It's Thursday! Well, it might just seem to be just a day before Friday for many of you, but for myself, it's my last day before my weekend since I don't have any classes on Friday. Yay.

A couple of you savages are ribbing me good (namely Coolbeans) for my longer intros. You guys are comparing me to the WWF with my newer intros, and I say shame on you for that! Why? Unlike the long interviews, you can scroll down to the rest of the column! So how about that?

Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday... The NBA... is in the house. You know, after watching TBS last night for Thunder, I really thought about how stupid some of their commercials are. I thought TNN's 'Pop' commercials were bad... But what can I say about TBS? Along with Cartoon Network, TBS is the top rated cable station around. That's even with the sagging Thunder ratings. Could you just think if Thunder was actually successful though?

Speaking of Thunder, on to the PDC.

Today's PDC
*Thunder Thoughts
*WCW Opinions
*Jackson 5

There it is. The great "Chunder" banner done by Glenn Chandler. Take a moment and bow down to that one.

Usual Thunder tonight. I had to strap myself in the chair, again, to watch it. For those who ask, I just watch in hopes of something good. Is that a good enough explanation? I miss the days when Benoit would carry the show....

AJ Styles and Air Paris didn't impress me one bit. In fact, their match with Karagias/Noble was very boring. Just another case of wrestlers just hitting spots with no emotion. Crowd had no idea who to cheer for.

Shawn O'Haire and Mark Jindrak wrestled a pretty good match, but again, the crowd has no idea to cheer for the obvious heel, Jindrak, or the revolver O'Haire. Geesh.

ZZZZZZZZZZ @ Mike Sanders vs. Kwee Wee.

The rest of the show was a bore. I don't even feel like wasting my own precious time recapping it. This show sucks like no other, and I'd rather watch HOURS of WWF Interviews than to watch a GOOD Thunder match.

D for this boring garbage. Oh wait, it's not garbage, it's CHUNDER!

WCW Opinions

I'm glad to hear that Steve Corino seems to be heading for WCW. He knows a lot about WCW history, as it was shown during his ECW feud with Dusty Rhodes, and he just has that look for WCW, you know? He'd look strange in the WWF with their production and all, especially since Corino's gimmick is to be the King of Oldschool. WCW is oldschool with their storylines and production.

I honestly don't think Eric Bischoff has changed... at least at first. Look at how crowded the top is with older guys. Nash, Animal, DDP, Jarrett, Scott Steiner, and Rick Steiner are the main guys in WCW, right now, and I believe Jeff Jarrett is the youngest out of the bunch. I don't know? Maybe Bischoff wants to slowly build up the midcarders? Well, I don't quite see any movement on the parts of Lance Storm or Mike Awesome, along with many others.

I like the Cruiserweight Division and all, but those guys just aren't wrestling with emotion. It doesn't help when there is no build up for the matches, but the wrestlers just hit spots without putting some energy into it. The crowds just aren't jumping out of their seats like they did in early 1996 when that division took off. Of course, there aren't any passionate feuds like the one with Malenko and Rey Mysterio, either.

Let's be honest here.... like I said in the PDC Tuesday, does anybody actually want to watch Superbrawl this weekend? Rick Steiner vs. Dustin Rhodes, Nash vs. Scott Steiner, and Lance Storm vs. Cat were all done on Nitro, and were no where near good matches. The KroniK vs. Totally Buff match will be an obvious squash by KroniK, the Chavo vs. Rey-Rey match was done 2 weeks ago with El Nino, and DDP vs. Jeff Jarrett was done quite a lot last year. There is NOTHING really encouraging to buy this show. By looking at this week's Nitro ratings, and just putting up with the usual Thunder garbage, this weekend's show will be the LOWEST rated WCW Pay Per View in history.

The Jackson 5

5. Diamond Dallas Page: The best of the 40 club.

4. Dustin Rhodes: I guess he gets in for his win over Rick Steiner. Only the second to accomplish that feat this year!

3. The Cat: Oddly enough, he gets the most crowd reaction.

2. Lance Storm: Too bad Storm will probably have to job to the Cat this weekend.

1. Shawn O'Haire: Wrestled good against his former partner, and always showing potential.

Man, I'm just screaming for Booker T and Sting to come back. WCW isn't anything fun without either of those two.

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