Friday is here, thank God. Time to relax and not be so stressed out from having schoolwork shoved down your throat. Or hell, if you are a working person, it's time to not have work shoved down your throat. Either way, it's time to have the PDC shoved down your throat. :)

Anyway, I now have the new Chyna book for a future review. In college, I was dumb enough to take 2 History courses. Now, if you aren't in college yet, you should know that most history classes force you to read a lot of material. I'm not talking just the text book, but extra novels. So I have double the fun by taking two classes! I'll probably try to read Chyna's book after finals, or during finals week. No, the finals aren't easy, but they are spaced out, therefore leaving me a lot of freetime in between. I'd say to give me until the end of next month, at least, for this book. Who knows, I might just say "to hell with college reading" and start it sooner. But that wouldn't be wise....

Man, I have been harsh this week on WCW.... but at least the ratings agree with me. A 2.1 for Nitro and a 1.9 for Thunder isn't good at all for the company, in hopes of getting jumpstarted with Eric Bischoff. I thought this week's shows were of poor quality and the boring style of wrestling show that WCW tried to put on around 1994-1995, before Monday Nitro hit. Hey, I call them like I see them, and the ratings agree. Oddly enough, no true WCW fans jumped all over me for the very low grades. Wait, this is WWF day.....

WAIT! This is turning into a long interview! On to the PDC!

Today's PDC
*Smackdown Review
*WWF Opinion
*Jackson 5


As the great SN4L says on the FFA Message Board, this banner is Godlike! Thanks, again, to Glenn Chandler for this awesome banner! I do want to thank all of those who did try to send in banners. It's just unfortunate that a graphics wizard entered the contest.

For this week, I'm NOT going to piss or moan about the Opening Interview. Oh no. But if you taped Smackdown, I want you to just listen to the crowd. Listen to how the HOT New York crowd responds. That's all I'm willing to say about this interview.

First match of the night was OK, with Edge bumping around for Kane. It's funny. The only time the larger wrestlers look good is when they have smaller wrestlers to work with. But the second they find someone who matches their height and/or weight, it always produces a bad match. Amazing, isn't it?

Alright match with Matt Hardy and Perry Saturn. Saturn is worshipping his buddy, Hulk Hogan again, by growing the blond Hogan mustache again. Nothing significant about the match, EXCEPT for the announced Lita vs. Dean Malenko match for RAW. I've heard sources say that it will be the final match between the two, but my question is this: What else can you do with Dean Malenko?

*****ANSWER: Actually do something with the Lightweight Division*****

Good match with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Chris Benoit. Chris Benoit FINALLY chopped Austin, and some good ones too. I'm sure their talk, before the match, was like this:

Austin: Hey Benoit, to make me look tougher, can I take some of your Knife-edge chops tonight?

Chris Benoit: It will be my pleasure. Why didn't you want chops for our last match?

Austin: It could have hurt my neck.

Chris Benoit: How can chops hurt your neck?

****Steve Austin runs away to Vince McMahon****

Benoit looked very good against Austin, too, last night. He sold EVERYTHING and just looked like he was overpowering Austin during the match. But of course, Austin won. I will NOT argue that finish though, because Austin and Triple H are the largely hyped match for the next Pay Per View, so I guess it was logical to build up Austin with another win. Benoit would get his revenge later... I LOVED the block of the Stunner into the almost placed Crossface during this match.

The mental hospital skit was just dumb. NEXT.

PHEW! Coming into this show, I was worried that the 2nd Day returning X-Pac would be just handed the Intercontinental Title. Thank God. We have an interesting situation now, with a possible 3 Way Dance between X-Pac, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Jericho. You might think that Eddie and X-Pac don't have any heat? Well, they do, but in WCW. They had a good feud over the US Title, which led to a pretty good ladder match at Souled Out 1997. Rent that if you can... just for that match only!

Question: How can a fired Mick Foley get Al Snow the commissioner's job? Does Debra, the still assistant commissioner, have the power to give Snow the spot?

Raven vs. Big Show was rather strange, but damn, there were some brutal shots in it. K-Kwik took a nasty chokeslam by Big Show on a trash can, after everyone decided to storm the ring. Could this lead to another Hardcore Battle Royal? I noticed the eyes of the "Mystery Ninja", and that's Tori for sure. Now whether that will end up being Tori, well, that's another story.

Triple H vs. the Rock was the usual, but a good all around match for a Smackdown. I liked the ending though. Both Angle and Benoit let Austin/Rock have it at the end, with Angle using the Shamrock submission on the Rock, and Benoit using the crossface on Austin.

Very satisfying show here. I'll give it an A-. It started off show, but improved to be the best show this week. WWF's product, lately, has been getting better, even though the ratings are going downhill. But that's just what I think.


Ouch. The WWF announced, yesterday, that their overall earnings were down 25%, thanks to the start up of the XFL. Well, the WWF risked that thinking that the XFL would eventually grow into something profitable. Although it's only in its 2nd week of existance, the large 50% or so drop off in the ratings for last week's XFL NBC game is pretty scary. Will this drop in earnings affect the WWF? Possibly. For those wrestlers who haven't been working hard or just simply aren't getting over, I'd worry about your jobs.

Speaking of jobs, I'm so glad to see that Tajiri has been signed by the WWF. It's about damn time! You know what, I don't care if the WWF under-uses him either. I just want to see him wrestle, because I've been craving it ever since ECW on TNN dropped off the face of the planet. I really hope he keeps the mist too. I don't know what it is, but wrestlers who spit the colored mist always gains my attention and liking. That's why I've always marked out for the Great Muta.

Triple H vs. Steve Austin in a best of 3 Falls match, eh? Well, you can expect No Way Out to shape up just like Armageddon. Why? Because the midcard situation isn't shaped up again like it wasn't for Armageddon. The whole focus has been Triple H vs. Austin, just like it was for the Hell in the Cell match for Armageddon. So we'll see what the WWF does. Personally, I think a main weakness of the WWF right now, is their bad storylines for midcarders. They were great on those in 1998 and 1999, lost it in 2000, and have been losing it in 2001. That's a good argument for Russo's stay in the WWF.

Good God. Is Lita doing some kind of Goodwill tour or something? Every site or news area that I go to, there's some article or interview on Lita! It's everywhere! I'm counting 4 here on LoP, which covers most of the appearances. It's like she has a book out or something.

Jackson 5

5. Kurt Angle: A feud with Essa Rios covering two shows?!?

4. X-Pac: Surprisingly good return this week.

3. Chris Jericho: Possible 3 way with Xpac and Eddie should be a good match to watch.

2. Chris Benoit: The man. Simply put.

1. The Rock: Beat Rikishi, and had Triple H beat in both main events this week. Why not put him at #1?

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A paraplegic was injured at the Los Angeles/Chicago game last week when a fight broke out in the crowd. The fight spilled over in his area, and caused him lurch foward and fall into the seats in front of him. Due to that fight, it's said that at least at the LA games, beer sales will be curtailed and security will be increased.

Nothing else to really note.