Hey everybody, welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. I am feeling much better today! On to the news...


-Oh my God! Last night I tuned into Thunder, and I was bored until the final match. It was the finals of the Tag Tournament, and it was a cage match! They didn't want any nWo interference, so they put the teams in the cage. Well, aside from the stupid fat announcers hyping the Hogan-Flair match, the match was a good one. Unlike the main event last Thunder which I bashed very badly, this main event was a great fight. The ref got knocked out, and then chaos broke loose. Vince came down, and unlocked the cage, dragged Benoit out, and let Horace and Adams kill Malenko. Well, Benoit was gonna be left out of the cage. Benoit scaled the cage, and at the top he kicked Horace off the top, then he stood at the top of the cage. Horace was out in the ring, and Benoit jumped off the top of the cage with a flying headbutt!!!! I was impressed. Benoit deserves a push for showing he'll do anything for the company. Anyways, I'll give Thunder an A- just because of the last match. Without the last match it would have been a lot lower. -Oh yeah, last night on Thunder, Buff made his announcement that he is cleared and ready to return to the ring. Great News!!! -Here is Mr. Tito's Phat Superbrawl Predictions: =Hogan vs. Flair. Well, I think since Hogan is a whiny bitch, and won't job, he'll win. Plus that chick on Nitro, I believe, is leading David Flair around, and that could make him turn on his father. Winner: Hogan =Benoit/Malenko vs. Windham/Hennig. Well, I think Benoit/Malenko will win the first match, but they will come up short in the second match. Winners: Windham/Hennig =Goldberg vs. Bam Bam. Winner, and no doubt, Goldberg. =DDP vs. Big Poppa Pump. Diamond Cutter! Winner: DDP =Perry Saturn vs. Chris Jericho. Saturn will redeem himself. Winner: Saturn =Lugar/Nash vs. Rey Misterio Jr./Konnan. Not too sure on this match, like if it will actually go down with Lugar's injury. =Piper vs. Scott Hall. Scott Hall will win this via possible interference by Raven? Winner: Chico =Kidman vs. Chavo. I have a feeling Chavo will win this via screwjob. Winner: Chavo -Goldberg's rumored announcement on the tonight show will be a challenge to fight Stone Cold. That's just as cool as Bischoff challenging McMahon.


-Luna has been tagging with her husband Gangrel on House Show matches, so look for her to join the Brood/Ministry soon. -Paul Wight's wrestling debut should be the Raw after Wrestlemania. The Raws after Wrestlemania are always big, like last year when Xpac showed up to reform DX along with the New Age Outlaws. -Vince McMahon's wife or daughter should be involved with the Undertaker angle on upcoming Raws. Too many McMahons running around!

@Well, that's all for today on this very slow news day. I'm sure many of you have noticed that I don't have my e-mail address at the bottom anymore. You can still e-mail me by clicking my name at the top. I just quit putting it at the bottom so my inbox wouldn't get flooded with 80 e-mails a day, even though I answered every one of them! Anywas, have a nice day!

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