Welcome back one and all to the Phat Daily Column. WWF gave us Smackdown, as there are certain parts to it that I'm going to rip really hard this week. Anyway, you'll have to see what I mean. Well, I can't make up anything more for this intro, so I guess it's time, once again, for the Phat Daily Column.


-Smackdown, last night, had the dumbest scenarios with the stupid Bus. Oh yeah, let's beat someone up and throw them in the luggage holder, and have the bus drive away!!! Yeah, that will serve them right! That was so stupid, and it's the lamest thing that the WWF has done in a while. My God, that was soo stupid! Just about as stupid as having Robocop save Sting one year at a Pay Per View. Hmm, well I wouldn't go that far, but what was the WWF thinking? I mean, where the hell did the bus take Cactus Jack, Paul Bearer, and Kane? Did the busdriver stop the bus and take them out, and dump them out on the side? Stupid, stupid, stupid. And to think that it was the major thing of the night. Lucky that I don't have my gradebook out for today.

-Next up on the bashlist is Mae Young drinking beer while she's pregnant. Yeah, set such a great example WWF on that one. That should convince some white trash pregnant teenager who is a WWF fan to say "oh, one won't hurt" when looking at beer. Oops, did I say that? Yes I did! That's not right in my book. Go ahead and say that it was "entertainment" to me, but many people take the storylines to heart, and they make them real in their lives. Having Mae Young take some drinks while she's pregnant is setting a horrible example for any female watching the show. Yes, she's NOT really pregnant in real life, but still, have some kind of taste WWF!

-The Hogan vs. Macho Man comparison continued tonight, as Kane was attacked before he could beat Triple H's ass for the World Title. I might as well start watching the crap that's on NBC on Wednesdays instead of seeing their match because you always know what will happen. Every one on one match is the same damn thing. Either Kane gets screwed out of his match with Triple H, or a disqualification. Argh!

-I guess I'll need some more heat, so why not. How about Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko! HAHAHAHA!!! Awww, poor Scotty Too Hottie and Grandmaster Sex-ay. Did they just lose tonight? You know I feel so bad for them, as if they can't beat one half of the Vanilla Midgets and someone who used to wear a dress when he wrestled, you could consider them very low right now.

-Well, Tazz is working his way up, as he fought Gangrel tonight. He's going to earn it in the WWF, with no breaks at all. Sure, he gets the crowd cheers, but it's good to build him up because the WWF is now loaded at the top. It should be a good ride from defeating jabronies like Prince Albert, maybe a feud with Hardcore Holly and so forth. It's funny because he entered defeating Kurt Angle, but now he's way below him. Hmm.


-Thunder pulled in a 2.4 this week, which like Ryan Boyd said, was affected much by Nitro. So sad. I watched the show for the most part, and the injuries are really killing them at this point. The whole federation has been shook up. 2.4 mind you, is coming from an unopposed night of wrestling. It should be much higher than that, but it isn't. Thunder really lacked star power in the arena at least with Hogan cutting a promo outside of Thunder, and the ending cliffhanger in the back. That cliffhanger with Nash and Jarrett was pretty intense by the way, but the rest of the show wasn't in my opinion.

-There are reports that WCW was celebrating in the back about having decent ratings on Nitro, and how they thought that it was the turn around of WCW. Is that not the funniest thing you've ever heard? I thought it was, because they should save the expensive wine for another night. You guys lost to a Dog Show!!! That's terrible! How can you celebrate when you lose to a freakin' Dog Show? A horrible one at that? Hogan and Flair can't draw like some groomed dog can, so there. Now maybe if Nitro now featured Dogs on their show, they could get higher ratings!!

-1wrestling.com was reporting earlier that Roddy Piper will make a surprise appearance at Superbrawl. To somewhat quote the great Netcop, Can you Smell the buyrates! Seriously, why does WCW insist on having Piper around? That's the biggest load of crap that walks today. Hey, let's have him do an interview when he comes back. He could tell us one of his lame top 10 jokes, or better yet, try to rip on another wrestler. Please. Please release him from his contract if WCW is looking to free up some money to be spent on YOUNGER talent. Ever hear of that.

@Oh my gosh, what has gotten into me? My lord, I was a bit evil today, but what harm can that do? I'll be back tomorrow to discuss ECW on TNN which, by the way, will be on at 8pm on TNN tonight. Set your timers if you can't see it!

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