Welcome to the Weekend edition of the Phat Daily Column. It appears that I'm finding it harder and harder to make time to write this column anymore. Today's column will feature my wonderful Pay Per View predictions, as No Way Out is TONIGHT. I believe that I have a firm handle on this month's predictions.

I don't have much of an intro today, other than a recommendation to watch Super Troopers at the movie theaters, mmmk? Funny movie there. On to the PDC


Tonight's NO WAY OUT needs to be a big show, as the WWF could use some extra momentum heading into Wrestlemania. It's essential that the New World Order make a big impact tonight. It needs to get people talking, despite the WWF's lackluster hype for them this past week.

So where did it all begin? Well, Steve Austin won a mini-contender's tournament, involving the Rock, Kurt Angle, Booker T, and himself, to which Austin beat Angle in the finals. That gave him a title shot at No Way Out, and good old Chris Jericho is the current champion. The two have built a decent feud ever since.

Kurt Angle vs. Triple H derived from the two's natural rivalry. Angle dogged Triple H on his night back, and has reminded Triple H of their title meeting at Royal Rumble 2001, several times. Kurt Angle began randomly attacking the Game, and eventually sucked up to Vince McMahon to get a match with Triple H at No Way Out. Not only did he get the match, though, but the #1 contendership of Wrestlemania will be on the line, as well. Angle also added heat to the feud by drilling Triple H into his thought-to-be-pregnant wife, Stephanie. Of course, the main focus for Triple H is his divorce, and NOT his No Way Out match. What sells Pay Per Views?

The Undertaker, in search of heel heat, is now feuding with the Rock. I want someone within the WWF to admit that the Taker's heel turn was a bad thing. I just know that he'll turn back to face once the NWO arrives in town, you know, so that we can get those 20-star (sarcasm) matches between 'Taker and Nash, Hall, or Hogan. Anyway, the Rock dogged the Undertaker about losing to Maven at the Royal Rumble, and ever since that, the Undertaker has been attacking Rocky, including a brutal Tombstone off the top of a limo.

William Regal vs. Edge comes from the feud the two have always had with each other, as Regal was the man who took Edge's IC Title. The added spin, I guess, is that Regal uses brass knuckles and that Edge isn't afraid to jump someone now. Too bad neither guy was given any mic time for this feud. The brass knuckles on a pole rule will only drag the match down.

Booker T/Test vs. Spike/Tazz came from the fact that Test and Booker T used to be a team, reformed, and somehow got the #1 contendership for the title. No real build up. We also have a tag team turmoil match... The WWF better do the World Tag Title match before that, because if the Tag Team Turmoil match is beforehand, the Tag Title match will be too predictable. The Turmoil match, by the way, was from a handful of WWF wrestlers complaining about how Test/Booker T were #1 contenders and they weren't.

And finally, we have Goldust vs. Rob Van Dam. Goldust, whose heat has already wore out since returning to the WWF, had his sights set on Rob Van Dam from the start, citing that he was the new guy making him horny. That ignited the feud, and wasted Rob Van Dam for another month.


Tag Team Turmoil: APA vs. Dudleys vs. returning Hardys vs. Lance Storm & Christian vs. Chuck & Suck vs. Scotty 2 Hotty & Prince Albert
This could be a fun match, although money should be put on Chuck Palumbo and Billy Gunn to win it. That's so unfortunate, because them winning the titles at Wrestlemania will do nothing but tarnish the product as a whole. It's nice to see the Hardys back, a REAL tag team.
Tito's unfortunate pick: Chuck & Suck

Rob Van Dam vs. Goldust
Why Goldust is still around is a mystery to me. What is he after this feud with RVD? Nothing, as he'll still be doing the same old Goldust stuff. Yay. Rob Van Dam, arguably the most over wrestler in the WWF, better win this and move on to something good for Wrestlemania.
Tito's Pick: Rob Van Dam

World Tag Team Titles: Spike Dudley & Tazz versus Booker T & Test
Two lame ducks here... Tazz and Spike are lame duck champs for whenever Chuck & Suck get booked to beat them, and Booker T & Test are just lame duck contenders, who have no real chance of winning those belts. Somehow, Tazz/Spike will pull it out so that they can lose to Chuck & Suck at Wrestlemania.
Tito's Pick: Spike and Tazz

Intercontinental Title and Brass Knuckles on a Pole Match: William Regal vs. Edge
*YAWN* I hope this match isn't as bad as several other on-a-pole matches of the past, like Big Bubba vs. John Tenta at Bash at the Beach 1996. God, that one was bad. For "shooter" Shawn Valloric of Wrestlepalooza.com: Why don't they just make this match a Judy Bagwell-on-a-forklift match? Edge will hopefully win, thus hopefully setting up a hot match at Wrestlemania.
Tito's pick: Edge

Rock vs. Undertaker
Ewww, this one is hard to predict with the NWO around. It's slated that the Rock will indeed fight Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania, so will Hogan interfere in this match? Possibly, although I see interference heading towards Austin's way. Hmmmm.... to be on the safe side, I'll predict that the Rock will win the match, giving him strong momentum to go to Wrestlemania to fight Hogan.
Tito's Pick: The Rock

#1 Contendership at Wrestlemania: Kurt Angle vs. Triple H
The focus on Stephanie instead of Kurt Angle tells you who will win the match. It's likely that Stephanie will try to help Angle, but fail, and in doing so, Triple H will win the match. Jericho vs. Triple H is money at Wrestlemania. Can't deny that.
Tito's Pick: Triple H

World Title: Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin
Like I said above, Triple H vs. Jericho is the main event, or at least for the World Title, at Wrestlemania 2002. Austin was a good choice for Jericho to feud with, as Chris needed a strong face to prepare him for Triple H. The NWO is very likely to get involved here, ruining Austin's chances at the title. Why? Remember when Austin helped Flair to tear up the contracts when he about sold his 50% of the company to Vince? It will be Vince's payback that will cost Austin the title.
Tito's Pick: Chris Jericho


No doubt that we'll see Jericho vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania....

No doubt that we'll see the Rock vs. Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania....

After that, it's confusing. It's suggested that Austin will either fight Scott Hall or Kevin Nash at Wrestlemania. I'm thinking that the Undertaker will turn face during next month and team with Austin to take on the Outsiders at Wrestlemania. I just don't see Austin vs. Kevin Nash going over well, but I could be wrong.

I do see that Triple H will beat Jericho at Wrestlemania, have a rematch with him at Backlash, and then, Triple H will be feuding with the NWO after that. Jericho vs. Triple H will be a very hot feud, just like Rock vs. Jericho was. Jericho is a bigtime player right now, and it can't be denied, even with huge and massive egos coming into the WWF locker room.

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