Welcome one and all to another fabulous edition of the Phat Daily Column, produced by the man everyone fears, Mr. F'N Tito. Today, we'll review RAW, and what a RAW it was, indeed. If there was a way to make up for the lame No Way Out, one could do it with a shocking Monday Night RAW. Obviously, someone had their thinking cap on last night.

Most of the feedback mostly agreed with the No Way Out review. It basically broke the 2 Pay Per View winning streak of No Way Outs, as 2000 and 2001 were spectacular shows! But oh well, I guess, as No Way Out, this year, was really an informercial for RAW last night. Whatever works.

Tomorrow, I will review Wrestlemania Challenge to start the 1990 portion of the NES Wrestling History. Be there or be square!

On to the PDC.


First of all, I really enjoyed the Tough Enough 2 commercial, with Al Snow as goalie. I laughed my ass off for that one.

Steve Austin would come out to start the show, and he called out the NWO. I really dig the way the WWF production team does their entrance. Spectacular! The NWO would walk away from Austin, as they'd have another fish to fry, later on in the night. Instead, Kurt Angle would be the man to confront Austin, with several off-duty police officers. The whole scene was straight out of 1998. Nice of the NWO to taunt Austin on his way out of the arena, while in the cop car.

First match of the night was the Hardy Boyz vs. Lance Storm/Christian. Not a bad tag match, but the Hardys don't seem to fresh coming off their time off. Same basic Hardy match. Opponent screws up a move or takes too long with Matt Hardy, who in turn gives Christian the Twist of Fate for Jeff Hardy to hit the Swanton. Christian doesn't need to throw a temper tantrum to be over as a heel, as he's one of the best talkers in the business.

I figured this would happen... Ric Flair would walk in on Stephanie and Kurt Angle's bragging, and announce a rematch between Angle and Triple H. This match would be big news, but the NWO-Rock segment took the wind out of the hype of a big match of this magnitude.

Our next bout was Mr. Perfect vs. Kane. Ewww, now this was a clash of styles. Perfect still wrestles like he's from the 1980's (which he is), and Kane is your stereotypical big man. Hennig struggled to sell some of Kane's moves, which sort of hurt the match. Yecch at the almost botched chokeslam. Just from Hennig's few matches in the WWF since his return, he doesn't look too good in the ring thus far.

Wow @ the possibility of Ric Flair vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Sure, I hate the Undertaker, but I like the psychology of challenging Flair to a wrestling match at the biggest wrestling show of all, where the Undertaker is currently undefeated at.

And then, we get a HUGE angle. Hulk Hogan made his way out, to a tremendous ovation. He got on the mic, explained that he left the WWF because the fans turned on him. Partially true, as fans did grow tired of Hogan, and Vince McMahon wanted him to put over younger wrestlers in 1994, to which Hogan would then "retire" from the WWF. WCW fans growing tired of Hogan actually led to him getting turned heel in 1996 to refresh his character. Anyway, he'd claim that he's the biggest star, ever, in the WWF, etc., etc., and that would piss off Rocky.

Before Rock came out, I liked how Hogan added "cha gonna do" to the "What?" chants. Hogan did a great job of breaking the crowd from continually saying that, especially from the "you fans can kiss my ass" comment.

The Rock came out and verbally bashed Hogan. He'd state that he's possibly the greatest ever in wrestling, but then bashed him for blaming the fans for leaving the WWF. Then, the Rock would say "why not wrestle at Wrestlemania", to which Hogan stated that Rock's not in his league. Ouch. That sure pissed off the Chicago crowd. However, the Rock would ask the crowd what they'd think of Hogan vs. Rock at Wrestlemania, and Hogan would then realize that it would be a colossal match up. They'd shake hands, and Hogan would say "good luck, cause you'll need it" right in Rocky's face. Rock countered with a Rock Bottom, in a tremendous segment.

Oh, but we aren't finished yet! As the Rock walked up the rampway, Hall and Nash were there to greet him with an attack! Beatdown ensues, and Rocky receives the Razor's Edge and the Jacknife from Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, respectively. Wow. Then, Hall and Nash would hold up the Rock, only for Hogan to drill him with some kind of hammer. That's enough to kill someone. Hogan would then drop the famous legdrop and Hall would count the 1, 2, 3. Truly an awesome segment, and one of the BEST angles ever done on Monday Night RAW. Rock would be dazed as he was wheeled out of the arena, which would have sold for a devastating injury to keep him off television so that he can film extra scenes for the "Scorpion King". I would have been perfectly fine if the angle ended at this point...

However, it went on a bit longer and into disbelief! Rock would be put into an ambulance, only to be blocked by the NWO limo and a semi-truck. Hall would chain up the ambulance, while the others cleared out the EMTs. Hulk Hogan would jump into the semi and just RAM it into the ambulance several times. The hammer injury would be OK to sell for a few weeks, as the Rock could say he had a concusion or something, but the collision with the semi and the ambulance would kill someone! It was a bit overdone, in my opinion. I'm assuming the stunt was done to put over the NWO as a bunch of evil heels in the WWF, who have just become a major threat to everyone. I guess I'll buy that, but I'll be disturbed when the Rock returns in a few weeks to a perfect bill of health.

These series of events completely drained the crowd, by the way, but oh well. Rock vs. Hogan is going to be huge, and last night's RAW provided more than enough hype for it.

Next, it was Booker T vs. Godfather.. HAHAHAHA, how can you follow that big angle with a crappy match like this? I found it funny that the Godfather's Hos Escorts acted like they were concerned about what happened. This match was extremely dull, thanks in part to the angle and since Godfather isn't really a strong face since his comeback. Fans want to shout "Pimping ain't easy" so badly. Poor Booker T hasn't had any good angles lately since his short feud with Austin.

Our next match was Rob Van Dam/Edge vs. Goldust/William Regal. Solid tag match, as RVD and Edge make a good team. Oh man, I really liked Edge's new submission finisher, as it's this weird standing figure-4. Keep it, and sell it like announcers used to sell the threat of the Scorpion Death Lock for Sting. Of course, this would mean that Edge has 3 finishers.... I really hope Edge gets that title off Regal soon so that he could find a better opponent for Wrestlemania *cough**cough* Christian *cough*.

Great interview by Kurt Angle, acting like the big news of the night was Ric Flair screwing him over with the match tonight. Angle continues to be one of the bests on the mic.

The main event of Kurt Angle vs. Triple H was easily better than their match in the previous night. Why? NO STEPHANIE!!!!! I'd agree with the notion that it was the Game's best match since his return. It had a nice, clean finish, too, and I'm all for that. Chris Jericho was by the ringside, and afterward, the two had a staredown. Get ready for a HOT feud there!

RAW Phat Stats
Matches: 5
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

LAST WORD: What a night to be a wrestling fan! Aside from the unbelieveable ambulance attack, Hogan versus the Rock was awesome! Kurt Angle vs. Triple H was a very good main event (not 5-stars, though, as Jericho would mention). This show gets an


for two things carrying the show. HOWEVER, the perfect score will NOT be awarded because of the weak filler matches within the show. I guess they were booked so that nothing could overshadow the big angle, but I'm not that forgiving. But the NWO-Rock thing was spectacular, and the main event was great as well.

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@That's all for today. Give me Wrestlemania NOW!!!! I wish I could use my famous Time Machine to go into the future, because this show was enough to get you pumped for Wrestlemania. Easily. I'll be back, tomorrow, to review Wrestlemania Challenge for the NES and discuss the latest in wrestling news.

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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