Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Yes, it's time once again. I got some interesting e-mail yesterday towards how evil I was towards Smackdown. Awww, I guess my comments about stuffing people into buses and other little things didn't take to heart. Oh well, that's why this column is based on my opinion, each and EVERY day of the week. With that being said, we have ECW on TNN to critique, and other stuff as well, so on to the PDC.


-Smackdown, you know, the show that stuffs wrestlers into cargo storages on buses, did a decent 4.9 the other night. This comes after weeks of 5 + ratings from the WWF. Maybe a few people agreed with me on the bus thingy, or that everybody is sick of seeing Kane and Triple H wrestle to the same ending. This recent Smackdown had a few decent spots, but for the most part, it was the worst one I've seen ever since I got UPN at the turn of the century. Hey, even Tiger Woods has bad days.

-Last night on ECW's TNN show, the hotline promo hyped some information that two more WCW wrestlers are headed the WWF's way. Of course, if you are looking for me to call that hotline, you are out of your mind on that one. ECW's hotline is well known for false news on other federations just to stir up some controversy. But hey, I'm hoping that Vampiro and Booker T are the ones who would leave for the WWF. That would be so nice...., but I bet they would get lost in the fold, because the WWF is loaded with talent now!

-Jim Ross confirmed Luna's release from the WWF, as no details were specified. I received lots of e-mail concerning her release, so now it's official. If you didn't know this by now, Luna is married to Gangrel in real life. You know he has to be mad at this one. I'm wondering why she got released, because she was suspended last year when she about kicked Sable's ass backstage. Maybe she went after BB, who is looking like the next Sable everyday. Who knows!


-As Boyd mentioned earlier, Kanyon was denied his release from WCW. OUCH! Looks like WCW could be wising up folks, as they probably know what a talent Kanyon is. Of course, the question is if you are truly miserable where you are at in life, why be somewhere at a place where it will get worse? I don't know, but for now, you won't see any Kanyon Flatliners in the WWF. I'm hoping that Kanyon and WCW work something out. WCW could use a talent like Kanyon, and maybe this whole situation has opened their eyes about him. Of course, I have a feeling that this whole situation will get really ugly.

-Well, it seems that Scott Hall and Sid Vicious will somehow work the Pay Per View this Sunday. Now with Sid, I can see him taking the night off, because concussions in wrestling have been pretty serious lately. As for Hall, I wouldn't doubt that he somehow misses this show as well. Why they even have him in the main event match is a mystery itself....oh wait, who else could you put in that main event? Lord knows that Booker T, Vampiro, or even I guess Billy Kidman have paid their dues throughout the years, but instead you put in Drunken Scott Hall. Speaking of that nickname, somebody should make a song called "Drunken Scott Hall", just like Johnny Cash did when he sang "Drunken Ira Hayes", a song about a former WW II veteran.


Can the Cyrus TNN official stuff please. It's getting soo old, and very annoying. Maybe that's why the ratings have been a tad lower for ECW lately. Oh no, he helped strip RVD of the Television Title! Nooo! Looks like the rumors of wrestlers begging Paul Heyman for a television title tournament have come true.

One thing that ECW must do and that's to get people more familiar with their characters. Nobody NEW..notice I said NEW, knows about wrestlers like Danny Doring, Roadkill, Chris Chetti, or Super Nova. I've only seen Doring and Roadkill when the TNN show started, and I've known about Chetti back when he was a jobber in ECW, and Super Nova when he was Hollywood Nova in the Blue World Order. Oh well, they put on a good match, only for the Impact Players, who I really hate, to come down and attack. Hey, Lance Storm didn't say "From Calgary, Alberta Canada" for once in his life during the catch phrase. Joy!

Too many commercials, once again spoiled the fun of this show. Can't they do something about this? You can't watch 5 minutes of this show without going to a break. Especially in the first half hour. They wonder why their viewership hasn't jumped up lately.

Super Crazy vs. CW Anderson was a pretty cool match up. I like how they are calling CW the "enforcer" of the new Dangerous alliance. That's funny. It's also funny how Joey Styles tried to tell everybody about how CW graduated WCW's Powerplant, turned down a large contract, and went to ECW instead. I like how ECW is always pointing things out like that, as rubbing off the big 2 has proven to be a ratings failure in the past. Anyway, good match here, as Super Crazy could have died when he flipped onto the table leg. OUCH!

If they have Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome everyweek, I'd make sure to watch it everyweek. That match-up is one of the few match-ups that I don't mind seeing over and over. This one they had last night was good, but not their best one though. It took Mike Awesome to do a backwards sit down powerbomb through a table off the top rope just for the win. Damn! Mike Awesome looked good on his own tonight, without that goof in the judge suit trying to take any of his spotlight.

ECW on TNN Phat Stats

Matches: 3
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Good ECW show this week, as it covers from last week's and the week before's lackluster shows. Last week suffered without Mike Awesome, and this week it prevailed with him. Gee, that's a mystery. With RVD and Sabu gone, you better put him on EVERY week. Duh. Well anyway, this show gets a


for the good match at the end, and the other matches were decent as well. Ditch the Cyrus crap though. This show should get around a 1.1 or so.

Quick Q & A: Why don't you do impressions/phat stats for every show on television? Well, the impression columns take the longest to do, so I want to limit myself as much as I can. The Tuesday column, which is rating both Nitro and RAW, takes the longest to do, and this column right here is second to that. Plus, if I critiqued every show like this, I'd get burnt out really quickly, so I lay off of it. I mainly do the 3 shows that I'm guaranteed to watch from start to end everyweek, and that is RAW, Nitro, and ECW on TNN.

@That's it for today. I'll be back with more fun tomorrow, as I get to present my predictions of WCW's Superbrawl. Oh it will be such wonderful fun. So just chill, until the next episode!

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