Good old Sunday. They say it's the most relaxing day of the week. It's a time to just chill with the family, and not really worry about travelling or anything stressful. In fact, I'm feeling good myself today. I'm in a cheerful mood, as I write this intro. Tito? Good mood? Yes, it happens....

But then, I realize that it's Superbrawl hype day. Oh lord help us on that one.

Thanks for the good e-mail yesterday about the Demolition column. Yes, I forgot to mention the Royal Rumble where they were #1 and #2, forced to fight each other. Oh well, they didn't quite win that Royal Rumble, so it's not that significant. Using memory and the PWI Almanac to figure out the cards or feuds gets rather tough after a while. Keep sending those suggestions in, because I wouldn't have done Demolition if nobody asked.

Oh, by the way... About 3 people actually asked me this one: Neither Ax or Smash played the role of Doink the Clown. I believe Ax was surfing the independents and Smash was in WCW when the Doinks were around.

But anyway, let's get on to the PDC!

Today's PDC
*Superbrawl History
*Tito's Superbrawl Predictions
XFL Gazette, with Scores, at the very bottom

Superbrawl History

Ok, last Pay Per View hype column was the Royal Rumble one, and that thing took me over 2 hours to type up! All of those individual match listings killed me! Therefore, I changed the format. Instead of listing the matches, I'll just name the most significant matches from the match and discuss them in paragraph form. Sound good?

The story of Superbrawl is rather funny. Superbrawl's first year was 1991, but it was in May! Back then, Wrestle War was the February Pay Per View. Superbrawl, by the way, was the replacement for the Capital Combat pay per views. In 1992, WCW switched the months of Wrestle War and Superbrawl around, and Superbrawl has been the February Pay Per View ever since. WCW always tried to push it somewhat like a Wrestlemania, and if you sort of notice, Superbrawl sounds like Superbowl.... or at least that's what they were aiming for. WCW liked this name so much that they named their SNES video game after it. That's a strange wrestling game, by the way.

The first year of Superbrawl, which was in May of 1991, was sort of a weak card overall, with a few matches sticking out. It also dawned the debut of the Diamond Studd into WCW. The Diamond Studd, if you didn't know, is Scott Hall. The only real good match was that of the Steiner Brothers and Lex Luger/Sting, who actually put on a show that night. Ric Flair had a boring fight over the NWA and WCW title with Tatsumi Fujinami, which will bore you to tears now, especially if you are a "sports entertainment" fan.

Next year's Superbrawl, 1992, was the first to be in February, thus setting its tradition. The opening match is a thriller, with Jushin Liger and Brian Pillman putting on a hot opener. Too bad neither was respected for putting on such classic matches. This was the beginning of the Ron Simmons or Farooq now push, where Cactus Jack was the lucky jobber of the night. Sting defeated the evil Lex Luger for the World Title. They fought because Luger was paying off Cactus Jack to kill Sting, even though Sting thought Luger was his friend. How many times has Sting been suckered? Oddly enough, this was Luger's last WCW match until showing up later into the WBF and eventually, the WWF.

Superbrawl 3 or the 1993 edition was in the beginning of possibly the WORST year in WCW history. Even worse than 2000, yes. This is the WHITE CASTLE OF FEAR card, where Sting and Vader fought an interesting match. You should rent it to find out what I'm talking about for this show. Nothing really significant happening on this card, for WCW sucked this year.

In Superbrawl 4 or 1994, we are lucky to have Ric Flair as a booker. Well, he was still trying to clean up the mess Bischoff made in 1993. With that being said, nothing much happened in this match. We had two "thundercage" matches in another Flair vs. Vader match, and a good 6 man with Paul Orndorf, Steve Austin, and Rick Rude against Brian Pillman, Sting, and Dustin Rhodes.

Man, Superbrawl just rolls into the wrong periods, I swear. 1995's Superbrawl was the next Pay Per View after the Beefcake-Hogan disaster at Starrcade 1994. This card totally sucks, other than the odd main event of Hulk Hogan against Vader. I still argue that Hogan should have let Vader defeat him so that their rematch would draw more dollars, but that's Hogan.

Superbrawl 1996 showed that things were about to change for WCW. Well, you can't tell it yet with HULK Hogan still around, but the surrounding talent around WCW was amazing. This card did have Brian Pillman's last WCW appearance, where he "quit" against Kevin Sullivan. I won't even explain that match. This card has two cage matches. One is good, the other is bad. One match was Ric Flair vs. Macho Man Randy Savage, and the other was Hulk Hogan vs. the Giant. Take a guess which one was better?

1997's Superbrawl was in a period where you couldn't touch WCW. The NWO storyline was RED HOT during this period. Hogan fought Piper in the main event, which SUCKED SOO BAD!!! Those two couldn't wrestle a good match in their primes. X-Pac.... Oh wait, I mean Syxx won his first singles title in the Cruiserweight belt against Dean Malenko. If they'd only do that today in the WWF.... Syxx, by the way, would hold that for a long time until he got into Bischoff's doghouse by swearing on TV. Check out the Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Jericho for the US Title, but avoid the rest of the matches.

Just when you thought that Superbrawl SUCKED, Superbrawl 8 or 1998's edition rolled around. If you ask me, it's one of the most well rounded Pay Per Views, ever! I LOVE this show. In fact, I'll declare you crazy if you don't hope into a car, NOW, and rent this show! Great opening TV title matches, with Rick Martel losing to Booker T, and then Booker T defeated Perry Saturn afterward. Booker T at his finest right here! Martel's great comeback to professional wrestling ended this night, though, since he landed on his knee wrong. Truly, a sad moment for oldschool wrestling fans. Juventud was unmasked by Chris Jericho on this card, and La Parka and Disco had a very strange match together. Charisma loaded match! The match of the night, however, was DDP vs. Chris Benoit. What a match! Things did get boring with the older guys at the end of the card, and it's frustrating at the end with Sting getting the tainted win over Hulk Hogan. Argh!!!

Superbrawl 1999 was a damaging one, as we're still in the Nash booking era. Why WCW, why? We do have some good midcarder opening matches, and then Barry Windham/Curt Henning winning the new tag titles in the finals against Dean Malenko/Chris Benoit, team No Respect. Funny, a year later, Rey Mysterio loses his match, only against Kevin "I love myself" Nash. This card has Ric Flair against Hulk Hogan, where David Flair turns on his father. Brutal, brutal show to watch. I don't recommend wasting 3 hours of your life here.

Superbrawl 2000 was the 2nd Sullivan era Pay Per View, and it showed. Besides the classic Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk match, this card blows chunks. One of the worst shows, ever, too. Nothing but Sullivan's buddies getting the push, and a main event, of get this, Scott Hall vs. Sid Vicious vs. Jeff Jarrett. After all of his problems, Sullivan shoved Hall to the top of the federation. Oh, by the way, Hall got in trouble in Germany for being too intoxicated/high to travel on an airplane. With that embarrassing incident looming, this is indeed, Scott Hall's LAST WCW match. Let's hope it's his last. Sid Vicious, Sullivan's proud champ, retained in that match by the way.

Basically, all of the Superbrawls has been sort of letdowns besides the 1998 show. Speaking of letdowns, let's discuss the 2001 Superbrawl!

Superbrawl REVENGE Predictions

You see, since most of the Superbrawls sucked, they added the "REVENGE" part to it so that it won't look as bad. However, I'm predicting a very bad show overall and possibly one of the lowest buyrates, ever. This card is terrible if you ask me, and they already had 3 matches from this show on the last edition of Nitro. Just garbage! I might get pretty nasty here, so if you are a BIG WCW fan, you might want to close your eyes.

The Wall vs. Hugh Morris
Or should I say A-Wall (YOU GET IT?!?) against General Rection. Either gimmicks, both wrestlers still suck beyond belief. Neither guy is capable of carrying a match, so how could they carry each other? They won't, that's why I told you to close your eyes!
Tito's Pick: Hugh Morris

#1 Cruiserweight Contenders match: Yang vs. Shannon Moore vs. Billy Kidman vs. Jaime Noble vs. Kaz Hayashi vs. Evan Karagias
I like this set up. You have two tag teams in this match, who will most likely destroy Kidman and Moore. This one is hard to call, especially with the rumors of the Cruiserweight tag titles going around. I'll pick Billy Kidman, because I don't see WCW giving any confidence in any other wrestler. Sad thing is, Billy's best days are behind him and he's become the most unmotivated wrestler in WCW right now. He'll probably wrestle his Filthy Animal buddy...
Tito's Pick: Billy Kidman

Cruiserweight Title: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero
I believe the contract of Chavo is coming up very shortly, but besides that, I see WCW trying to do the original Filthy Animal split with Kidman and Rey-Rey feuding. Plus, Rey-Rey is working some decent matches, so why not reward him? Chavo has been a solid champ, though.
Tito's Pick: Rey-Rey

World Tag Titles: Jindrak/Stasiak vs. Palumbo/O'Haire
This match will be decent overall, but the problem is the fact that the crowd will be confused on who to cheer for. I smell a screwjob for this match, with possibly O'Haire and Palumbo jumping into the singles career after this match.
Tito's Pick: Jindrak and Stasiak

Totally Buff vs. KroniK
Squash! Totally Buff has had the best of KroniK for this whole month, so it's payback time, BEEEE-ITCH! Sad thing is, I kinda liked this feud. Not for the wrestling matches, but for the comedy of it.
Tito's Pick: KroniK

US Title: Rick Steiner vs. Dustin Rhodes
AHHHHH! My eyes! Just pop in the tape of Nitro, and just imagine Rick Steiner getting the win instead. See, I just saved you some money!
Tito's Pick: Rick Steiner

Commissioner Battle: Cat vs. Lance Storm
Lance Storm doesn't quite fit as commissioner, and plus, Storm isn't Eric Bischoff's son's Karate instructor, now is he?
Tito's Pick: The Cat

Jeff Jarrett vs. DDP
Possibly a good match, but nothing we haven't seen before. If WCW wants to gain money off Pay Per Views, they should strive towards original matches.
Tito's Pick: Diamond Dallas Page

WCW World title: Kevin Nash vs. Scott Steiner
Wow, didn't we see this on Nitro? Go Scott Steiner!
Tito's Pick: Scott Steiner

I think it's time we start sending Booker T some get-well cards, because I'd much rather see him act like the Rock than to see some of these suspects wrestle on a Pay Per View card.

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@That's all for today's column. Superbrawl hasn't exactly been the best card in history, and it's fun to let it ruin your good mood. Oh well. See you tomorrow!


Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

Mr. Tito 1998 - 2001 Exclusive to


Los Angeles Xtreme (2-1): 12
Las Vegas Outlaws (2-1): 9
ESPN Recap

San Francisco Demons (2-1): 13
Memphis Maniax (1-2): 6
ESPN Recap


I caught most of the second half of the Xtreme vs. Outlaw game. Before the game, I told several people that I thought Las Vegas and LA were the two best teams in the XFL. I was somewhat right, as LA gets a tough defeat over the undefeated Las Vegas. Good game overall...

HOWEVER, I'm concerned with how the officials are calling the game. On the drive that LA was making to attempt to score, the referee called for the yardsticks for calling a 1st Down. It was a damn inch off, and he called it a 1st down! Argh! That's might suspicous if you ask me.

The low scoring is from the rushing of the games. No, not the running backs, but the time limits forced by NBC thanks to Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night Live. Of course, Mr. Michaels has reason to yell since his huge show with Jennifer Lopez came on later than expected, thus losing viewers last week. I'd be pissed too!

Jim Ross and Jesse Ventura called a good game, I thought. In comparing them to other commentating duos, they are actually right up there. I don't think highly of any of the CBS, ESPN, ABC, or FOX announcing teams right now. Pat Summerall (sp?) and John Madden are probably the best team overall, followed by the Monday Night Football cast of Al Michaels, Dan Fouts, and Dennis Miller, although I'd rather care not for Miller on calling NFL games (I like his HBO work much better). Ross is a good commentator, and Ventura is improving. I wonder if the NFL would ever persue those two once the XFL goes down?


TNN Game at 4:00: Chicago Enforcers (0-2) vs. Birmingham Thunderbolts (1-1)

UPN game at 7:00: Orlando Rage (2-0) vs. New York/New Jersey Hitmen (0-2)

Note: I don't see the overnights yet, so I'll possibly have them for tomorrow on the NBC game(s).