Just another manic Monday.... Argh, another week has started. However, Monday is a good day for Wrestling, as both WCW and the WWF attempt to "entertain" us. Last week's shows were both very good, which leads me to wonder how these shows will match up. Who knows?

Over the weekend, I did a nice little study for a Sociology class. In it, I had to watch 3 Sporting events and pick up any sexist or racist remarks done by the commentators. Well, as a big wrestling fan with a large collection of wrestling tapes, I asked if I could do wrestling Pay Per Views from the past. The professor agreed, so I got to watch and evaluate wrestling for school!

The shows I looked at were ECW's Wrestle Palooza 1997 (not a Pay Per View, but a big ECW event then), WCW's Bash at the Beach 1996, and WWF's Wrestlemania 16. Man, let me say that the late Ravishing Rick Rude, Bobby "the Brain" Heenan, and Jerry "the King" Lawler provided me with GREAT material to write about. Lawler and Rude just let their hormones run wild, and Bobby Heenan made a lot of wisecracks at Mexican wrestlers.

But in doing this study, I questioned if commentators, especially the heel ones, went too far. I mean, do you think that Jerry Lawler takes it too far every week when just basically goes off when one of the WWF divas comes out? Sure, it's funny here and there, but for the whole show?

In pondering that question, I also realized that Lawler's style is appreciated and loved by the WWF and wrestling fans.... namely males. Also with the commentators, are their attitudes, especially towards women, good for younger viewers to be perverts too? Thinking in terms of a non-wrestling fan, that's a good argument. But who knows? Wrestling has always been known for going the limits, so you could say that the announcing style is just a norm of it.

Who knows what I'm talking about. On to the PDC.

Today's PDC
1. WWF
-Heat Review
RAW Hype
2. WCW
-Nitro Hype
At the Very Bottom: The XFL Gazette


-Mtv Heat-

I'm curious... When the WWF decided on the times for the XFL, did they ever think that the UPN 7:00 game could take away from Heat's already poor ratings? I mean, the XFL does have a significant amount of WWF fans watching the games.

I loved the beginning of Heat when Edge/Christian came out, played the crowd, and then dogged them! The crowd was screaming for them, until Christian just ripped them apart! Later on, the Blond Duo proposed to kick Carson Daly's ass at the Mtv Studios, which I'd pay to see. E/C would later chase the Brooklyn Brawler in a Kane mask, which should equal ratings (sarcasm).

Hey... the Tongan Deathgrip is back on the Artist formerly known as Meng. Haku manhandled Scotty Too Hotty, like everyone does against any member of Too Fools. Hey WWF, ever think about putting Scotty back in the Lightweight division? Oh wait, that defeats logic.

I'm curious... Crash is acknowledged as a Holly member, but why does the WWF just call him "Crash"? Geesh. Anyway, Crash fought and lost to Prince Albert, a wrestler whom nobody cares about these days. That's the sad truth.

Man, Shane McMahon must be proud of his work as the voices of Kaientai. Indeed. Undertaker/Kane just destroyed them. Next match..

Decent match here with Essa Rios and Kurt Angle, which leaves me pondering on how Essa got on Heat, let alone got a World Title shot. Yet, I still also ponder why Donald Duck puts on a towel around his waste after he comes out of the shower, but yet he wears no pants all of the time during his cartoons.

Want a grade? We'll give it a C+. This show certainly needs some help.

-RAW is WAR Hype-

Wow, we actually have some matches booked in advance tonight. NO booking on the fly for once. I'm impressed. Let's hope the WWF keeps this trend to be more organized.

Tonight, we'll see the team of Kane/Undertaker taking on the GREAT team of Edge/Christian to decide on who will face the Dudley Boyz at NO WAY OUT. My money is on two outcomes. For one, it could be a draw since the Dudleys have heat with both teams now, and a 3 Way clusterfuck would be on for No Way Out. Secondly, I'd pick Kane/Undertaker to win just because of the fact Edge/Christian fought the Dudleys at the last Pay Per View, despite the recent Kane/Undertaker vs. Dudleys from RAW.

I'm willing to accept the Dudleys IF AND ONLY IF the WWF allows them to get the big win over Kane/Undertaker. During their match, the crowd was obviously on the Dudley Boys' side. In all honesty, if the WWF doesn't understand the love the fans have for the Dudleys, then they are outright stupid and it will add another flaw to this empire. But then again, D'Von is wrestling injured right now, and he does need time off.

The REAL thing that bothers me about Kane/Undertaker is the fact that they make the rest of the tag division look bad. The Hardy Boys, Dudley Boyz, Edge/Christian, and the Acolytes are all excellent tag teams, and are well enough to fight each other for the titles. Kane and the Undertaker, from many observed matches, aren't a cohesive tag team whatsoever. The other teams are, and have effective tag team moves that makes tag team wrestling exciting. But that's just what I think, and I'm sure someone could argue against that easily.

The Rock and Rikishi will face off tonight, with the Rock representing the Backstreet Boy loving Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the Rikishi is representing the Game-Ah, Triple H. I don't really see the point in these representative matches, other than a silly excuse to put WRESTLER A against WRESTLER B. I'd be tickled with joy if Kurt Angle were to screw the Rock out of his match tonight, giving Rikishi the big win. Rikishi needs some momentum, badly.

That match does carry SOME weight though, I guess. If a wrestler's representative wins the match, then either Triple H or Stone Cold could make the stipulations for the No Way Out match. That puts a lot on the shoulders of Rikishi winning tonight, because I don't really see Austin making stipulations. I see Triple H making some bastardly rules for their match, instead. We'll see tonight!

Two weeks until No Way Out, and only 2 matches are signed with one to be decided tonight. I bet we'll see more of Eddie Guerrero and the Radicalz attacking Jericho, and probably something with the European Champion, Test, as well. Maybe Raven's mystery driver will show up, and nobody will care! Well, at least I won't.

A couple readers have asked, lately, where my RAW Parody interviews have been. Well, being that I only have 1 hour to write this column during the weekdays (from 11:30 to 12:30), I can't improvise one of those that quickly. Plus, I don't quite see any really good material to rip on, that I haven't bitched about before in the parodies. I don't know.. maybe in the upcoming weeks, I'll whip out one.


-Nitro Hype-

The swift Cat has arranged for Dustin Rhodes, who has yet to sign with WCW (in the storylines), to challenge any member of WCW for the title. I bet you he aims for a Steiner brother! I hope it's Scott Steiner, cause I'd like to see a temper tantrum by Big Poppa Pump. If it's Rick, then I'll throw a temper tantrum in tomorrow's PDC by saying how shitty that match was!

We've got some matches........... (The first two are qualifying matches for the 6 Corners Cruiserweight match)

Lash Leroux vs. Yang: Hey, maybe Yang will bring out the best in Leroux, which has been missing ever since he lost his ability with the Misfits in Action. Yang is a damn good spot hitter, but I don't really see Leroux carrying the match. Hmm... I think that the bookers want to try to push Leroux in this division, so I'll pick him to win this match. Yang is sort of untested as a singles wrestler, too.

Billy Kidman vs. Elix Skipper: Come on Billy, carry this match! If he does so, it should be a Cruiserweight thriller! I bet that Skipper pulls this one off, because the bookers are high on him these days.

Chuck Palumbo vs. Shawn Stasiak: Palumbo is the man these days, and I just might start saying that Stevie Ray was a smart man by saying "Chuck Palumbo is one of the 10 best WCW wrestlers here". Of course, Palumbo will carry this match, but I fear it will be screwed by lots of run ins. I guess Palumbo, a REVOLVER, will try to play the fans as a face?

Look for some matches booked by Ric Flair, which probably have Kevin Nash vs. someone like Animal or something?

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@That's it for today. You know the drill.... See you tomorrow, for I'll have the Monday Night Impressions to deliver. So just chill.......

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Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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Birmingham Thunderbolts (1-1) 19
NY/NJ Hitmen (0-2) 12
ESPN Recap

Las Vegas Outlaws (2-0): 25
Memphis Maniax (1-1): 3
ESPN Recap

XFL Standings

Orlando Rage: 2-0
Birmingham Thunderbolts: 1-1
Chicago Enforcers: 0-2
NY/NJ Hitmen: 0-2

Las Vegas Outlaws: 2-0
Los Angeles Xtreme: 1-1
San Francisco Demons: 1-1
Memphis Maniax: 1-1


I caught the Hitmen vs. Thunderbolt game on TNN, which was a good defensive game if you ask me. It had a rather controversial fumble which helped Birmingham win the game. Oh well. It's funny, though, to see that a New York club and a Chicago club as the two worst records in the league, thus far.

On the TNN broadcast, the main announcer sounds strikingly like Eric Bischoff! I was just waiting for him to rip into the WWF.... but he didn't.

I didn't catch the other game for the simple fact that I decided to study for the rest of the evening, not to mention that I don't get UPN in this fun city of Athens, Ohio.

Looks like the XFL has their first dominant team on their hands. The Las Vegas Outlaws blasted the Maniax, 25-3. They destroyed the Hitmen 19-0 last week, in case you missed that XFL Gazette. It's something to cheer about, too, since Las Vegas has been screaming for a professional sports franchise for years now.


Bob Costas, famous sports broadcaster on NBC, had this to say about the XFL when asked about it: "I'm not part of NBC's XFL coverage, but I will say this: It probably doesn't represent NBC's best shot at a Peabody award." (Robert Fallon)