Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well, from what I heard about last night's WWF PPV, Raw could be interesting tonight. Also, WCW should be ready to put on a good show, I hope, to counter the WWF which will most likely have Mr. Paul Wight involved somehow. Anyways, on to the news...


-Raven is gonna be set up for a HUGE push now that Piper has the US title. That was the only reason for Piper winning the US belt was for him to make Raven bigger by dropping his new US belt to him. Raven deserves the push, as he is one of the most interesting wrestlers in WCW. -Macho Man has not returned since his involvement in the Flair-Bischoff match back in December. What is going on you say? Well I hear that WCW is still figuring out what to do with Macho Man, gimmick wise, and plus they really want him to be 100% healthy, as he is recovering from a nasty knee injury which sidelined him before he came back to help Flair in December. -Sting's return is STILL very questionable. I hear that the Stinger has been backstage at many Nitros, but his now rumored return date is sometime in March! What the hell is the wait for? WCW needs Sting badly! -A follow-up to the toy part in the last column. Many have responded saying that the new WCW figures are selling well in their area. Most of those were Southern wrestling fans, as the WCW is more popular in the South than the WWF. One thing you must consider though, is the new WCW figures are Main Event wrestlers, and the WWF figures have every wrestler in the federation, and in my area wrestlers like Farooq, Savio Vega, Sgt. Slaughter, and some of the STOMP series don't sell at all, but other than that, shitty figures like Dan Severn and "JJ" Jeff Jarrett still sell well, while the WCW figures in my area still remain on the shelves.


-Well, Paul Wight, formerly known as the Giant, made his WWF debut last night when he threw Stone Cold through the cage wall. WWF is going to use the Giant properly, as the WCW failed to do. -Public Enemy is said to be officially in the WWF now. They were rumored to show up last night at the PPV, but that obviously didn't happen. Rumors now suggest that they will show up on Raw tonight. -Well, after last night's Last Man Standing match between the Rock and Mankind and Stone Cold defeating MacMahon in the cage, it could be safe to say that there will be a three way dance between the three, or it is rumored to do what they did with Lugar, Hart and Yokozuna, when they all fought twice, with Hart and Lugar fighting other opponents before fighting Yokozuna, and Yokozuna also had to fight Lugar and Hart. Watch Raw tonight to see what will go down!

@Well, that's it for the Phat Daily Column. Have a nice day, and enjoy wrestling tonight!

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