How many people want to see.... Dubya Cee Dubya? *decent pop* How many people want to see the....


Survey says.... OH WAIT!!! Why am I repeating a past WCW waste of space? Shame on me for stealing such a worthless wrestler's catchphrase.

But before we get to the PDC, I must address a question I asked yesterday. In the Odds & Ends section of Yesterday's Column, I asked the following question:

When I say the word "KING", who is the first person you think of when that word is said?

I did this actual study about 6 years ago in school, to which I asked everyone the same question. Who won? Elvis Presley, followed by Richard Petty, oddly enough. But being on a WRESTLING WEBSITE, I was curious to see what every one was thinking. Here are the guys that you, the readers, sent in, and the percentages to which you guys mentioned them:

King Haku - 6.25%
King Harley Race - 25%
Jerry "the King" Lawler - 43.75%
King Vegeta from DragonballZ - 6.25%
"The King of Oldschool" Steve Corino - 6.25%
"The King" Elvis Presley - 18.75%
The Macho King, Randy Savage - 6.25%
2000 King of the Ring, Kurt Angle - 6.25%
King Kong Bundy - 6.25%

Amazing. No, I'm not saying that because Jerry Lawler obviously won... oh no! Look at the second place winner. Good old King Harley Race. That shocked me, big time. A bunch of old school wrestling fans.... *sniff* I'm so proud.

I expected some more Elvis votes, but oh well. At least nobody voted for "The King of Pop" Michael Jackson, or I would have questioned you.

But what does this study have to do with wrestling? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. On to the PDC.

Today's PDC
*Thunder Review
*WCW Opinions
*WCW Jackson 5



Good Cruiserweight match to start, with Lazy Kidman not into the match much. Someone, I'm sorry that I forgot your name, compared Kidman now to X-Pac in the WWF. Wow. I'm very much impressed with that comparison. X-Pac hasn't exactly been enthused for the last time he was wrestling in the WWF, nor did he re-invent himself with new moves or a different look. Anyway, the Sugar Shane Helms actually carried the match, oddly enough, and finished Kidman with a rough finisher! Ouch!

Next up, we get an interview, heavily involving Rick Steiner. I can't believe he's even considered to be a force up top. He should be jobbing and putting over wrestlers with his inability to draw a fly.

God, why do we even have to put up with the Harris Brothers? You'd figure that Bischoff would at least give the older guys more time on the mic than to resort to using those guys. THEY SUCK, and there is no two ways about it. Even worse is that they wrestled a long match against Lash Leroux, who has conveniently lost what made him a promising star.

Nice of Kwee Wee/Angry Allen, or whoever he is this week, to talk stuff with some independents backstage. That blond guy's actions sort of reminded me of Christian in the WWF. Hmmm... By the way, I thought Bischoff was supposed to drop ALL Russo ideas remaining?

Norman Smiley vs. Bam Bam Bigelow, with Glacier coming down???? WHEN WILL THIS CRAP STOP?!?

Nice of WCW to build up Rick Steiner, especially last night, by making him defeat Jeff Jarrett. This situation will even get worse if Shane Douglas actually defeats Steiner at SUPERBRAWL REVENGE!

Good tag match with O'Haire/Palumbo vs. Mamalukes, thank God! It was about damn time!

Totally Buff is racking up the wins.. interesting.

This show gets a D in my book. BAD, BAD show.


I'm glad to hear that Steve Corino was backstage at the Nitro/Chunder tapings this week. He was invited by Crowbar, apparently, and it was said that Dusty Rhodes, who feuded with Corino in ECW, put in a good word. SIGN HIM WCW!!!!! Corino is such a perfect fit for WCW, it's ridiculous!

A lot of rumors are going around about Kevin Nash staying or leaving WCW. He's leaving, OR he'll just wait until his contract is up to see if the WWF is interested, and then sign a million dollar deal with WCW. It seems odd that the WWF would take him back, but since he left on "good terms", it seems possible. Remember Nash has said, many many times, that he'll leave once his contract is up. I'll take that over what anybody else says, even the insider news writers.

You probably saw in the news that ECW's Dawn Marie talked to WCW about possibly coming in. You know, I'd be in TEARS if she actually ended up as the "mystery driver" for Raven, in the WWF. So if Dawn Marie comes to WCW, does the Tammy rule come into play? That means that if Dawn is signed, will her boyfriend, Simon, get signed too? I don't really know if WCW sees anything in Simon or not, but it could be "luggage" to maybe keep her out of a deal?

Have I suggested that WCW should get Joey Styles and Joel Gertner yet? Have I said they'd be stupid not to sign them?

No Spring Stampede this year? Damn, that really hurts. *sarcasm* They should have ousted this year's Slamboree since the name was tarnished from last year's event, where David Arquette was in the Main Event. This comes as a technicality of the Easter Holiday in April, which is another example of bad planning and organization on WCW's part. This shouldn't have happened.

-WCW Jackson 5-

5. Kevin Nash: He wins it by default. I guess he's here since he won his #1 contender spot, again.

4. Crowbar: Poor guy gives 100% every match, and now he's hurt. Damn shame!

3. Shannon Moore: Good Cruiserweight win on Monday. Too bad he's not a couple inches taller.

2. Shane Helms: Good win over Billy Kidman this week.

1. Lance Storm: Not much credit is given to this guy.

Bad shows like Thunder, and weaker shows like this week's Nitro, are scaring me, early on, in the new Eric Bischoff era. Very scary.

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@That's it for today. Let's hope that Smackdown puts on a better show, which I'll discuss tomorrow. Just chill...............

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