Welcome back to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. I am your host, as always, Mr. Tito. Anyway, we got to see some Chunder last night(note: I'm only kidding). Thunder was supposed to wet our appetites for Superbrawl this weekend, but did it? Also, some strange news flying around the world of wrestling about who's going here and who's going where. I don't know, but what I do know that it's time for the PDC.


-What is WCW thinking? They are hyping up the 3 way dance between Sid Vicious, Scott Hall, and Jeff Jarrett. Why haven't they taken Hall out of it yet? Oh wait, here is WCW's mind thinking: "Scott Hall is such a big draw". WHATEVER! He was a big draw years ago, and his on again off again career has helped him lose that ability to draw fans. He misses Nitro because he wasn't "fit" to get on a plane in Germany, and he misses Thunder because he showed up really late. Why don't they just fire his ass? Oh wait, remember, he's such a big draw, and there's no need to push any midcarder to a main eventer. Oh, they couldn't just do that. Lord knows that would just attract fans or maybe get ratings.

-Speaking of Sid, word is going around that he suffered a concussion on Nitro when he took a guitar shot during his match with Jarrett. That's not good for WCW, because up until now, Sid has been the workhorse in WCW. He's pretty much the only one who has showed up for every event, and headlined every pay per view. Without Sid, your main events would look scary. They are saying that he could miss Superbrawl Sunday, and that would mean that Jeff Jarrett can wrestle himself in the ring because I doubt Hall will make it. I hope Nash would then get out of his wheelchair and fight Jarrett with one leg. That was pretty intense at the very end of Thunder last night when Nash confronted Jarrett. By far, the best part of the show!

-Now the word about Scott Hall not being released already is the fact that the WCW/WWF lawsuit is still pending. See, back when Scott Hall and Kevin Nash arrived, they didn't give any indication that they were signed by WCW. They said "you know who we are" and "we are taking over", making it I guess look like a real situation to some fans. The WWF took offense to it, since they sucked so bad when Hall and Nash left, so they filed a lawsuit about it. It's still up in the air today!!!! You question why the WWF has this lawsuit today, when they are ahead on ratings and everything. Well, I'd say it's just an excuse to NOT sign Hall and Nash if they ever got released. The WWF knows that those two would be begging at their doorstop to come back, so I guess this little lawsuit is insurance for no returning for those two, and for WCW to put up with them both.


-The question lately about the WWF is can they control this overflow of talent? So many wrestlers are coming into the WWF, so therefore, there could be a lot of egos. That's true, but this is the WWF. Hardly any wrestlers have total control over their characters, and NO wrestlers book any shows in the WWF. Vince McMahon rules the backstage with an "iron fist", and he doesn't hesitate to bust anybody that gets out of line. Right now, it's a good time for the WWF. They have some awesome talent, with Austin and the Undertaker coming back in just a few months! Before, during the WWF's early run, I always thought that they were weak on talent, but their storylines carried the shows. Now, the talent is carrying the shows, as we are seeing some of the best wrestling matches that the WWF has put on in years.

-I'm wondering what the Radicals will do in the future though. I mean, they are with DX right now, and together, that's 8 members! Come on, that's a large number. I'm hoping that at the Hell in the Cell match, that the Radicals screw Triple H out of his match, saying that they used him for contracts, cause I personally think that being heels won't help their careers in the long run. Notice I said "long run", and not currently. But then, we'll see Malenko and Eddy Guerrero migrate to the Lightweight division, Benoit continue his success, and Saturn.....hmmm. My Dream is that the WWF goes out and gets John Kronus and reforms the best tag team ever, the Eliminators! That won't happen. Saturn will more or less be just a midcard wrestler, or maybe join up with Tazz like they have in the past at ECW(even though some reports say that the two don't get along now).

-Micasa/Torch Hotline is reporting that the WWF wrestlers are rallying around Triple H as their leader, and that they feel that the Rock is "overrated". My God, they are starting to see the light. During his tour for his book, which he had someone else write, he was said to be so full of himself. Nothing but all ego, and trying to make himself look good. Of course, who the wrestlers rally behind as their righteous leader doesn't matter, because right now, the Rock is the biggest thing in the WWF. He can say all of his old catchphrases over and over, and everyone will repeat them with him over and over. But once those phrases start to die off with the fans...

@That's it for today's Phat Daily Column. Enjoy Smackdown tonight, and I'll see you tomorrow with more Phat Daily Column to go around. Until then, just chill till the next episode!

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