It's Phat! It's Daily! And it's a Column! Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Tonight, we witness Superbrawl. Wrestling skeptics are already predicting the lowest wrestling buyrate ever on this once great pay per view. Of course, it could also influence fans to find a way to see it free also. Hmm. Well anyway, I have lots of stuff to cover today in my column including a Phat Video Review. Now isn't that special?


-RAW is being hyped up to be pretty HUGE this Monday Night, as they are at the heart of WCW country. I'd expect some big things for the Radicals this Monday to somewhat show WCW fans how they were misused in WCW. Plus, RAW is going to have a rather large crowd on hand for RAW at Atlanta. Yeah, I'll admit, it should be a good show. Wresting in front of 30 + thousand fans, especially in WCW territory. It should be a show to watch as long as they have no angles where people are stuffed in luggage compartments on buses.

-Oh wow, the WWF just opened a new site which is It features news concerning WWF fans in Canada, events, and other specialties. That's pretty nice of the WWF, and it shows that they really care about international business. The WWF, right now, is filled with Canadians now. Not saying that is bad though. I wouldn't doubt if the WWF starts up anymore webpages, like maybe for Europe or Australia. I haven't heard if they would do anything like that, but I'm sure it has been talked about. Plus it's possible because the WWF is in domain name buying mode.


Superbrawl Predictions

Demon vs. the Wall
Well let's see here. WCW is insisting on getting the Wall over at the expense of any wrestlers, even the ones who have been here for years. Demon's career means nothing because WCW is jobbing him to death to show KISS what a bad deal Eric Bischoff made. Therefore,
Tito's Pick: The WALL

Big Al vs. Tank Abbott in a Leather Jacket on a Pole match
Damn this match gimmick is so lame, and Tank Abbott is the man who WCW wants to push to be able to job to Goldberg at Starrcade? Yeah, we'll get him real over in this match, especially since he's fighting a guy that nobody knows or cares about.
Tito's Pick: Tank Abbott

Screamin' Norman Smiley vs. 3 Count
I really hope that this match is the end of this feud. Norman Smiley should be elevated because the fans F'N love him!!! Oh no, we can't do that. Then the dinosaurs will get jealous. 3 Count could also move on to better things for themselves as well, so I'm hoping that Norman pins Evan Karagias for the win.
Tito's Pick: Norman Smiley

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Brian Knobbs in a "Hardcore" title match
Notice the quotations, because I don't see anything hardcore about it anymore. This match is going to be really hard to watch, as I bet Fit Finley will screw Knobbs out of the title. Joy joy joy. I don't even care if I predicted this one wrong.
Tito's Pick: Bam Bam Bigelow

Booker T vs. Big T
If this young superstar, who has paid his dues, who I like to call Booker T, has to job to this overweight former WWF stiff wrestler, I'm going to scream. WCW is stupid if they make Booker T lose this match. Plain and simple. They are just tossing away Booker T's great wrestling career, and they just might put over someone who they only signed just because he was a "name" in the WWF. So sad.
Tito's Pick: Booker T

Lash Leroux vs. The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iaukea for the Cruiserweight Title
Anybody lose track of who was in the Cruiserweight tournament like I did? Anyway, Lash Leroux, although he seems to be getting out of shape each time you see him, will win the covetted Cruiserweight champion, and become the first paper champion because he didn't beat Ed "Oklahoma" Ferarra for it! HA!
Tito's Pick: Lash LeRoux

Vampiro vs. Billy Kidman
I respect Kidman, but I really wish that WCW would give some kind of opportunity to Vampiro. Oh no, that won't happen because there is no such thing as pushing any young guys with awesome talent. Nope, nothing of that matter. That's why the only thing Kidman will get in his career is Torrie Wilson as his valet. Not a bad deal, but she'll be gone soon, and then Kidman's career looks bad once again.
Tito's Pick: Billy Kidman

Mamalukes vs. Crowbar and David Flair
Sadly enough, this could be the match of the night. Entertainment wise. Anyway, I expect Flair and Crowbar to take the titles back tonight just because they get a little more attention than the Mamalukes do.
Tito's Pick: Flair and Crowbar

Nature Boy Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk in a "death" match
These two put on one hell of a show at the Clash of the Champions, oh, let's say almost 10 years ago!!! That's a lot of time, and a lot of aging can occur. So maybe if you find that old Clash of the Champions and put it in slow motion, you'll get the same effect as you do watching it tonight. Nah, I'm only kidding, as these two old men aren't as brittle as the other dinosaurs at WCW. Both will give it all in attempt to give some kind of viewership to WCW.
Tito's Pick: Ric Flair

Featured Attraction Match between Hulk Hogan and the Total Package
Hmm, Hogan has a cast on. That means he'll once again, face adversity, and put himself over by beating the Total Package. So sad, especially when the Total Package has "repackaged" himself so well with his newest gimmick. One thing that I've learned about Hogan on Pay Per Views, and that's to never bet against him.
Tito's Pick: Hulk Hogan

3 Way Dance for the World Title with Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Hall vs. Sid Vicious
Oh my God, is this one hard to call! No matter what happens, I think that Jeff Jarrett will become the new World Champ. I have a feeling that this could be Drunken Scott Hall's final WCW match ever, and I bet Sid will take some time off to recover more from the concussion, plus you never know when Softball season is coming up!
Winner: Jeff Jarrett

It's time once again......

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Review

After a hard day's work, I decided to go buy some kind of wrestling video to relax my nerves. Since I just about have every video that I've wanted from Sam Goody at the Ohio Valley Mall, I decided to go for "Triple H and Chyna: It's Our Time" since I was a big fan of the duo when they were together. Here is my review:

Triple H and Chyna: It's Our Time

This whole video is somewhat of a timeline to the start of Chyna and Triple H in the WWF up until Triple H won the World Title the night after Summerslam. The whole video shows a lot of realism in that they have a lot of discussions with Triple H and Chyna behind the scenes. Triple H said that he used to train all of the time in high school, but had no purpose really in life. Triple H first starts discussing how he got into the wrestling business by telling us that he met a powerlifter, who also wrestled, and the lifter told Killer Kawolski(sp?) about having Triple H in his wrestling camp, and everything went from there. Chyna, on the other hand, explained that she tried everything...from singing, to aerobic competitons, you name it. It then discusses how Chyna came to be in the WWF. Shawn Michaels and Triple H were begging WWF officials for months on it, until they finally let her manage Triple H. It's paying off now isn't it!

Somewhere in the video, Triple H talks about the infamous "Curtain Call". Ok, to save me about 50 e-mails asking what it is, I'll explain it here, since Triple H explained it in the video:
It was Diesel's(Kevin Nash) and Razor Ramone's(Scott Hall) final night in the WWF. It was a houseshow at Madison Square Garden, and the duo was finishing up their contracts before they were off to WCW to create history with the New World Order. Anyway, the main event of the night was Shawn Michaels vs. Kevin Nash in a cage match. Shawn Michaels won the match, and after the match, Razor Ramone and Triple H came down into the cage, and the 4 wrestlers saluted the crowd. It created a huge pop, and lots of controversy because the WWF didn't want the business exposed back then.
Ok? Understand? So Triple H got the most punishment out of the deal because they couldn't punish HBK, their top star at the time. They couldn't punish Hall and Nash, because it was their last night, so Triple H took it all. His career was saved when Chyna entered the picture.

Next up was Triple H discussing how he and HBK have tried to talk Vince into letting them be together for DX. Vince kept refusing, as he wanted to keep the Kliq apart, always. Finally, when ratings were struggling, Vince decided to put them together, and the rest is history. Triple H says that many of the DX skits were unauthorized, but then accepted when they were drawing numbers. The video next swings into the hot Triple H vs. the Rock feud during the Summerslam 98 era. They put on a good ladder match then in my opinion. Triple H screwed up his knee, and Chyna kept mentioning how he kept trying to return early and everything. Show a lot of compassion. They discussed their lives as a "couple". They said that it consists of 80% wrestling, as wrestling is the biggest part of their lives.

Triple H would then come back, and he fought the Rock in a great RAW is WAR "I Quit" match, where Triple H was destroying the Rock until the Corporation held Chyna captive, so Triple H said "I quit". Right after that match, Chyna turned on Triple H. I loved Triple H's explanation of the matter, on how everybody turns on their friends, especially in wrestling. You'd have to watch this one for the full effect. They showed clips of the Kane-Triple H feud before Wrestlemania 15, and they showed the epic heel turn by Triple H at WM 15. He said that the only way to become a true headliner was to completely change his image by turning heel. It's working!

They showed some clips of Chyna's wrestling career, and how she made it to the King of the Ring by defeating Val Venis, but she lost to the Road Dogg at the event. I remember Triple H discussing one time during this video on how Chyna will never feel like she's accomplished her goal. Like if she gets the World Title one day, she'll go for another goal, and so on.

Moving on, Triple H's career was going straight up, and he was going to fight Stone Cold at Summerslam. They showed the whole scenario with the #1 contender spot with Chyna, Triple H, and Mick, which was a good RAW back then. They showed the match between Mick, Triple H, and Austin at Summerslam 99, and that was the event where Austin refused to put over Triple H, remember? That was also the event that Shawn Michaels talked about in Byte This when he talked stuff on Stone Cold for not putting Triple H over at Summerslam. Triple H did beat the shit out of Austin's legs with a chair that night, but yet Austin wouldn't lay down for him? Hmm. Anyway, they show the RAW after that, and Triple H has Jim Ross hostage to get a title shot from Mick. Triple H would later defeat Mankind that night, and become World Champion for the first time.

Last Word: Overall, this is a very good, relaxing wrestling video to watch. The behind the scenes explanations with Triple H and Chyna is what I like the most, as it give the video a good flow. It's funny though, that the WWF seemed to exclude early Chyna know, when she was all muscle, and no plastic surgery? Oh well, it still made for an interesting video, and it gets a


in my gradebook for very good entertainment value. If you are a diehard Triple and Chyna fan, I highly recommend it. If not, hmm, it's still a good watch.

Future Reviews: Mankind's book, ECW Hardcore Revolution, more newer WWF videos, and anything interesting that the horrible WCW video company decides to produce.

@That's all for today. I'll be back with some news or whatnot on Superbrawl, along with some Monday Night Hype. So until then, just chill until the next episode.

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