Well, I'm back, and still sick! Many of you noticed the many errors in the last column. Bear with me, I feel like crap, but I will still try to produce the Phat Daily Column.


-Well, I was completely wrong on the Saturday Raw. I was misinformed, and I didn't double check my source. I can't think straight when I fell like crap. Saturday Raw recieved a composite of 4.3. -As for the past Monday though, Raw crushed the worst Nitro ever head to head 5.9 to 3.6. The WWF is on fire! -Public Enemy will be in the house for this upcoming Raw, as well as Dr. Death. Dr. Death has a gimmick with a mask or something. Dr. Death should go back to Japan, a place where he's appreciated, plus now that Bart Gunn is back, he might get his ass kicked again!


-Piper is in need of a second hip surgery, on his other hip. That's what steroid use will get you! -If Sting ever returns, he might not feud with Bret Hart. Hart is set for a world title push, even though Kevin Nash, head booker, feels that Bret is not over with the fans, and a world title for him would make viewers stay away. Don't they stay away now? -Rick Steiner is set to return when he is 100% healthy. Maybe he'll find a shitty tag partner, and win the tag belts!!

Well, that's all I could rig up for today. Have a nice day.

The Wrestling UNION!!!