Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. The ratings are in for every show necessary to prove a point, as one head to head match up is very shocking. Also today, I have the Austin vs. McMahon video to review, as well as some other goodies. With all of this being said, on to the PDC!

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 3.1
Second Hour: 4.1
Extra Minutes: 3.8
Composite: 3.6


First Hour: 4.6
Second Hour: 4.1
Composite: 4.35


Rating: 3.9

-Alright, what on Earth can I say? I missed Nitro, but these numbers explain something. Nitro didn't do to bad in the ratings, considering that it was Valentine's Day, when many people are out. But look at something. You see the Dog Show's ratings? They beat Nitro!!! Talk about a BIG slap in the face. I'd be pissed off if I was WCW right now because of that. Sure, the Dog Show has different viewers, but come on!! Last year, if I recall right, the Dog Show only pulled something like a 2.6? It was low then, I can remember at least. I'm sure Jim Ross will "dog" WCW for that one. RAW did a great job on the ratings, considering that it was at 11-1. Parents aren't too thrilled with the 9-11 spot, so they probably said "no way" to their children when asked to watch it from 11-1. I'm sure many of the younger viewers taped it.

Now as for Nitro. From all of my e-mail, and Tyler Riggs's VERY DETAILED Nitro report, it seems as though WCW didn't put on the super show that they should have. I don't know. Who knows what I would have given WCW, but you have to feel sorry for them. Sure, they messed up completely throughout the past 2 years. They were a great organization when the original NWO was around. They were still great, even with Hogan running the show, up and till the end of the Russo era. All of the bickering backstage finally caught up to them, as a lot of talent was lost. With the injuries now really hurting them, and the lack of younger talent now to step up, WCW has been struggling. The bad booking by Sullivan and Nash doesn't help either.

-What is WCW to do? Rumors are floating around that Eric Bischoff might have a small chance to return to power, but this time he won't be in charge of money, like he was before. Bischoff was the one who made Nitro, created the New World Order, and made wrestling very interesting again. Bischoff got too cocky on top, paid very high salaries, wasted money, and let wrestlers run the show when he didn't feel like it. Bischoff might not be a bad option, but I have a better one. Clean house. That's right. Look what the Green Bay Packers did when they weren't winning. They fired their whole coaching staff and front office. It wouldn't be a bad idea for WCW at this point, because the current staff just doesn't get along, and they tend to work with the "kiss-up" wrestlers. Something drastic needs to be done, because it's not too late for WCW. With the right leadership, WCW can make one final run. That's up for the fellas at AOL/Time Warner and Turner Sports to decide.


-Something has happened to Scott Hall, as he wasn't allowed to board his plane home from Germany before Nitro, and now he's being held off Thunder. It takes rather strange behavior for someone to not be allowed on a plane, as poor Scott Hall was probably pretty tanked up. Hall has been in and out of re-hab, and he's been a constant problem for WCW. It's funny, because WCW releases injured wrestlers or guys who recently, aren't happy with the organization, or just releasing guys who they really dislike, whereas Scott Hall has been getting away with everything. WCW needs to do something badly with Scott Hall. Whether it's to force him into rehab, AGAIN, or to release him to get him out of their hair, something needs to be done. It's a fucking shame too, because Scott Hall can be one of the best performers in wrestling if he actually cared for once.

-Why isn't WCW tending to Chris Kanyon? He's obviously one of the most talented individuals in their company, but yet they keep him on the shelf for no reason at all. People love Kanyon, as they love his attitude and his skills. I get e-mail about him all the time. He asked for his release, and it seems that he got it. Just another wasted talent for WCW, as I'm hoping that Vampiro and Booker T do the same. Can you just imagine Kanyon in the WWF? Yikes, the WWF is getting loaded with talent!

-HitmanHart7257, one of the biggest Bret Hart fans around, sent word that Bret Hart will have his own biography coming out sometime in the near future. That should be interesting, as Bret is joining the long list of wrestlers doing biographies these days. It should be an interesting read with his final days in the WWF, and how his career got started. Speaking of Bret Hart, he's just about ready to make his WCW return, as his post concussion syndrome seems to be over. He went over Germany this past weekend to talk to German fans, which means he flew, and flying isn't recommended for someone recovering from a concussion, so Bret is probably fine now. I hope he returns soon, because he's needed right now.

-Nicole Bass, according to Al Isaacs, was backstage at Nitro this past Monday. She was just visiting friends. Yeah right.


-Just look at Chris Benoit! He came into the WWF, after bad politics in WCW, and his career has went nothing but up. Let's see here, the second night into the WWF, he fights Triple H, the WWF World Champ. Oh yeah, he had him beat too, as Triple H was tapping from his Crippler Crossface submission hold when the ref was out. Next up, Benoit fought the up and coming Rikishi Phatu in a great match, and that was ended with interference. But just look at Monday Night's performance. He took the Rock to the limit, and pounded the People's Champ. Big Show helped Benoit get the win that match, but still! That was a HUGE victory for a man just weeks entering the WWF, and to think that he was named World Champ at January's Souled Out at WCW. Geee, I wonder if he made the right career decision..hmmm.

-Wow, I didn't know there were so many Essa Rios and Lita, formerly known as Papi Chulo and Amy Dumas, fans out there. Shocking! About as shocking on how many Too Cool fans there are out there, but I'll save my comments on them for a different column. Anyway, yes, I think Essa is a tremendous talent. I can remember how great he was when he was named Aguila or however it was spelled. I remember being shocked at a live RAW that I attended before Wrestlemania 14, where he fought a tough match with none other than Brian Christopher. He's been pretty amazing as Papi Chulo on Heat and Jakked, and he should make a good lightweight champion...that is if he has some competition.

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Review

Since I received Austin vs. McMahon as a great Valentines present, I figured, why not review it for the PDC? So I am. Here goes:

Austin vs. McMahon

The whole video's purpose, of course, is to show you the whole battle and hatred between Vince and Austin. It does, for the most part, cover just about everything that went down between the two. It starts out in the early stages of the feud when Vince McMahon was trying to order Steve around when he was Intercontinental Champion. Austin's actions then caused Vince McMahon to force Austin to fight the Rock, but he had other ideas, and just handed him the belt! It then shows the rise to fame of Stone Cold, as he's making the run toward Wrestlemania 14. Vince was then publically stating that he wouldn't want Stone Cold as champ. They only showed a few incidents of this early feud between the two, and the completely forgot the Mike Tyson incident! How could they forget that? That move was one of the main reasons Vince was very pissed at Austin. Austin wins the World Title, only to have Vince McMahon wanting him to be a Corporate champ the next night. Stunner!

The video then moves on with the RAWs consecutively after Wrestlemania, and it showed the start of the Dude Love and Steve Austin feud, where Dude attacked Austin during a match where Stone Cold was fighting Vince with one hand tied behind his back. They showed a good bit of that feud, and even clips of the infamous Mick Foley vs. Terry Funk match. Notice the name used there. After that feud, they showed Kane being sent after Austin, and they showed their First Blood match as well. Kane won that one, only to be defeated the night after on RAW. Next up, Vince sent both the Undertaker and Kane after Stone Cold. They both pinned him, causing the title to now become vacant. Guess what? They didn't show who won the vacant title..remember? The Rock turned heel at the Survivor Series! They didn't even show anything from that event, which shocked me! Next up, was the events leading up to Wrestlemania 15, and Stone Cold defeating the Rock there.

The feud died off there, but picked up again when Vince McMahon announced that he was the "Higher Power". They went through this second feud very fast...and I mean very fast because there was music in the background and everything, and they showed clips of stuff here and there. They slowed it down for the showdown at King of the Ring, in the ladder match with Stone Cold vs. Shane and Vince. After that, they then moved into the First Blood match between Austin and the Undertaker, which was the event that ended the feud because Vince was barred from television after that. Sure, Vince came back, but he didn't go after Stone Cold this time around.

Overall, this is a great video depicting the awesome feud between Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Those two key events, I feel, should have been included, but with everything else, you can live with it I guess. It's a great video for anyone who wants to relive the great feud, as it's loaded with clips, and there is some narration in it too which helps describe what is going on. I'm giving this video an


for an all around great video on this feud. It's highly recommended if you mark for either Austin or McMahon, or if you just loved the feud.

#Oh yeah, a couple shout-outs here. Thanks to anyone who voted for me to win the "Best All Around Reporter of the Year" from ProWrestlingDaily.com's contest, and thanks to Shannon Rose for the award. Also, thanks to the great RichinKC from ScoopsWrestling.com for mentioning my thought on a "Winner Gets Charisma Match". I'm really hoping to see that kind of match someday involving Steve Blackman and either Benoit or Malenko. If it happens, I'll put a play-by-play section in this very column for it.

@That's a wrap on today's Phat Daily Column. My plan is to maybe get some more videos to review, even though I've seen many of the recent ones. Anyway, keep in mind that I haven't read the spoilers, so if this column conflicts any of it, please consider what I just said. I'll be back with more tomorrow, so just chill till the next episode!

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