The best Night in wrestling is now over, and it's time to review it! A few people get on me for being so "repetitive" on the Tuesday column. I always get the same crap in terms of "why can't you do something else on Tuesday?"

Like what? What else is more important and more fresh than the shows that the federations put on? The answer is NOTHING! The shows provide the fans with their latest angles or ways of displaying their federation. So to ignore the latest thing tried by a federation is a bad move.

Besides, I've been doing my "Monday Night Impressions" since my 2nd Column Ever, which you could read by Clicking Here. It's brutally bad, too, and I'll admit that I've come a long way since that day, which was October 27, 1998. That's over 2 years now!

So why break tradition? The Monday Night Impressions, to some, are their favorite PDC of the week, or at least the one they don't want to miss! That shows by the hit counter at the bottom, and the loads of emails in my mail box of either praising my thoughts on the show or telling me that I'm a "FUCKING WCW/WWF MARK" if I bash one show.

Therefore, the Monday Night Impressions are here to stay. On to the PDC.

Today's PDC
*Nitro Thoughts and Impressions
*RAW Thoughts and Impressions
XFL Gazette at the VERY bottom, as always (with ratings)

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That's a good word to describe Nitro, as I swore that I was watching Thunder instead. After putting on a pretty decent show last week, Nitro puts on a bunch of matches with no real sparks to them. The wrestlers just wrestled matches with no real emotion. It was just boring and uninteresting to watch.

It got to the point that I couldn't wait until RAW came on, and I dread that because RAW starts with an opening interview. It just bored me to tears. The sad thing is that the crowd was pretty lively, too, but the product in the ring just wasn't there to make them scream, EVEN LOUDER.

So did WCW get cold feet and have Cat vs. Lance Storm before this week's Pay Per View? Oh wait, they are rematching at Superbrawl.

Hey, Rick Steiner vs. Dustin Rhodes got bumped up too. Oh wait, they are also wrestling again at Superbrawl!

Wait just a second... Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner fought last night too... so is their match off? No, they are fighting at Superbrawl!!!!!

With that being said, there is NO incentive to buying this week's show. Those 3 early matches were simply horrible for the eyes anyway, so why pay your hard earned money to buy the Pay Per View matches? WCW shot themselves in the foot this week.

This show was sooo boring, I won't bore myself by doing Phat Stats.

LAST WORD: I swear, WCW mixed up their Thunder bookings with the Nitro bookings. Oh Wait! Kwee Wee wasn't on Nitro, so could Thunder be even worse?!? This show was probably the worst set up for any Pay Per View that I've seen in a while, and not a good way to start on Bischoff's first official Pay Per View. That main event run in at the end should earn this show a failing grade, but since I'm a nice guy (sarcasm), I'll give it a


WCW just didn't have a spark this week, and they already blew 3 PPV matches. I predict a nice low 2.1 for the first hour.


Hey, with RAW already booking their main event ahead of time, why on Earth did they need an opening interview to set it up? Oh wait, Triple H had to question the decision of having the Rock representing him. (By the way... sorry for the mix up on the hype about this yesterday) Must we do "sports entertainment" for dragging out stupid issues? I did like, however, the scene later on where Triple H was trying to take out Rikishi, but hesitated when Haku came in.

First match of the night was Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Guerrero, which was OK. Guerrero has obvious ring rust, and I'd wish that the WWF would slowly build Eddie up before giving him a title shot. Ah well. But the real news of the night was when X-Pac came back, and attacked Chris Jericho after the match. Oh no, not another feud!!! Not saying they put on bad matches, but that they've fought at least 10 times on television, and several times on Pay Per View. Later on in the night, after Xpac pounded Too Fools, Chris Jericho came out to attack Xpac. After hitting the Lionsault, guess who ran down?

The bald and heavier version of Xpac (I mean on looks), Justin Credible. No name change either, and Ross hyped "isn't he supposed to be in ECW?". If you read my ECW on TNN recaps, back in the day, you'll know my hatred for Justin Credible as a wrestler. When I'd recap his matches, he only did 3 Moves before cheaply winning at the end: kick, punch, clothesline. I'm serious too, and you can read those columns in the archives and go over the moves he did. That's why I dogged him as the World Champion of ECW.

However, I'm WILLING to give Credible a chance in the WWF. I'll *try* to give his ability a chance in the WWF. He did have a good debut, besides struggling to get undone from the ring apron when sliding under the bottom rope. That was a vicious chairshot by Credible, and the crowd oddly seemed to know who he was. Oh wait, it was in ECW territory last night. D'oh! The main thing I'm really scared of is the fact that the Clique seems to be assembling in the WWF again. You should read my History of the Clique column, if you want to know my fears. With Triple H said to have lots of influence backstage, as does Xpac, it seems that the Clique is reforming before our eyes. Justin Credible, then known as Aldo Montoya, was a side buddy for the group. Shawn Michaels is coming back too..... I don't know... we'll just see how they will mix backstage.

Speaking of the Clique, did anybody notice that Kevin Nash is back in shape? I noticed that on Nitro, as he had some veins popping out of his biceps once again. Is Nash preparing for when his contract runs out sometime after this year?

It's funny... I swear, the WWF has done soooo many combinations of the Radicalz vs. the Hardy Boyz feud. I don't know if they've done every combination or not. The ending was just brutal and cruel on Dean Malenko's part. After the matck, Dean picked up Lita, while the Radicalz were questioning him. Then, BAM, Malenko turned on her. I'm sure that's not over though, as the WWF is setting Malenko up perfectly to be obsessed over Lita.... besides having Malenko purchasing Hookers on Heat last week.

I guessed that it would either be a DRAW or an Undertaker/Kane win for the #1 Contenders match. Ah well, at least it gives more wrestlers to bump around for Undertaker and Kane, to you know, actually make them look good. I really hope that the Dudleys prevail in the match at No Way Out, because their popularity earned them a lengthy title reign.

Yikes. Billy Gunn's stock just dropped again. Not a single fan was cheering for Billy Gunn last night, as the crowd was just silent when he was on the offense. Triple H was trying to sell everything that he could from Gunn, but to no avail. It wasn't too bad of a match, with a clean win finish at the end by the better man (Triple H, obviously).

Oh my, Steven Richards looked a bit evil last night, while watching the Kat dance at WWF NY. That's sort of a good way to now push the RTC, who need something to spark interest in them again. However, if I was the booker, I'd have the other 3 guys starting to enjoy the Right to Nudity, and slowly but surely, have them rebel on Steven Richards.

Wow, wow, Wow!!! I can't believe that Vince McMahon used his own self to put over Al Snow in an angle. I thought it was rather comical for Snow to dress up as Mankind, too, and I was amazed at how many punches William Regal threw at Snow. Damn! But the point is that McMahon himself it busting his own ass to show some appreciation for Al Snow, one who has seen the shaft to the many gimmicks or angles he's been stuck in. I'm glad he sees that.

Another WOW that Kurt Angle, who is the World Champion by the way, is in a HIGH PROFILE feud with Essa Rios. EVEN BETTER, he chooses Hardcore Champion Raven as his partner, for no real reason. Essa did make a good and tough choice for his partner, the Big Show. However, I thought Big Show was a heel? He's a revolver! The match was brutally painful to watch, especially with Big Show in tights. He did NOT lose a pound, I swear! Not to be rude about weight, but for Jim Ross to brag about the Big Show losing 80 Pounds, but with the Big Show not really showing that at all is just ridiculous. Did he just lose muscle or what? I bet we'll see a Big Show vs. Kurt Angle match soon on TV. Funny, that's a match of two unrespected World Champions.

The Main Event wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. Rock helped Triple H by defeating Rikishi. I didn't quite see the point of the ending, other than the fact that they are aiming at the NO TOUCH rule by Triple H and Austin. So Rock gets attacked at the expense of that? The WWF should build up the Rock for his match against Angle, the World Champion.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 1

LAST WORD: Oh my, a watchable show. It had some new twists too, with Xpac's return and all, along with Malenko's evil turn, and possibly a better direction for the RTC. Still, there are some problems with the midcard and some oddities at the top, but overall, it was an enjoyable show. I'll give it a


Right now, I'm very curious to see how the WWF will bring in Rhino. Hmm... This show should get around a 4.7 in the first hour, if not higher. No competition out there, that I know of.

Overall, wrestling was good on one side of the equation.... the one that always should be good.

WRESTLER OF THE NIGHT: X-Pac (for a decent return)

MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Benoit, Saturn, Terri vs. Lita, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy

I'm NOT negative... just taken too seriously.

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Mr. Tito 1998 - 2001 Exclusive to

The final rating for the NBC Saturday Night game between LA and Chicago is 2.9, from a 5.1 overnight rating. Not good at all for the second week in for the new league. (Yahoo! News)

The overnight rating for the UPN game of Memphis vs. Las Vegas was 2.8. The final rating should be somewhere from 1.0 to 2.0, and I'll report it if I find it.(

Don Imus, a famous radio personality, just blasted Jim Ross on his show yesterday for his XFL commentating. Imus said "a drunk with a cowboy hat - and if he wasn't drunk, he looked like it." What a dick! (

No word yet from NBC about the large ratings drop from 9.3 to 2.9. NBC especially cares about image for their network, with such high rated shows as ER, Friends, Just Shoot Me, and more. They don't want any blemishes, especially since the network as a whole have lost a percentage of ratings in the past 3 years.

I did hear about Lorne Michaels, the head man at Saturday Night Live throwing a tantrum about the overtime of the XFL game. Michaels said he was hyping the Jennifer Lopez appearance, bigtime, and it got a lower rating because the XFL game delayed it badly. (

Jay Leno was poking fun at the XFL last night, laughing at the ratings and poor attendance. It's something to joke about, because both are down severely from last week. He just destroyed the cheerleaders, though, saying that if the XFL were to die of, then the ladies would have to go back to their night jobs. Ouch.

But I think the real problem with the Saturday night game IS the timing of the game. The XFL is really aiming at the Teens and those who are in their 20s, just like the wrestling crowd. Most go out on Saturday nights, instead of strapping themselves to a chair and watching the XFL. That's just the honest truth of the matter.

Crowd attendance, however, is already down and that's not a good sign whatsoever in just the 2nd week of the league.