Welcome to yet another Phat Daily Column. Tonight is a night for love...and it's also a chance for WCW to "impress" us. Can they do anything on their show to make WWF fans flip over occasionally, or maybe get hooked on WCW? Who knows, maybe Cupid will shoot an arrow at wrestling fans to make them fall in love with WCW. You never know. What I do know is that I'm running out of material here for the intro, so on to the Phat Daily Column.


-Tonight, we experience Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair. Two wrestlers who have been a huge influence on the wrestling world today, collide in hopes of getting some attention towards WCW's way. It's very hard to say at this point about who will win the match, even though certain polls have Hogan over Flair in fans' opinions. There have been some backstage problems with Hulk Hogan lately, as maybe he isn't getting his creative control that he wants everytime he returns. Flair is slowly building his relationship with WCW back, and he seems to really be in it for a while this time around. Who will win in my opinion? I'm calling for a double-DQ, count out, or whatever. I'm guessing that Funk and Luger will run in and ruin it for us all. What a Valentines present that would be.

-We get to see a first ever Total Package vs. Terry Funk match up, if my memory, which isn't perfect, serves me right. That won't be much, as I predict that Luger will nail Funk with some well placed chairshots like he has his previous opponents, or Ric Flair will run in since he, I guess, formed an allianced with the Package....according to WCW.com's sources. Hey, why not reform the oldschool Horsemen while you are at it.

-No official word if anybody will make their returns tonight, as Sting, Bret Hart, Bill Goldberg, and Roddy Piper just might make their return to television. Sting and Bret Hart were in Germany over the past weekend, delivering speeches or doing promotional work. Goldberg hasn't heeled up yet from his stupid attempt to put his hand through a window, but you never know what WCW might do tonight to get ratings. Hell, they might have James Brown appear on Nitro, and then we could all jump on it like a sex machine!

-Look for some kind of announcement concerning the 3 way dance at Superbrawl between Scott Hall, Jeff Jarrett, and Sid. Thunder, if you didn't know any news beforehand, left us with a cliffhanger on who will face Sid at Superbrawl. Maybe Kevin Nash could return and order Hall and Jarrett to both take on Sid in a 3 way dance. I hope that this match turns Scott Hall's career around, because I've had about enough of his disappearing and reappearing act.

-Oh joy, Mamalukes might be fighting Crowbar and David Flair tonight on Nitro. If you remember from Thunder, Crowbar and Flair stole their tag titles. Gee, that's a mystery. If you see the Germany houseshow results, you will see that the Harris brothers defeated the Mamalukes for the titles, and then lost them back to the Mamalukes. What the hell were they doing, just defending the consideration that they were the champs, and not with the belts? I wonder if Germany gets Thunder....

-Oh boy, instead of getting treated to a 1 minute wrestling match with Tank Abbott, we get to hear him talk in what WCW describes as an "Interview that will shock you". Will he reveal that he enjoys no-selling shots from other WCW wrestlers? Will he reveal that he couldn't handle it in UFC? Will he tell us why he joined wrestling after ripping on Shamrock for joining the WWF? I bet that it's something to describe that odd guy ringside, and it should set up a fun match between the two which we'll get treated to at Superbrawl. Hey, I'm hearing somekind of Leather Jacket on a Pole match. Oh joy, I can't wait!

-Hey, Scott Hall vs. Booker T tonight!!! Now that is a great match, as I'm wondering if someone could actually put Booker T over! This is a rematch from the pay per view match, which I forget which one, where Booker T was a substitute for a match with Scott Hall. Times have changed, as the new Harlem Heat, beerguts and all, will come down and interfere. Hopefully, Jeff Jarrett will come down with that damned guitar of his and nail Scott Hall in favor of Booker T! That would make me watch! Oh yeah, the new Harlem Heat wants some tag title shots. Poor Mamalukes...they'd have to put over those two. Damn shame.

-Oh boy, it looks like Bam Bam will have to put over the Wall, which I have no idea why WCW wants to elevate him so much. For one, he's out of shape for his size. Once his dress shirt comes out, the rolls bust out that would make a baker proud. His wrestling ability is terrible, as his skill is like Sid's, only much worse! I'd much rather see WCW put over his former boss, Berlyn, than the Wall because Alex Wright has so much more talent than he does. Berlyn has been shelved for creative reasons by the way, as WCW felt that his first run at getting over failed. Well, Russo felt that way, and the new bookers couldn't agree more.

-Hey, Juvy is returning tonight! He will tag up with his good buddy Psychosis, who he looks strangely like, and they will take on the devastating duo of Vampiro and Billy Kidman. You know the drill on this one, as Kidman and Vampiro will probably not get along, but somehow pull off the victory. Hey, for you WWF fans, you can see the People's Elbow.....Juvy style. Now aren't you so pumped for that?

-The joyful feud between Norman Smiley and 3 Count continues tonight, as Lenny and Idol will join Norman to fight 3 count in a 6 man tag match. That should be the most entertaining match of the night, as there are some workers who can really perform here. I'm hoping that the 3 Count feud can really end soon though, because Norman Smiley should be pushed to the moon right now since he's so damn over! Push Him!!!!

You probably noticed that the Nitro preview in this column is rather long. Well, there is a lot going on and a lot of it has been booked ahead of time for our pleasures. Many readers have been sending in e-mails telling me how they will stop watching WCW now because of the fact that they've gone to ruins. Not me. I've been watching ever since they were still called the NWA(then), and right when Luger was about to fight Ric Flair at Starrcade 88, and I've seen the goodtimes and bad times of Turner's organizations. All WCW needs is some good direction and all of the backstage politics eliminated, and they will be just fine. They got too cocky when they were on top, and their failure to secure their greatness is coming back to haunt them. They won't shut down or fold up like some people say. They will keep putting on shows each week, and will hopefully get better.


-My lord, can the WWF keep up the momentum? They can, but there are a few things they must do. How about getting the world title straps off of the New Age Outlaws? They only defend them against whoever Triple H is feuding with, or when they defend them against a good up and coming team, there is a ton of interference. Dudley Boys, Acolytes, Edge and Christrian, Hardy Boyz, even Headcheese, and whoever else are very overdue for the world tag titles. Besides, New Age Outlaws could be utilized as singles wrestlers again.

-The WWF needs to push the Big Show vs. the Rock match, as Rock has been more involved with the Radicals/DX feud. I wouldn't be happy if I were the Big Show right now, because the Radicals are really getting the spotlight more than the Show has. I guess he was given the week off last week, or did I miss something? Whatever the case, get him on television!

-Also, with all of the momentum, the WWF could be much more powerful if they would eliminate lame angles like whoever the Hollys have been fighting. I enjoy watching the Hollys, but this constant off and on again feud with Viscera gets hard to watch after a while. Just my opinion.

-Expect the DX/Radicals vs. Cactus Jack/Rock/Rikishi and Too Cool feud to continue tonight, as the matches produced from this feud have been awesome! I bet you'll see a tag team match between a pair of Radicals and my favorite duo Too Cool, as I have this gut feeling that it will happen. I'm hoping, and wishing for a Benoit vs. Rock match, as I'd love to see the Rock take a knife-edge chop. Benoit vs. Cactus Jack would be a great one to watch too. In fact, any match with Chris Benoit will be a great "wrestling" match. WCW really lost a performer there.

-Tazz made his Heat debut, as some might say that he's not getting elevated like the WCW 4 already. Tazz beat up the Mean Street Posse again, with a good pop from the crowd. His feud with Kurt Angle already seems shot down due to no heat from the last week with Tazz's absence, and Angle will now defend his covetted European title against whoever. Tazz will just slowly build his character, so sit back and enjoy it!

-Holy cow, Gillberg returned on Heat to put up an open challenge to anybody in the back. He said that he's been the champ for a long 15 months, and that he wasn't a closet champ! Papi Chulo, now named something Rios, came down and easily defeated Gillberg to become the NEW lightweight champion. Welcome back Lightweight division, as with Malenko, you can finally go somewhere. Hopefully, the title is used right this time, and not made a joke like it was the last time around.

@That's it for today. Wow, I wasn't expecting to write this much this morning, but oh well. Have a wonderful Valentines day, and enjoy the unopposed Nitro and the late night RAW. See you tomorrow!


Take Care, and Thanks for Reading Everyday.

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