Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
Mr. Tito (February 01, 1999)
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Hey yo. I'm back. Sorry for not producing the PDC during the weekends now. I haven't heard anything on my home computer, which is in the shop. So I can only post the PDC during the week at the University. Anyways, on to the Phat Daily Column!!


-Well, last night during Super Bowl halftime, you saw Mankind defeat the Rock, AGAIN!! Now I would have really enjoyed the match if dumbass didn't always post the results. It was a good match, but I wish I wouldn't know the damn results going in. Get ready for another Rock-Mankind match which will go down at Valentine's Day Massacre. Joy.

-Don't expect to see Stone Cold wrestling at any upcoming house shows, as his back injury is still healing.

-Undertaker is actually going to start wrestling now! Yay! WWF has noticed that the angle is boring people. WCW doesn't notice when angles bore people.

-The Wrestlemania matches will really depend on what happens at Valentine's Day Massacre. It will depend on if MacMahon wins or not. Also, it depends if the Giant, or Titan shows up too.


-Well folks, word is Hogan is refusing to do the clean job against Flair. What a prick Hogan is, for all those years of having wrestlers do the clean job for him, like Macho, Andre the Giant, and even Ric Flair, the least he could do, since he is WAY past his prime is do the fucking job! Hogan is such a glory hog it makes me sick!

-Tonights Nitro has a rumored comeback and a rumored Nitro debut. Sting(in whatever form) is rumored to come back tonight, and confront Quitman, ahem, I mean Hitman. Also, the debut of the Sandman, now called James, should make his debut on Nitro. You never know about this, since they have exiled the Raven angle from Nitro, an angle that many are interested in, and it never gets shown.

-Reports are that the backstage feeling is much better at WCW with Kevin Nash as head booker. Too bad Nash ruined his career by giving his long awaited world title to Hogan.

That's all for today. Have a Nice day.

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