Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Guess what, another Monday Night went by, and I have my grade book ready! On to the PDC!!!

Monday Night Impressions


-Nitro show way too many highlights from previous shows. They kept showing the crap from the DDP-Scott Steiner angle. Nitro was about 1/4 highlights. -WCW Nitro also had long boring matches. I didn't think that Luchador match would ever end! The Tag Team tourney matches were very boring. -Hogan vs. Piper, ahhhh! I hated it when they were first feuding, why they hell are they fighting again? Another crappy match, but I guess it feuled the fire for Scott Hall to now kick his ass. Poor Piper didn't have his "Shock Proof" jacket on this time when he got shocked! HAHA! -Saturn better be recieving a huge push for all of the jobbing and embarassment he is going through. -Bret Hart vs. that Mad TV idiot. Now that was a worthless match, and I don't like where Bret's career is going. -Ok, with the Flair scene. Holy smokes, they so happen to have cameras there for the viewers to see it. That's evidence for a crime. They really assaulted Flair. The cameramen, the helicopter pilot, and the NWO should be arrested for this. What a shitty idea for the Senior Tour to do. ===$$Well, this version of Nitro upset me greatly, and it bored the hell out of me. This past edition might have been the lamest Nitro I have ever seen! Therefore I award Nitro a D- for it's efforts.

Raw is War

-The Rock and Mankind fight way too much, even though they both turn it up an extra notch when they fight. Could that ladder match now start a Mankind-Paul Wight feud, or will Mankind somehow manage a way into the Main Event at Wrestlemania. -Bob Holly, Hardcore champ?!? Well, at least some heat is generating between him and Bart Gunn. Butterbean vs. Bart Gunn at Wrestlemania, joy. -The Ministry has way too many wrestlers, as well as no wrestling appearances by the Undertaker. Get Undertaker wrestling again! -Holy Moses, a new European Champ! I actually thought X-pac would hold that belt forever. Oh well, it's not like anybody gives a damn about that belt. -Nice to see HBK back in the spotlight. -Debra...nuff said. -Sable...nuff said. -Val Venis is a good IC champ. ===$$Well, this version of Raw was good, but not a great one. At least it was somewhat entertaining, unlike that other monday night show. This show recieves a B- for its efforts.


-Notice that Paul Wight looks a bit lighter now that he's at the WWF. Two words: Lipo Suction. -Both Sable and Marc Mero(who are married in real life) are not too happy in the WWF these days. Marc Mero's career is nothing in the WWF anymore, and Sable doesn't like wrestling. Look for Sable to drop that title real soon, she's not a wrestler, she's a Playboy Bunny!! -Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch are about good as gone from ECW. Their real life problems as well as their problems with Paul Heymen have their ECW days numbered. Oh well. -Public Enemy's status in the wrestling world is very unknown at the moment. Many say they are in the WWF now, but nothing's for sure on that. Wait and see on this one. -Dr. Death's candyass should be returning soon with a new gimmick to the WWF. I feel Dr. Death's career is over, since he got his ass kicked by Bart Gunn!

Well, that's all for today! Have a nice day, and thanks for reading the Phat Daily Column.

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