw tapings for this week, and I'm not reporting the results of those. So, have a nice day!

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