Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. It's nice to stay up so till 1 on when you have classes in the morning, as I can thank the WWF for that one. Damn Dogshow. Like I said before, for the WWF to stay with USA Network, they should tell USA that they won't be pre-empted by dogshows or the great US Open. Can you imagine RAW is WAR on TNN or FX? Yikes, that's scary. Well anyway, on to the PDC.

Note From Tito: I was out enjoying Valentine's day with with the one I love, so I didn't see Nitro at all! So to rather than watch the tape later today and give you impressions later, I'll just take the day from the Monday Night Impressions because the columns take forever to make. So I'm sorry if you wanted to see me critique Nitro's unopposed show.

Benoit defeats the Rock!

At RAW is WAR last night, The Rock did what many Main Eventers in WCW wouldn't do, and that's to put over Chris Benoit. Big props to the Rock for doing that, as he's not a headcase like other main guys are. He could have said "No I won't job to the Vanilla Midget", but he didn't. He put over Chris Benoit, just only weeks into the WWF. That says a lot about the Rock, as you wouldn't see Hogan, Goldberg, or Nash lay down for Benoit. That match really shows how great of a decision that Chris Benoit made, as it rubs right in WCW's face for holding him back all of those years, even though they finally made him champ before he left.

Too Cool

Time to bash Too Cool...and hard! Nah, I'm only kidding this time, as they really had the crowd going, and they both put on good shows in their respective matches. Road Dog defeated Grandmaster Sex-ay cleanly, while Scotty Too Hotty defeated Mr. Ass in a shocker! I wouldn't doubt that there will be a tag team match up between Too Cool and the New Age Outlaws at Smackdown. As for Too Cool. Yeah, I'll admit that I'm wrong about them in some ways, and the second they become Champions of some sort, I'll totally admit I'm wrong. I'm not afraid of doing that.

Dudleys are going to No Way Out!!!

Those damn Dudleys will now go on to face whoever at No Way Out, as I wonder what will happen with a Heel vs. Heel match for the Tag Titles(it makes you wonder if Too Cool does fight the NAO at Smackdown, if they will win and fight the Dudley Boys). All of the hell raising has paid off from the Dudleys, but it was really shocking on how they won. D-Von, the weaker half in my opinion, ran the Gauntlet of fighting both Jeff Hardy and Edge, and he nailed Edge with a hard reverse DDT for the clean win. I'm certainly impressed. I still can't see a NAO vs. Dudley Boys match happening.

Headcheese Suffers First Loss

That's right, the new lethal team of Headcheese lost against the team of Godfather and D'Lo. D'Lo and Godfather, who will never be successful in their current gimmick, got the win when Al Snow was distracted by hos, and Blackman got rolled up for the pin. Steve Blackman, who lacks charisma badly, was very pissed off about it. The WWF has a goldmine with Headcheese, as they have two wrestlers that are very hard to use, working well together...and get this, the crowd reacts to them! Shocking!

Lightweight Division is Working!

Listen to the low crowd pop of the newly named Essa Rios when he comes out. It's dismal. Good thing Essa can wrestle, as he impressed the crowd pretty well during his match. His valet, Amy Dumas(can't remember her name now), helped impress me and probably the crowd too with her Frankensteiner and Moonsault on poor Crash Holly. Crash got yelled at by his cousin Hardcore, as Hardcore would later be saved by Crash when he fought Tazz. Anyway, the Lightweight division can work, and tonight sort of proved it. Once you get Dean Malenko into it, it's gonna be good!

ECW on TNN Rating

This Week's ECW on TNN got a lovely 1.1 as it's up a whole 0.1 from last week. Oooooh, Big deal! If you've taken any kind of statistics course, you would know that this isn't significant, or it could be a sampling error. So really, ECW didn't do better in the ratings this week. People suggest how successful the show is when they don't realize that their highest rating was a 1.3. Sure, it's top rated Cable show on Friday Nights, but what else is on Cable on Friday Nights? NOTHING. ECW got a 0.9 in their first rating, and months later, they are only 0.2 ahead of their first mark. That, in my opinion, isn't a very good margin to have after all of the commercials, hype, and just overall discovering the ECW on TNN show.

WWF Aggression

The next CD that we get to buy from the WWF will be their newly named hip hop theme album, Aggression. Oh yeah, that will make me want to buy the cd more! Like I said before, this CD will either be a HUGE success, or a REALLY large failure. I'll review it the day, or the day after it comes out.

Buy the Stock!

The WWFE stock is at a low price, still, after yesterday only raising one point. If you've wanted to invest with the WWF, now is the time because you can currently buy the stock for approximately $11.83! Maybe the announcing of the XFL was a good thing for the WWF, cause all of the buyers without any dedication have sold their shares off already, and real wrestling buyers can now move in at a lower cost.

@That's all I have for you today. I hope you've enjoyed this TRIAL format, as change is good. Sorry about the lack of WCW results or info. Without seeing Nitro, I'm blind here on WCW information. I'll be back tomorrow with more of the same. Chill till the next episode.

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