Wait a second...a weekend Phat Daily Column? That's right, I finally got my computer back from the shop yesterday afternoon! Yipee! So, now, if I can, the great Phat Daily Column will be coming to you 7 days a week! With all that being said, on to the news...


-Well, it happened..Bill Goldberg made a public challenge to Stone Cold last night on the Tonight Show. That's so lame, and about as cool as Bischoff challenging McMahon before. WCW is so weak in the efforts to catch the WWF now, they have to pull a stupid public stunt like that. -Well, the plan for the Hogan-Flair match is for David Flair, who is the one that has been with that chick, to turn on his father and give Hogan the win. I hope the plan is a backfire, and it gives Flair the win, but I highly doubt it. -Jim Pilcher gave me an interesting scenario that could happen. With Lugar getting his arm smashed in the car(besides the injury being legit before that happened), maybe it's time for Buff to take his place in the match? He's cleared to wrestle right? Even though I heard that Lugar might try to wrestle, even though very limited, it's doubtful that he'll wrestle. Buff would be perfect to substitute! That might not happen, as I have heard that they will branch it off as singles matches instead. We'll see what happens.


-Stone Cold will be Regis and Kathy Lee and the Howard Stern show this Monday. He'll most likely fend against Bill Goldberg's challenge, or he'll completely ignore the weak challenge, because there are better things to worry about in life. He will also be appearing next Friday on Nash Bridges.-Dumbkid13 sent me a scenario that interested me. He said that it could have been Public Enemy that layed out the Road Dog. Good Hardcore matches could evolve from that if it is true! -Buddy Landell is wrestling in the WWF again. Somebody slam his weak ass in the closet, and throw away the damn key. He's the most worthless wrestler..maybe ever!

Well, that's all for todays' PDC. I'm finally back on the weekends, and it feels great! Have a nice day everyone!

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