Welcome once again to the Phat Daily Column. This is the lovely Sunday edition, which is without any pay per view to hype or have predictions for. Ugh. What am I to do? I'll figure something out, as I've gone through many of these Sundays before. I'm just wondering still what will happen on Nitro, as it's a mystery to what "suprises" they have for their unopposed show, but I'll save that hype for tomorrow. Let's see how much I can endure this Sunday morning, so on to the PDC.

But first....

LoP on Television?

-That's right! I've heard about it from various places, and it was confirmed to me yesterday. UPN 13, which is based out of Los AngelesCalifornia has a news segment called ".COM" which features their picks as the best on the internet in terms of sites. I hear that they showed screen shots of certain parts of LoP, and showed certain features as well. If you don't believe me, Click Here, I kid you not. Look in the Thursday section. Well, I just want to thank UPN 13 out of L.A. for chosing us as the link of the day. You can access their site by going to UPN13.com. Thanks to Phil Dawson along with the many other readers for sending in the info!


-According to the poll at WCW.com, Hulk Hogan is picked to win the match up on Monday, and Hulk Hogan is considered the best wrestler of all time as well. Joy! Of course, Hogan wasn't a heel most of his life, nor is he only a hero in certain parts of the US like Flair is; Hogan is known worldwide. I guess the 14 time string isn't enough for fans to vote for Ric Flair over Hogan, and I guess that the few people that go to WCW.com really like Hogan more. I'm hearing some run-ins by Funk and Package for the main event on Nitro, which wouldn't be good for ratings.

-Oh good, WCW didn't want Shane, as he wanted to stay, so they are cutting him loose. I have no idea why Shane would want to stay in WCW after first wanting to leave. Oops! Money is the reason, as he can get paid for doing absolutely nothing in WCW. You get peanuts in ECW, and you actually have to earn your money in the WWF. Gee, let me think here..where would I want to go to. Of course, you are much happier in the other two. Then again, Shane has burned his bridges in the WWF and ECW. WCW is now pushing him out the door, and now the question is where to go for Shane. Great question, as he could be a good asset once he's healthy again. I think he'll make amends in ECW, and take a lamer role like Sandman and Raven have.

-According to Bob Ryder, Nitro will go an extra 30 minutes this week for your enjoyment! So if you are a true WWF fan, with nothing to do this Monday night, you'll get to sit through a rough 30 extra minutes of hell as you wait for 11 to come. On the other hand, WCW could put on an explosive show that would need an extra 30 minutes to get the point across that they aren't finished yet in the federations wars. I'm hoping that Sabu shows up, because WCW could use some good talent at this moment to help pad the void lost when the WCW 4 jumped ship. I also hope that the Hogan vs. Flair match isn't a total letdown.


-Set your calendars to February 22nd, as the WWF will release their hip hop album which, in my opinion, might either be a HUGE success or a total failure. The album features hip hop and rap artists doing WWF themes, which could produce some interesting vibes. Then again, it could completely suck! I'm hoping that the WWF could release WWF The Music: Volume 5 soon, because there are a lot of new themes out there that they could use. I'll try to buy the quality WWF hip hop album and review that sombitch the day it comes out.

-Wrestlemania 2000 continues is success by taking the video game industry by storm...even after debuting a few months ago! It was #2 on the recent rental chart of all the current video games, and it still sells well at local video game venders. I'm glad to see it doing so well, because it truly is the best WRESTLING video game around. The Create a Wrestler is so much damn fun, especially wresting against your creations! It's real fun to wrestle as Tazz, when you have Kurt Angle, Rikishi Phatu, and Mike Awesome all coming at you in a Royal Rumble! I wonder if ECW's Hardcore Revolution can top WM 2000 when it comes out Thursday.

-I like all of these rumors floating around about how Chyna and Stephanie don't get along, and that there's maybe some jealousy floating around about Triple H. Bah! Don't believe it!!!!! Some say that the Triple H-Stephanie dynasty will break up because of the fact that Chyna doesn't like Stephanie being so close to her boyfriend/fiancé/husband. Many will probably write to me and say that "Stephanie and Triple H look so close". Get it through your head that wrestlers are also actors. When the camera is rolling, they act on how they are told to act. Off camera, it's different! Triple H and Chyna drive home after the events, and probably share the same lockerroom together..or whatever! For those of you who keep spreading these lusty rumors on certain newsboards, you should maybe apply to the National Enquirer or the Globe. You'd fit in nicely.

@That's all for today, which is sooo slow on news. I could have gave some impressions of the Saturday Night show, but lucky me, I missed it. Oh well, it will save my sarcasm for another day. I'll be back tomorrow with some Monday Night hype, and then some. So just chill...till the next episode.

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